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Dunking Training – 10 Training Tips to Dunking

1. Stretch based on when your body is feeling relaxed and tranquil around 11 AM and 2 PM. Take time to warm up before flexibility training.

2. After you have finished training, you should make it a habit of consuming some protein. Choose foods that are easily digestible. I, as well as some elite trainers, recommend that you take your portion before the sweat on your body dries.

3. When in training, use dunking techniques that work on your ATP/CP anaerobic system, which adds explosive strength to your jump. But also remember that these fibers burn out quickly. To find dunking drills which work on your anaerobic system find a reliable and trustworthy dunking tips guide or manual which give you dunking workouts to increase our vertical.

4. While using Training Tips to Dunking remember in order to train the most explosive muscles in your body you must rest them every 5-10 seconds after completing a workout set.

5. After an intense workout set, your body’s ATP/CP supply is in a tired state. It takes about 5 minutes to replenish this system back to 90%, so take long rest periods from the dunking workouts.

6. When working out never work on just one part of muscle. Pay attention to the other muscle fiber composition of the other muscles being trained. This maintains a balance of muscle growth and prevents injury from occurring.

7. Above all training tips to dunking, pay attention to how your body replies to the dunking workouts. By being aware of how your body responds will help you take your customized dunking training program to the next level and allow you to work more or less on some muscles.

8. If you want fast, quick results any other dunking training that works the slow twitch fibers dunking exercises such as jogging (usually less intense and longer lasting) will take more time to achieve your goal. In a game, you are not usually (if ever) using your aerobic system. Basketball is 80-100% anaerobic. This means that your dunking workouts ought to be explosive in each way that you train.

9. Reward your body by taking a very hot bath and stay in for 15-20 minutes about one a week. The training tips to dunking gain when you recover, not when you train.

10. Take a proper cooldown for 20-30 minutes from your dunking workouts. The reason for this is to accelerate the draining of acids out of your body, which comes out as sweat.

Thank you for taking the time to read some of my Training Tips to Dunking. I hope they work for you as they have incredibly increased my dunking techniques.

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