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John Wall Dunking Or How to Add 10 Inches to Your Vertical Jump

Did you see John Wall dunking on former NBA-All-Star Jerry Stackhouse? What about his between-the-legs-dunk in the City of Palms Dunk Contest? In case you didn’t know, John Wall, the #1 NBA Draft Pick of 2010, has a 39-inch vertical (his maximum vertical reach was 11′ 8.5″; pre draft measurements).

Now if you want to improve your vertical it’s important to understand that it’s something you have to work on separately. For example playing as much basketball as you can won’t help – quite the contrary! It might even have a negative effect on your vertical jump. The reason is because this way you only train your “jumping endurance”.

But in order to maximize your vertical you need to work on your “jumping explosion”. Exercises designed to improve your jumping explosion are different from conventional ones like squats and calf raises: you have to do them very fast and at a high intensity.

It’s all about the quality, not quantity and intensity, not the amount of repetition. The key rule here is to do as many repetitions as you can at maximum speed. Believe it or not: rest is a key element in vertical jump training. Your muscles need a lot of time to recover. That’s why you should never do vertical workouts two days after another. A period of recovery (24-48 hours) is extremely important.

There are two other things you need to keep an eye on: stretching and nutrition. Make sure to stretch before (briefly) and after each workout. Stretching keeps your muscles flexible so that they can exert maximum force.

Apart from rest, your muscles need protein (for example eggs, chicken breast, turkey, beef, fish, shellfish) and magnesium to grow. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t take more calories to you as you burn during the day. Otherwise you will gain weight which will slow down your progress dramatically.

For a concrete vertical program, I recommend the Jump Manual – it’s simply the best vertical training program available today – with concrete exercises, week charts, videos and more.

P.S. John Wall first dunked at the age of 14 (his listed height now is 6 ft. 4 in. (193 cm); weight 195 lbs (88 kg)).

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Dog Training of Spoodle Puppies

As whoever has ever possessed a spoodle puppy can testify to, training mans closest friend can be not just extremely challenging, however it may also be immensely annoying. Coaching your beloved dog may also be a considerable amount of fun, and when you are ready to learn a couple of tricks, it may be very satisfying. Major items to understand is the fact that dog training begins from the minute a person bring your new spoodle puppy home. Because housetraining is actually essential, except if you are ready to clean up your own dogs mess for ten or even more years, as a matter of fact, unless you are sure you are ready to commit training your own dog, you shouldn’t also consider getting one out of primary. Okay, instead of waste any longer words, let’s check out several great, proven coaching your beloved dog tips.

1. Forget about Workshop Sessions

Now, contrary to everything you might have heard, training your pup will not need hours and hours of your energy. As a matter of fact, all it requires is about 10 to twenty minutes every day. Any more than this and you will be wasting time because canines only have a comparatively short attention period. Providing you use the correct coaching your beloved dog as well as techniques, your most stubborn doggie can be taught simple commands very quickly in all.

2. Choosing a appropriate Name for aggressive dog training

Ideally, you have to select a name which is easily recognizable for the dog. Specifically, avoid names which sound nearly the same as words or even commands you might want to coach your dog later on. You should also try to produce a point of his / her names as often as possible, especially in the beginning, since unless you can easily get the dogs attention, you will not have the ability to start with training, regardless of what coaching your beloved dog tips a person use.

3. Consistency

One of the very most important coaching your beloved dog tips you will actually come across involves uniformity. The significance of this can not be pressured enough, and if additional members of the family living in exactly the same home, you have to point this particular out to them too. Basically, for every command you would like to teach your own dog, you have to select a specific word, as well as from that time on, no other term should ever supply for that particular command. For instance if you would like your pet to sit whenever you say sit, avoid ever use the phrase “sit down”. Numerous dog owners utilize “down” when they desire their dog to are located down, and if after this you tell your puppy to sit down, your pet wont know whether or not it should sit, or even whether it should are located down.

4. Get into the Routine

While it is possible to spend some time dog training once you feel like end, getting into a group routine will surely make your work a whole lot simpler. Dogs depend on associating things, if you put your pet to bed each night at the meantime, she or he will eventually come to anticipate it, particularly if offer them some type of an idea when the time arrives. For example, you can give your puppy dog a small treat each night at the identical time, and prior to placing him to mattress. This way he can soon learn that after that treat is available in the evening, is actually time for bed, absolutely no queries asked.

5. Do not overload your spoodle puppies Brain

Once again, this really is probably the most essential dog training tips close to. Never try to teach your pet several commands at the same time. Instead, very first make sure he is got grasped a certain command thoroughly before you decide to try to coach him the next one. You will be sleep assured, there are absolutely no shortcuts here, and when уоu attempt to squeeze in a lot of too soon, your time and energy will simply end up being counter-productive.

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A Weight Loss Proposal Plan

You don’t need to buy a gym membership or expensive diet program to lose weight. All you need to do is have a plan and stick to it. First off, make the decision that you are going to exercise every day. You can combine cardiovascular and weight training into one exercise, or you can do cardio on one day and weight training on the next day. For cardiovascular exercise, you can go bike riding, power walking, running, roller skating, or get involved in a very physical sport. Good sports for cardio exercise would be basketball, racquetball, tennis or soccer. Swimming is also a great exercise for both cardiovascular and weight training since it tones your muscles.

For your weight training exercises, you once again do not need to spend a lot of money. You can buy a set of hand weights for less than twenty dollars to get you started. They will probably be sufficient for quite a while since it does take time to build both strength and endurance. It is important not to skip the weight training because it will put you at risk of losing muscle weight, which will make you weaker. A common misconception is that weight training will lead to visible muscle mass. Trust me; you will not turn into a body builder over night.

Learn what foods you should avoid eating, and avoid them. Generally speaking, you should avoid eating deep-fried foods, processed foods, foods containing refined sugar like baked sweets, chocolate, white bread, and anything that comes smothered in cheese (i.e. smothered cheese fries). Focus on eating healthy foods like fresh fruits, uncooked vegetables, whole grains breads, brown rice, lean meats and fish. Make sure you eat a mix of proteins (meat) and carbohydrates (pasta and breads).

For the best weight loss results, you should stop eating two or three meals a day, and try to eat six meals a day. Eating more often will help stop you from overeating because you won’t feel extremely hungry when you sit down. You should also make a conscience effort to drink at least 8 – 8 oz. glasses of water each day. The water will help prevent bloating and keep all your systems running smoothly. Now this plan won’t work over night. You should stick to the plan for at least eight weeks before making a decision on its effectiveness. Remember the basics and keep it simple. Weight loss does not need to be overly complicated.

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Tri Ripped Review – Is It Right For You?

Ben Greenfield, creator of the Tri Ripped program, was tired of seeing a bunch of other workout programs pushed on triathletes. Programs like Insanity, P90X and X-Fit (while all good in their own right) just are not made for the everyday triathlete. Ben decided he would take his background as an Ironman triathlete and winner of the Trainer of the Year award and put them into an everyday program designed specifically for triathletes. Thus the birth of the Tri Ripped program.

Ben has coined the term “skinny-fat” to describe the less than desirable look that many triathletes achieve. They have small, gaunt looking arms, a skinny neck, shoulders and end up with a small pooch of a belly that really looks awful. Instead of looking like phenomenal athletes, they look like malnourished children. Ben, with a background previously in body building, understands that a person can achieve a cut, beach sexy body and still achieve their desired triathlon results. A person doesn’t have to sacrifice looking good for speed.

I have personally been involved with Ben Greenfield for a number of years now, including receiving training from him and can tell you the wonderful insight that he has into what it takes to be a star triathlete is incredible. He understands the human physique and the reality that most people don’t have the time to devote their whole life to the pursuit of triathlon greatness. He has an incredibly real world approach to his training that can make a success of a day one triathlete or someone headed to Ironman glory.

Is Tri Ripped Right For You?

The real answer to that question depends on how set you are on being a triathlete. I am not talking a full time, devoted only to triathlon type triathlete but you are serious about getting in at least one competition this year that you would like to be a success. If the answer is yes, then you should definitely check out Tri Ripped. Ben takes all the guesswork out of the program so you know the when, how, why and how often to all your training schedule.

Ben has even offered up free access to some of his program, including a 7 guide series, to getting the sexy triathlete body you have always wanted while still having speed and strength during competition. Ben has been providing free training for years to those that just want a chance at achieving the success in triathlons that anyone deserves.

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Blake Griffin Dunk or the Top 3 Exercises to Jump Higher

Did you see Blake Griffin‘s dunk over Timofey Mozgov in November 2010? Most people agree that it’s one of the best NBA dunks of the last years. And Blake Griffin doesn’t get tired dunking – in fact he leads the league in dunks (100 until January 26, 2011).

Being 6 ft. 10 inches (2.08 m) tall and having a 37.5-inch vertical, dunking is easy for Blake, however it’s interesting that his standing reach and wingspan are far below average for his position (power forward). The reason for his almost unique combination of power and explosion (LeBron James and Dwight Howard are two other examples) is a special training – workouts on sand with a 60-pound (27 kg) weight vest obviously pay off.

But, you don’t need to complete such an extreme training in order to improve your vertical jump. There are great exercises that will help you to increase your vertical in a short period of time. So, without further chit-chat, here are the top 3 exercises to jump higher:

1) Box Jumps. For this exercise you need a solid box. The idea is simple: jump onto the box, step down and repeat the motion. Start with a box height of 16 inches (40 cm) and increase the height if you have no problem jumping onto it. Do 6 reps per set.

2) Depth Jumps. The goal here is to step off the box and jump back in the air with maximum power as soon as you hit the ground. Do 8 reps per set (max. 4) – only two days a week! Your muscles need to regenerate after such intensive athletic ability.

3) Split Squat Jumps. This exercise will improve your leg strength and explosiveness. Starting position is the lunge position (check in on Google images or youtube). Now jump up and switch legs. Repeat the exercise 8 times on each leg (5 sets). By the way, split squat jumps are part of Brandon Roy’s (40-inch vertical) daily routine.

Don’t forget to warm up and stretch before AND after your workouts! Also, keep in mind that if you want to improve your vertical jump you need to work on your jumping explosion and NOT jumping endurance.

That’s why jumping as much as you can will do more harm than good. It’s all about the right execution of the exercises, the right amount of repetitions and the right amount of rest (especially doing plyometrics) – as your muscles need a lot of time to regenerate after intense athletic activity (at least 24 hours, 48 is even better).

I recommend to stick to a vertical jump program ( The Jump Manual ) as it gives you concrete training plans, exercise videos, numbers of sets and repetitions.

P.S. You probably know Blake Griffin will be in the 2011 NBA slam dunk Contest. But did you know that Blake won the Slam Dunk Contest at the McDonald’s All-American game in 2007 (a one-point win against Austin Freeman)?

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Horse Training – 8 Tips For Training Your Horse to Stand Quietly When Tied

Your horse won’t stand still in the cross ties or when tied to the trailer at the horse show. He moves from side to side, back and forth and paws frantically damaging his hooves, shoes and stable floor. Instead of being able to enjoy some quiet bonding time with him, you rush through the grooming and saddling routine. The following 8 tips will help you resolve this common horse training problem. You can help your horse to be relaxed, quiet and enjoy his time while he is tied.

1. Focus on relieving the underlying cause rather than the behaviour itself. As flight animals, horses are stressed when their ability to flee is compromised. The behaviour your horse is exhibiting on the cross ties is simply an expression of the anxiety he is feeling. In order the change the behaviour, you need to address his anxiety and help him feel comfortable about being tied.

2. Commit to taking the time and doing the work to help your horse. Training takes time and consistency. You cannot achieve behavioural change by rushing or being impatient. Set up time specifically to work with your horse on this issue.

3. Change his frame of body to change his frame of mind. Horses who are busy when tied have an unbalanced frame – scissored legs, high head, inverted back. This frame keeps adrenaline pumping into the blood stream keeping his stress and anxiety level and, therefore his need to move, high. Your horse needs you to show him that he can stand straight, square and level.

4. Help him find balance. Your horse simply will not be able to stand still until he finds balance. Balance comes from straightness, being square and having a level neck. Your job then is to keep correcting his position until he finds that balance and keeps it on his own.

5. Straightness comes first. Having straightness means that the horse’s spine is in alignment from nose to tail. He will find & feel this straightness when the left hind lines up directly behind the left fore and the right hind lines up directly behind the right fore. Ask your horse to stand straight by pushing the appropriate hip or shoulder into alignment. As soon as your horse moves away from your push, stop pushing. You will have to move from side to side while keeping contact with the halter or head. As you move around his head, bend your near hip away from his head.

6. Be four Square. When a horse’s feet are scissored, he is mentally prepared for flight. When the feet are four square, it is like he is standing in box, balanced and parked. Being square means that the front feet are straight to each other and the hind feet are straight to each other. As you work on correcting your horse’s straightness, you may find that he starts to find square on his own. If not, you can encourage him to stand squarely by asking him to take a step backwards or forwards. For backwards, push on the front of the shoulder of the leg you want him to move. To encourage him to step forwards, tap his flank gently. You may have to ask for back and forth several times before your horse finds square.

7. Be level headed. A relaxed horse stands with his neck level so that the poll is the same height as withers. You can encourage your horse to bring his head down and his neck to level by using gently moving his head laterally (side to side) with slight downward pressure. This is called “flexing”. Make sure you are not being forceful by pulling or pushing on the head. Think of this more like a rhythmic massage loosening his poll. You can do this with your hands on the halter as you stand in front of your horse (one hand on either side of the halter at the point where the cheek piece connects with the nose band) or by cupping the bridge of his nose in one hand as you stand to the side of him. If you horse tries to raise his head or turn it left or right, use your hand or hands in the same place to block his effort. Remember that you are not forcing your horse into this posture, but are encouraging him to stay there long enough to realize how good it feels.

8. Avoid being at the end of your rope. Whether you are using cross ties or a single tie, ensure the tie is long enough to allow horse to comfortably lower his head and bring his neck to level without creating tightness on the tie. With a single tie, make sure he has enough room to avoid having his face jammed into the wall or side of the trailer. With cross ties, encourage your horse to stand so that the cheek pieces of the halter are lined up with the posts the cross ties are attached to. Always attach the cross ties to the lowest ring on the cheek piece as this allows more freedom to bring the head down.

This training process will take some time, but is well worth the effort. Both you and your horse will benefit as you will be able to enjoy the grooming and saddling time together and have quiet time to rest and relax between classes at the horse shows.

To see a short video demonstrating how do this, go to

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Weider Home Gym Workouts – Read This Before You Buy Any Weider Exercise Equipment!

Weider is one of the biggest names in the home gym industry today. Not only because of the wide variety of their high quality equipment, but also due to the affordability of their units.

Weider Home Gym Systems

One best example of their home gyms is the Weider Pro 9635. This line has eight stations composed of a military press, leg press, vertical knee raise, leg developer, butterfly arms, high and low pulley system, and a bench press. This alone can allow you to perform various Weider home gym exercises with the numerous stations it has. Now, you can easily have a full body workout in the comforts of your home.

Another whole different Weider home gym exercise can be done with the Weider boxing gym. As boxing is an amazing way to get fit and healthy, this equipment is really ideal for those who want to get more than just exercise. This equipment has a good number of boxing features you can take advantage of. It is a complete set which includes a speed bag, a leg developer, a chest press, butterfly arms, a forty pound punching bag, and a low pulley.

However, if you want a grander home gym and you are willing to invest on it, the Weider Platinum Plus might just be the perfect one for you. With this home equipment, you will surely get the most out of your money as it is fully packed with amazing features. For one, it is a complete system, allowing you to choose where you should focus and what kind of exercise you want to do. You can choose from circuit training, strength training, or simply just burn fats and lose weight. However, if you can’t decide which one to do, you can always ask for help through the digital personal trainer, which is built in on the equipment. This system will help you decide which exercise you should do next to complete your training.

You are not likely to run out of Weider home gym exercises, as there are seventy-five routines you can do on the five stations of the equipment. This makes this equipment such a good deal, as it guarantees to work out every part of the body.

This Weider home gym system also allows you to personalize your workouts easily. Aside from the option in the digital console that tells you which exercise you should do next, you can also program the sets and number of repetitions you’d like to do for each exercise.

And, on top of all this, the Platinum Plus is foldable and has wheels so you can easily roll it away and store it when it’s not in use, making it ideal even for those who do not have much space at home.

Buying Weider Home Gym Systems

If you are planning on purchasing one of the Weider home gym systems, it is important to keep in mind some things. Before getting into a deal, make sure that the unit you are going to buy has all of the things you’ll need. This, however, will require you to know which exercises you will be doing yourself.

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How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast – 3 Simple Steps

Despite all the hard work, protein shakes, gym visits, calories of chicken and tuna are you still struggling to gain muscle mass fast? Well lucky for you I have discovered 3 of the best ways to gain muscle mass quickly. Follow these simple steps and you will start building big muscles all over your body. So let’s get started.

1. Squats and Dead lifts. These 2 big “animal exercises” are crucial for gaining muscle mass quickly. In fact squats and dead lifts workout over 75% of your musculature, including your back, shoulders, arms, gluts, hams, calves and core muscles. Truly an all in one workout exercise. Moreover these 2 exercises also result in greater levels of growth hormones being produced which means you will gain muscle mass fast all over your body. This is because squats and dead lifts have a strong level of intensity which other exercises don’t. This is particularly relevant for skinny guys and hard gainers. The best way to gain muscle mass.

2. Focus on compound exercises such as squats, leg presses, dead lifts, bench presses, barbell rows, pull ups, chin ups, over head presses, and dips. These exercises are must do’s if you want to gain muscle mass fast because they focus on the strong muscles. A lot of people who want to know how to gain muscle mass quickly focus on things like calves and arms and wonder why they never get really bulked up. Focus on weak muscles and that’s exactly what you will get.

3. Time your rest periods. A key aspect of gaining muscle mass quickly is using a stopwatch and timing your rest periods properly. The higher the number of reps, the shorter the rest period and the lower the number of reps the longer the rest period. If you are training for maximum strength then you need to take between 3-5 minutes break between each set. If you are taking a shorter period then you are not working out properly. Further if you are trying to get maximum muscle gain this requires shorter break times of 30-90 seconds. Also if you rest times are not the same, you cannot monitor your true improvement.

Okay so now you know 3 simple but highly effective strategies to gain muscle mass quick. Remember to include them in your next workout and you will see measurable improvements in how you look and feel. For more killer ways to gain muscle mass fast check out my resource box.

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Why Is It Important to Stretch Before Your Workout?

Honestly people – I H-A-T-E stretching. I mean, come on… as if it’s not enough that I’m ALREADY late to the gym, and I don’t have enough time for my workout – do I really have to waste a few mins just to stretch?

The answer is yes. You simply must add stretching to you fitness training. A full body streth can be done in as little as 10-minutes!

What are the benefits? Just to name a few:

– Fatigued, tight muscles are less capable of performing the skills/movement required, stretching helps loosen you up

– Stretching can help prevent injury by aiding recovery and decreasing soreness

– Stretching ensures that your muscles/tendons are in good working order. The more conditioned they are, the better they can handle the stress of your sport and exercise

Based on my experience, I’ve actually had a significant increase in upper body strength in just weeks after incorporating a stretching routine into my workouts. (Yes, I used to avoid stretching for the first few years of working out.. I’m only human :P)

How do I stretch?

I use the Trebistretch machine (see picture above- Fitness First has them, not sure about the others). These machines make stretching easy and has an instruction board attached to it which guides you on the steps to achieve a full body stretch. As for me, I normally only stretch the bodypart I’m working on for that day. So, for example, if I’m working on my back today, I’ll just stretch my back. I love these machines cos they’re a safe and easy way to help you stretch. In fact, I sometimes get such a good stretch (especially on my back) that the feeling is almost orgasmic – I SWEAR!

Now, one common mistake that people ALMOST ALWAYS do is that they tend to jerk their movements and only hold the stretch for a few seconds!

Now hear me out : It is IMPORTANT to move carefully and slowly into the stretched-out position, and once you’re there – hold it for a good 20 to 30 seconds before slowly moving back into position. Only then will you reap the benefits of stretching.

So, there you have it. My conclusion on stretching?

Stretching is important, and is a simple and effective (and FREE!) method that will help you improve your overall performance in your area of sports.

Happy stretching!

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Best Workout To Jump Higher – Best Exercises To Take Your Hops To The Next Level

Searching for the best workout to jump higher?

There are many exercises that can be done to increase your vertical leap. Some or more effective some or less effective.

The more effective exercises will have you jumping out of the gym.

Do you play basketball?

  • If you are on your high school basketball team and you follow the exercises that I am about to share with you. Be ready to be all over the sports page of your schools website and the local news papers. Also you can expect to get the attention of college scouts. Because the exercises are just that effective for increasing your vertical leap. Your jumping ability will increase that much.
  • Same thing for college players; if you are looking ways to better your game and get the national attention of some N.B.A teams or top plays on Sportcenter. Start with the exercises contained in this article.

Even if you are a playground baller and just want to dominate the playground game, this is the best workout to jump higher.

Okay enough talking, lets get to the exercises for the best workout to jump higher.

Remember to always stretch and warm up before doing any of the following exercises.

The best way that I have found to warm up is jumping rope for 3 to 5 minutes.

Exercise 1

Step Ups – steps ups are the 1st exercise in the best workout to jump higher and will develop and work the muscles need to give you the explosive jumping power that you need for jumping off of 1 leg. Not everyone jumps the same.

  • You are going to need a chair bench or stool for this exercise(anything you can put 1 leg on and it has to be sturdy enough to withstand the force of you thrusting yourself into the air off 1 leg.
  • Place your right leg on the chair or bench and thrust yourself as high into the air as possible and as explosively as possible
  • While in mid air switch legs so that the leg that was resting on the ground is not the leg on the chair
  • After you land thrust yourself back into the air with your left leg and do the same switch mid air again landing with your right leg on the chair.
  • After each leg is done this is 1 rep, do 25 reps in 3 sets

Exercise 2

Burnouts – are the 2nd exercise in the best workout to jump higher and they focus on developing and strengthening your upper calf muscle, working and training your upper calf muscle help to develop explosive leaping ability that you need when playing basketball.

  • Stand tall in a athletic position with your arms at your side
  • Raise up on the tips of your toes
  • Using only your tip toes, jump 3 to 4 inches in the air and keep it continuous
  • Each jump is 1 rep, do 25 reps in 3 sets

Exercise 3

Squat Hops – are the 3rd exercise in the best workout to jump higher and they help to increase your vertical when jumping off of 2 legs to perform the monster dunks that you will soon be doing.

  • With your back straight and legs shoulder width apart, lower yourself into a low squat position
  • Raise up on your tips toes as high as possible
  • Jump 3 to 4 inches in the air while staying in your low squat position
  • On the last rep of your set explode into the air as high as possible(this last hop is very important so do not forget to do it
  • Each hop is 1 rep, do 25 reps in 3 sets


  • Do each exercises in the correct manner and proper form(5 reps done correctly is more effective than 20 incorrect reps)
  • Also to do each exercise in the best workout to jump higher as explosively as possible(your body needs to know that you are trying to get higher)

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