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Panic Attack/Anxiety Attack?

Panic Attack.

I used to shut myself away from everyday life through fear of experiencing a Panic Attack or an overwhelming fear of anxiety. Does this sound familiar? Do you shut yourself away from everyday life? Do you wake up with that feeling of dread? Do you feel stuck in a rut with no way out?

These are often feelings of anxiety and depression and can often lead to experiencing panic attacks.

Panic Attacks caused by anxiety can be extremely distressing and upsetting for not only the person involved but for their friends and family. There are natural ways to prevent a panic attack or anxiety attack and this article will address the benefits to adopting these techniques.

Many of the coping strategies on the Internet tell you how to cope with Panic or Anxiety Attacks not how to prevent them. There is now a revolutionary way to end anxiety and panic.

I recently attended a course on coping with a controlling stress, anxiety and depression and it has been amazing in changing my attitude. The course used Cognitive Behavioural Techniques or CBT which can teach you to overcome anxiety by changing the way you think without using medication. Books often refer to techniques such as relaxing and changing your breathing, ways of coping not prevention.

I was taught that anxiety and having a panic attack is extremely common, and results show that 1 in 3 people suffer from anxiety attacks and panic attacks.

Interesting when I attended my course there was substantially more men than women, this shocked me, there still seems to be a stigma attached to anxiety and depression and I think people associate it more with women as we are more open.

Anxiety is learnt through behaviour which you can correct, it is not a mental illness.

Here are a few tips to help change this behaviour

1. Slow down your breathing, press one hand on your chest the other on your stomach and breathe in without letting your chest rise but feel you stomach swell and breathe out – repeat

2. Keep busy, starve the anxiety and depression by not allowing it to thrive by keeping your mind occupied

3. Keep a diary of when you feel a Panic Attack or Anxiety Attack to try and recognise what sets it off, also record how you coped

The benefits of using natural techniques are endless

1. You will feel genuinely happier and in control of your life

2. You will be able to participate in events you would have previously declined

3. No longer will you feel anxiety over going to work or that meeting with your boss

4. No longer will you wake up each morning with that feeling of dread

5. You can feel the results within days even hours

6. Medication and therapy can often take years to take effect

The benefits go on and on. I suffered from anxiety and depression and it impacted greatly on my life to the point where I even left my job. I have decided to use natural techniques after months of being fobbed off with medication by my GP. The effects have been dramatic and I am slowly turning my life around for the better, my partner and family have been commenting on the positive changes they have witnessed in my personality.

Give these natural techniques a try and see how this revolutionary idea can change your life for the better.

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How to Overcome Anxiety and Neurosis

If you are always anxious, you must learn how to be patient, and prepare the future results you desire. Dream interpretation according to the scientific method will guide you and show you how to be wise.

If you are neurotic, this is serious, and you must be very strong. You can be easily cured if you precisely follow the guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams, or your neurosis may easily become psychosis or schizophrenia… Everything depends on your attitude.

Be serious and cure your psychical problems by being a good student. Learn the dream language very well, and then do exactly what the wise unconscious mind shows you in your dreams, and you’ll acquire mental health for sure.

I was neurotic too when I started caring about the meaning of dreams, when I was very young. Dream therapy according to the scientific method is the only one that can easily cure neurosis, because the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is a perfect doctor, while neurosis is already the acceptance of absurdity and abnormal behavior. Other methods usually fail… Only the unconscious mind can easily show you what you need to learn, because it knows everything about you and your mental health.

Neurosis reflects the beginning of the invasion of the wild anti-conscience, your primitive, animal and violent conscience into the field of your human conscience. This means that the absurd part of your brain starts influencing the normal part, and this way, provoking serious problems in your life.

You must be careful and pay attention to your behavior. Remember that if you are doing “strange things” that you hide from everyone else, this means that you are accepting the absurd behavior of the anti-conscience as if it was not crazy. You may be even justifying it to your family and friends, when they notice something strange behind your apparent normal behavior. Don’t be naïve!

If you accept doing absurd things, and especially if you try to justify them and give them a “normal” appearance, this means that you are being dominated by the craziness contained in the wild side of your brain.

The anti-conscience is too powerful and strong; it tries to mislead you all the time, in order to take your place and control your behavior. Neurosis is the beginning of the contamination of your human conscience by its poisonous absurdity.

You feel very anxious, and you accept the neurotic behavior, as if it was a relief for your anxiety. On the other hand, your neurosis provokes your anxiety, because it provokes a state of constant dissatisfaction and despair.

Get out of this repetitive circle and learn how to transform your personality, developing your intelligence.

Today the dream language is a known subject, and many people are already receiving all the benefits of the unconscious’ wisdom thanks to the perfect dream translation provided by the scientific method of dream interpretation.

This translation will help you understand the unconscious’ messages in your dreams, and you’ll have the guidance of an expert all the time.

Your anxiety will disappear, and you’ll learn how to be patient, calm and self-confident.

Your neurosis will be completely cured, and your intelligence developed to its fullest. The more you care about dream translation and the more you follow the guidance of the unconscious mind, more intelligent you’ll become. This means that you’ll be able to successfully solve all kinds of problems. This security will give you permanent peace of mind, and real happiness for life.

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De-Stress With Natural Remedies For Anxiety

Depending on your personality and how you as an individual handle stress, techniques on releasing anxiety will differ and should be approached to match your personal needs. For some, energetic techniques will work to de-stress you. Others may find soothing relaxing techniques more effective. Whichever type of technique works well for you, it is important to remember that when you are dealing with anxiety and stress, you need to be gentle with your body and practice the use of natural techniques that will work on a holistic level.

Anxiety can be two fold. It can affect both your mind and your body. Practicing more than one technique of stress reduction may be necessary in order to benefit fully. The first step is to identify where your anxiety is stemming from. What is the source of the stress? Sometimes it is simple to make the connection, but other times we may need to dig deep in order to uncover why we are suffering.

A helpful method of identification can be journaling. Recording your thoughts and habits can help you identify patterns which will point out the triggers for anxiety. Often, the simple act of identification of the triggers can be an empowering step towards remedying the problem.

Once you know why you are feeling anxious, you can seek help in the way of marriage counseling, financial assistance or setting aside time for yourself in order to practice de-stressing.

When you journal, make note of how you are feeling at times when you are peaking with anxiety and post how you manage the stress effectively. If you are handling too many responsibilities, be sure to carve out the time your body needs to just relax and de-stress.

It may help to seek the support of those who are around you. They can be helpful with anything from childcare to running errands or whatever would help you the most.

Quiet time is important! The simple act of relaxing with a cup of tea and your feet up is soothing and comforting to your mind and body. Herbal teas such as Kava Kava, St. John’s Wort, Passion Flower and Plum Flower are proven to reduce stress.

If you are someone who produces excessive energy and sitting and relaxing just won’t work for you, get up and get your body moving! Exercise is an important de-stresser and will release bottled-up anxiety. A good workout will help you improve your mood and feel better about yourself. A simple brisk walk or a relaxing technique such as yoga will do wonders.

The most important aspect of stress reduction is working with natural anxiety remedies in order to reduce stress in natural ways. Take care of your body and it will take care of you!

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What is a Panic Attack?

A panic attack is usually described as a period in your life when you feel extreme fear and anxiety towards some outside factor and that is sudden in appearance. Usually, a panic attack lasts no more than a couple of minutes, but it is enough to spoil your day. So, to help you out we will describe what a panic attack is and the signs you should be able to notice just fore it starts happening.

In some instances an anxiety attack can last over 2 hours because there are several anxiety attacks, actually, which form a cyclic series. This is pretty common and you can easily stop it by getting out of the situation that seems to cause the anxiety and fear. Remember during these attacks make sure that you have someone around to give you a glass of water. It is pretty important to keep you hydrate because you will notice that you lose a lot of fluids by sweating.

A lot of people have asked me about the general symptoms and the effects of anxiety, but each person experiences different things. Basically, you just feel extreme fear and anxiety and it does not look like you can focus on something else and help the fear go away. Now, this fear itself can be caused by several types of situations, from speaking in public, to a wedding or even waiting at the dentist.

There are several types of panic attacks, from very mild ones that you don’t even notice apart from the sweating, and very intense ones that can even cause blackouts. Be sure to study which type you are suffering from most often and if you have the very intense ones, you can always remember to sit down quickly after the attack commences.

Now, there are a lot of questions regarding panic attacks linked to heart problems and heart attacks, even, in some situations. Well, this is true, but anxiety rarely causes heart problems and only if these attacks are left untreated and they occur practically on a daily basis.

So, in conclusion, I have to say that panic attacks are a common problem, but with a bit of help you can either cure them or contain them so they don’t soil your best time. Keep in mind that a situation that has caused a panic attack before will cause it again in the future.

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Stress Relief

Stress relief can be as simple as you make it.

Relieving stress can come in many techniques. It can be a drug, an exercise, an herb, a ball, a game or even a food supplement. Every option has its own merits and demerits. One technique will work for one person while the same technique will confound another adding to the stress.

Some of the deciding factors of stress relief is to determine what kind of stress you are dealing with and how long a duration it has been. Is this something that has been there forever or is this a new, out-of-the-blue issue?

The kinds of stress come in three broad categories: physical, nutritional, and emotional. We are going to deal with emotional stress but be aware that physical and nutritional stress can affect the mind, and in turn, cause emotional stress.

Emotional stress is the stress we think about the most when we talk about stress. Stress and stress related disorders are on the rise. Though the number is rising there is no specific stress reliever which can work on all the effects of stress. This is the reason why different stress management programs come up with different kinds of stress reducers.

Some stress management programs are kind and minimal; they make you feel good while you are practicing the stress management technique but in reality they are time wasters when it comes to addressing a correction for the stress.

But if there was one stress reliever you could carry around with you and you could use it anytime you needed, what would it be?

You already have it. It is sitting on top of your shoulders — your mind.

Your mind can cause more stress than you can imagine or can eliminate more stress than you thought possible.

Inside your mind you hold the key to life-long stress management. How it is unlocked and used for your benefit is what a course in the ultimate natural stress management course is all about.

Think for a moment about a point of stress in your life. What kind of reaction do you have? Do you feel a pit in your stomach? Does your head get full of noise? Do you get an impending doom feeling?

The stress you are thinking about is creating an energy in your body. It is a literal energy pocket that is creating chaos inside you. If you could take this energy and re-organize it, your thinking about it would be completely different. It may not even cause a reaction in you at all.

Now, let’s do something about this stress. Take the image of this stress and hold it in your mind’s eye. Look at it and see it clearly. Bring the image into focus. Is that it? Is that the stress in your life?

Now as you hold that image in your mind, take your finger pads of both hands and place them on your forehead an inch above your eyes. These are your emotional centers and you’re going to reset them while holding that image in your mind.

You’re going to hold your finger pads on your emotional centers as you hold the image of your stress in your mind. Hold these two for 30 to 45 seconds completely focusing on your stress.

As you continue the image of your stress will fade and its intensity will drop significantly. You are literally resetting your emotional reaction to this particular stress. How amazing is that?

Whatever stress you have make an image and reset it. This is a technique you can do all the time and you will make incredible changes in your stress and your life.

Take this process and use it for good.

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