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Does The Lemonade Diet Work?

Does the lemonade diet work? The answer is YES! The lemonade diet gets rid of excess weight, gets rid of toxins and undigested food in your body, energizes and regenerates your health, gets rid of chronic conditions and fatigue and more.

Other than the benefits mentioned above, the lemonade cleanse helps people restore and re-gain their health in 7-10 days. Fast food cravings and addictions disappear because the cleanse removes every nasty toxin and bad substance in the body which cause these things in the first place!

The lemonade diet consists of several things. The first is drinking lemonade 6-8 times a day, drinking salt mixed in water every morning, and drinking a smooth laxative tea before bed every night. The diet does not allow you to eat any food for 7-10 days which is why it’s not the easiest diet to complete, but there are ways around it which you will be able to find below.

Even thought the lemonade diet is difficult, it is a 1 time thing that has long term benefits that stretch for months and even years depending on how you live life after a cleanse. People in their 40s testify to feeling like that are 20 again. People who suffer from fatigue and are plagued with other nasty conditions testify to seeing them disappear once the cleanse is complete. Most people also lose 10-20 pounds in 7-10 with this diet and it is completely healthy!

The point of the lemonade cleanse is that when it cleans the body, it is able to function well again, increasing metabolism and functioning at it’s maximum health. This causes it to naturally and automatically restore the body’s health which gets rid of many health problems. As one person said “the lemonade cleanse gives me a chance to hit the reset button on my health!”

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