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Does Yoga Really Help Cure Yeast Infections?

This question has been asked by millions of women who are seeking relief without the use of creams, suppositories or oral medications for their annoying yeast infections. There are many articles that address what yeast infections are and the causes. There are also many articles about the symptoms of yeast infections. Even more information is available regarding cures for yeast infections that are from a medical point of view. This article won’t repeat the same information you can find elsewhere, but does address how Yoga in addition to other therapies can help to minimize the occurrence of yeast infections.

Yoga, one of the oldest practices in the world emphasizes physical and spiritual health. This mind and body connection is a major factor to achieving balance. This balance brings harmony and peacefulness resulting in better health. Usually yeast infections are as a result of an imbalance of the normal bacteria that live in the vagina. This imbalance due to a number of factors such as diet, stress and weakened immune systems causes an overgrowth of yeast.

Yoga requires fasting at times which serves to cleanse the body of toxins from the digestive system as well as other systems. The mental and physical relaxation of yoga decreases stress allowing a weakened immune system to strengthen itself. Yoga in combination with other therapies and life changes can help keep yeast infections at bay or gone altogether.

Diets heavy in sugar and large amounts of alcohol consumption can contribute to yeast infections, so limit your intake. Moisture facilitates yeast overgrowth so stay clean and dry as much as possible by wearing absorbent underwear and clothing. The use of some natural herbs and minerals may help in the removal of toxins creating more intestinal balance. However, you should let your doctor know of any and all herbal therapies you are using. Laughing and maintaining a positive attitude even in the face of adversity will boost your endorphins (feel good hormones) and your energy level. It is also important to remember that getting adequate rest is a must.

Yeast infections are uncomfortable, annoying and can interfere with your daily life. You don’t have to suffer in silence. Yoga although it may not cure a yeast infection is one healthy alternative with many benefits. Yoga when used in conjunction with other therapies can help you combat this infection allowing you to enjoy life at it’s best.

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