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A Quality Organic Face Cream Will Make Your Skin Smooth And Vibrant Without Any Harmful Side Effect

One important thing about an organic face cream is that it is free of harmful ingredients. The truth is that majority of the synthetic skin care products on the market contain chemicals that are harmful to our bodies.

Take parabens for instance, it is used as preservatives in the food, drug and skin care industries; it is cheap, thereby making it the first choice for most manufacturers who put profits first at the detriment of the consumers’ safety. Parabens have been proven to be carcinogenic; however, the mainstream companies who use them claim that the amounts of these toxic chemicals in their products are not large enough to cause any harm.

I do not know about you, but I would prefer to be cautious than be sorry later; that is why I use only natural organic skincare products. Even when some of the chemicals in synthetic brands are not toxic, they still have drying effect on the skin, thereby causing irritation and inflammation.

An organic face cream is also more effective than the synthetic counterpart because natural ingredients are more bio-available; hence, they easily penetrate into the dermis to nourish and revitalize it. However, all organic face creams are not created equal; some are more effective than others because of the ingredients they contain.

One of the vital ingredients that the best organic face cream should contain is Phytessence Wakame; this special seaweed extract is known as the secret behind the ageless beauty of Japanese women. It boosts the hyaluronic acid in the dermis; hence, it keeps sagging and wrinkles at bay, thereby making the skin look younger and beautiful.

Another amazing ingredient that an effective organic face cream should contain is Natural Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol); this is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against the harm caused by free radicals. It is proven to remove wrinkles and age spots to make the skin look youthful, flawless and radiant. It also helps to prevent premature aging.

Other ingredients to look for when buying an organic face cream are plant oils like Grapeseed oil, Avocado oil, Maracuja and Jojoba oil; they moisturize the skin to make it soft and velvet-like. Unlike mineral oil, they neither plug the pores nor have greasy effect on the skin.

Organic face creams are safe for your body and more effective than synthetic brands; but you need to make sure that you buy a brand that contains the right ingredients. For more information on a natural anti-aging skincare brand you can trust, visit my website.

Discover the best organic face cream available today.

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Age Spot Erasing Made Easy And Right From Your Own Kitchen

If you’re anything like most baby boomers, after graying hair, poor eyesight, weight gain and winkles, age spots rank fifth on your list of aging nuisances. But you can find comfort in erasing those age advertisers right from your own kitchen.

What Causes Age Spots

To protect your skin against excessive sun exposure, your skin makes cells called melanocytes. Melanocytes create the dark brown pigment called melanin. The melanin makes your skin look darker or suntanned.

But sometimes, your typical day in the sun causes an uneven jump in melanocytes. This awkward production creates irregular coloring or pigmentation of the skin.

The resulting solar lentigines, or what most people call liver spots or age spots, can appear brown, black or gray. Age spots pop up on the areas of the skin most readily exposed to the sun, like the chest, back, face and hands.

Even youngsters can get age spots with too much unprotected sun exposure.

How to Avoid Age Spots Completely

Preventing age spots proves the best way to completely avoid them. This includes:

1. Avoiding intense sunlight hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

2. Wearing a hat and long sleeve shirt in the sun.

3. Applying sunscreen 20 minutes before going outdoors and reapplying it every two hours.


Additionally, note that the sun and excess chemicals don’t mix. For instance,

most often in middle-aged women, might mistake irregular areas of reddish-brown pigmentation called poikiloderma for age spots.

Poikiloderma results from chronic sun exposure combined with sun-sensitive chemicals in cosmetics or perfume. Hence, poikiloderma most frequently appears on the side of the neck or on the cheeks.

Sunscreen Is More Potent Than You Thought

You may feel annoyed with the repeated advise of slathering yourself with sunscreen, but a study published in the October 14, 1993 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine gives you reason to appreciate your sunscreen an effective age spot eraser.

In the study, researchers found that among sunscreen users, those who rubbed on the most cream with the greatest regularity had the largest reduction in actinic keratoses.

Actinic keratoses (AKs) describe the rough, red, scaly patches, crusts or sores that measure anywhere from one-quarter to one-inch in diameter. Like most other age spots, you’ll find actinic keratoses on body areas most readily exposed to the sun.

How To Minimize the Appearance of Age Spots

Eat your age spots away

Research studies also reveal the benefits of eating your nutrients to reduce the appearance of age spots. The water-soluble pigment found in most vegetables, fruits, grain, flowers, seeds, leaves and bark, called flavanoid provides numerous antioxidant properties.

In research studies, flavanoids even prevented cancer formation in animals.

Likewise, you’ll find age spot reducing properties in soy products. The protein extracts of soybean and soymilk contain several different estrogen-like substances called isoflavones. One study showed that soy isoflavones might lighten age spots.

Home Remedies

Erasing your age spots can begin right in your own kitchen. In Japan, the rice based drink, sake, serves as an age spot lightener when applied to the skin.

You can also use lemon juice to lighten age spots. Simply dab a cotton ball in freshly squeezed lemon juice and apply the liquid to the age spots twice daily- once in the morning and once in the evening. Warning: Lemon juice makes the skin photosensitive so ensure to protect your skin with sunscreen before enjoying the sunshine.

Pull a green papaya out of the fridge and use the fleshy side of the skin to reduce age spots. Just apply the papaya to the spots for 15-20 minutes daily and repeat until you attain the desire lightness.

Of course, since home remedies offer an inexpensive and gentle way to reduce age spots, they require time to see results- usually six to eight weeks.

What To Do Right Now To Stop Age Spots

Because age spots, poikiloderma and actinic keratoses can serve as warning signs for skin cancer, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends scheduling a professional skin examination each year.

You can find out how to give yourself a skin examination by visiting []. Use this information now before your forget, because before you know it, the sixth aging nuisance for baby boomers- memory loss-will creep in on you.

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Dosage of Glutathione As an Antioxidant and For Whitening Purposes

Glutathione ( pronounced “gloota-thigh-own” ) also known as GSH is the body’s essential health AID –

  • Skin Whitener, Antioxidant, Immune booster and Detoxifier

Glutathione skin whitening regimen has been widely used in Asia and has been reported to be the Asian Most Prescribed Oral Skin Whitener among the skin whitening products, and often referred to as bleaching pill, bleaching capsule, whitening pill or whitening capsule. There is no question at all because its already been proven that HIGH DOSE L-Glutathione is really effective in whitening the skin for it works by reducing the melanin formation safely. There are several L-Glutathione preparations in the market but not all can really guarantee a good result.

Various Methods that Glutathione (GSH) is Administered

Oral (by mouth) – GSH is digested or broken down into its amino acid constituents and they show effect.

Intravenous (by needle) – GSH has a very short half-life in the circulation.

Intratracheal (by aerosol inhalation) – GSH only affects the respiratory linings briefly.

Intraperitoneal (by abdominal wall) – GSH plasma levels rise but there is no increase in the tissues such as the liver, lung or lymphocytes.

What is the recommended dose for Glutathione?

As a Skin Whitener

  • computation should be IN DOUBLE INCREASED DOS
  • 20-40mg/Kg BW per day in 2-3 divided doses

As Anti-oxidant/ anti-aging:

  • 10mg per Kg BW (Body weight) per day.
  • Ex. 50kg male 50kg body weight x 10mg = 500 mg/day

Colour of Skin & Duration:

Medium brown skin – 1-3months

Dark brown skin – 3-6months

Very dark skin – 6-12 months

Black skin – 2 years or more

Upon reaching desired skin color, maintenance dose: 1 capsule 500mg once a day.


  • Best taken with preferably 30 minutes before or after meals.
  • GLUTATHIONE AND VITAMIN C: A person taking L glutathione should take Vitamin C two to three times more than the dose of L Glutathione.
  • Why is Vitamin C needed? This is to keep L Glutathione in its absorbable or reduced form. This will release the potential of Vitamin C s derivatives whitening properties. L Glutathione has no known side effects or interactions even if given orally in prolonged use.
  • Grape seed Oil Extracts 1,000mg should be taken, 1cap 2x a day to regenerate oxidized glutathione to its absorbable form.
  • All Glutathione are oxidized when they pass the stomach and become Glutathione Disulfide (GSSG). With the presence of other antioxidants such as Vit C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vit E and most especially Grapeseed Oil Extracts (20x Vit C and 50x Vit E), regenerates Glutathione Disulfide to Reduced Glutathione (Usable form of Glutathione).

Is there anything to avoid when taking this whitening pill?

  • L-Glutathione and its components (Vitamin C, ALA and Grape Seed Extract) can be considered as food/dietary supplement, they are also called powerful antioxidants. It is not a drug and so there are no known contradictions and precautions to be taken into consideration.
  • However, L-Glutathione shouldn’t be taken by people taking anti-psychotic drug and chemotherapeutic drug.
  • You should also not take it if you just recently undergone an operation or an organ transplant.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, the presence of alcohol in the stomach is one reason for your body to not fully absorb the whitening pill.

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How to Choose Kannada Bridal Jewellery for the Most Special Day?

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions. Weddings in particular, are celebrated with zeal and involve a lot of customs, celebrations, events and ceremonies. Each community celebrates wedding in a unique manner, incorporating rituals that have been passed on from previous generations. But there is one thing that’s common all Indian weddings and that is the bejeweled bride. The bride is adorned with exquisite jewellery from head to toe. When it comes to Kannada marriages, the bridal jewellery is chosen by the parents and relatives along with the bride.

Some tips to be followed by parents when purchasing jewellery

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting Kannada traditional jewellery as there are many varieties to choose from. Following these tips will help you choose the best designs of bridal jewellery.

  • Before buying jewellery, make sure that you choose a reliable shop as there are many jewellery stores that pose hidden charges.
  • Always go for light weight jewellery as they will not be too heavy and you can wear them at ease. Almost all the jewellery stores provide special lightweight jewellery specifically crafted for weddings.
  • Do not forget to compare the rates of the jewels as it will help you save money. Check out a few stores, compare the rates and then choose the best one that charges reasonably and suits your budget as well.
  • Surf the internet and get an idea about the different types of fashion jewellery in Kannada. There are both online and regular shops that sell various types of antique jewellery at pocket-friendly rates.
  • The best time to buy wedding jewels is during festive season as many shops announce discounts and special offers.
  • Most of the shops sell latest models with diamonds, rubies embedded in platinum. This is preferred by many as platinum jewels are stylish and attractive to look at.

The Kannada grooms also purchases beautiful and stylish jewelleries for the bride and it mostly comprises of chains, bangles and earrings. The parents of the groom purchase specific ornaments such as the Thali, wedding rings, etc.

Important Kannada wedding jewellery items

These jewellery designs are attractive, traditional but at the same time have a contemporary feel to them. Here are some of the commonly used wedding jewellery items.

  • Netri Chutti – Worn on the forehead, Netri Chutti is a beautiful piece of jewellery that adds style and beauty to the bride’s eyes and forehead. Traditional Netri Chutti comprises of white and red stones, but nowadays different colored stones are also used.
  • Necklace – Necklaces come in different sizes ranging from short chains to long chains. They come in attractive stone colors, styles and designs and add sophistication and style of the bride.
  • Bangles – Bangles give a stylish look to the bride’s hands and they come in different sizes and patterns. Some wear gold bangles whereas others love to wear fashionable ones with stone work.
  • Jimki Mattal -It is one type of earring and it comes in elegant styles. They enhance the look of the bride. One can choose from short, medium and large Jimki Mattals.
  • Haram – Better known as long mala, Haram enhances the look of the bride. These thick and long chains come in traditional designs and add extra beauty to the bride!

Kannada wedding jewels reflect the culture and ethos of the people of Karnataka.

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Uses and Benefits of Plant Extracts

The significance of plants and plant extract has grown tremendously during the recent years. Ever since eternity plants have played a major role in protecting the environment. Extracts from plants have known to possess many beneficial qualities to augment the overall health of human beings.

There are over a million types of extracts derived from plants which can be used for multiple purposes. Researches have proved that plant extract can be used to cure many health ailments and it has lesser side effects compared to other forms of medications.

Different Types of Extracts from Plants and Their Benefits

Castor Oil: Castor oil is a plant extract derived from the castor seed. It has innumerable qualities and is used for curing skin diseases. It is a vegetable oil which contains undecylenic acid that helps to care for the skin. It also helps to reduce constipation and keeps the hair healthy and soft. Castor oil is also beneficial to pregnant women as it helps to induce labor.

Turmeric: Turmeric is another plant extract which has an array of medical virtues. Turmeric is considered an essential source of antibiotics. It is used as an antiseptic in case of burns and cuts. This particular plant extract is also used by doctors to cure cancers. Certain types of cancers can be prevented by the intake of turmeric. It also helps to prevent chronic heart ailments. Turmeric is even applied on the face and neck to prevent growth of hair. It also helps to keep the skin clear and prevents acne and blemishes.

Aloe Vera: This exemplary plant extract is considered unique with amazing health benefits. Aloe vera is used for many purposes like curing skin diseases as it contains essential oils and minerals which are beneficial to the skin. It is also known to cure gall bladder disorders, cancers and strengthen the immune system of the body. Aloe Vera is used as an ingredient in many cosmetic products like creams and shampoos. It is also used to treat first degree burns.

Lavender: Known for its sweet smell, this plant extract has a number of beneficial qualities. It is known to cure bites and cuts. Lavender is also considered an effective medicine to cure skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Used as a mild sedative, it also helps to keep the skin oil free.

Neem: The health benefit of neem tree is quite undeniable. It is considered an effective antiseptic and used to cure many diseases. It is known to cure skin ailments, cholesterol, diabetes and so forth. Neem extract is also considered an effectual cure for acne and boils.

Compared to other types of medications, the extracts derived from plants and herbs are much effective and less expensive. As more and more people opt for medicines from plant extract, buyers find it easy to obtain these products through online markets too.

With a number of healing properties, medicines derived from plant extract are widely used by many people all over the world. In addition to curing skin diseases and chronic ailments, it is also used to restore hormonal imbalances and other diseases.

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Molluscs Or Molluscum Contagiosum is More Than Just a Little Itch

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, yet most people tend to take it for granted. Going about daily life, protection from the harmful rays of the sun are often forgotten. Similarly, individuals forget to take care of the epidermis when it comes to protecting against contagious disease. One kids sent to school with chicken pox and within two weeks the entire class breaks out, unless the students have been vaccinated. But, there is more pox than one, and for those infected with molluscs or Molluscum Contagiosum, it is much more than just a little itch.

What is Molluscum Contagiosum?

The virus is an extremely contagious type of pox disease. It manifests as little pink bumps, similar to pimples. Yet, it can have a depressed center. The molluscs have a white waxy core, and they tend to spread easily. Do not touch, or beware of the consequences!

How are Molluscs Contracted?

Unfortunately, individuals can be infected by the viral skin disease and not even know it is a concern. Among the possibilities are:

  1. Touching another person with the virus
  2. Touching any object that has made contact with the virus.
  3. Intimacy with someone who suffers from the virus

Because Molluscum Contagiosum is such a prolific virus, young children and people with compromised immune systems are more susceptible. Also, scratching the irritated skin only serves to expand the problem even further.

How can I Avoid the Disease?

Unfortunately, there are often times that it is impossible to tell whether contact has been made with an infected person until it is too late and the damage has been done. However, there are a few ways to reduce the chances of spreading the virus:

  • If unfamiliar skin bumps appear, especially with white, waxy centers do not touch.
  • Seek the counsel of a doctor as soon as possible
  • Do not send a child to school who may have a pox-like disease
  • Disinfect toys and other common areas that children touch
  • Do not touch door handles in public areas where the infection is possible without protection.
  • Treat other skin problems like eczema which can exacerbate the problem.
  • Avoid intimacy if molluscs are suspected

What if I already have Molluscum Contagiosum?

If the disease is suspected, avoid making external contact with the bumps as much as possible, and seek the help of a medical profession to determine the true source of the skin irritation and discomfort. In the event of a confirmed diagnosis, the patient has a few options to consider:

  1. Self-limited, treatment may not be necessary
  2. The doctor can scrape the dome shaped lesions
  3. Similar to treating warts, the disease can be treated by chemical freezing
  4. Topical medicines
  5. Essential oils

How do I Decide the Right Treatment?

Although the disease is self-limited, it can also last for months or even years. Thus, if the lesions are not going away on their own, it may be a good time to study the options.

Sure, the doctor can scrape or freeze the molluscs, but there is always the potential of leaving scars in the process. Besides, it is a more painful and invasive option. Personally, checking a less drastic approach seems wise.

So, maybe the patient can discuss the application of topical medicines with the doctor. However, for people with sensitive skin already, the chemicals may get rid of the lesions, but leave irritated skin in its wake, which means one more option to consider.

Before subjecting the skin to any harsh or invasive treatment, why not try essential oils? The extract comes from plants and other sources that are completely part of nature, no additives, preservatives or chemicals added. Thus, the healing can begin without putting the epidermis or patient under any stress or further discomfort.

So, if you suspect the presence of Molluscum Contagiosum, avoid contact as much as possible and seek the advice of a doctor. Then, if suspicions are correct, decide what options are best for controlling and eradicating the virus, like the all-natural approach of treating molluscs with essential oils.

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Quiz – What’s the Best Makeup Look For Your Quince?

Nothing’s worse than planning every single detail for the perfect Quinceañera, only to find that the look your makeup artist gave you isn’t exactly what you had in mind. A makeup job you don’t like can not only make you look weird, but it can make you feel totally uncomfortable for the rest of the day and potentially ruin your quince celebration. In order to avoid that, it is important to know exactly what look you want (preferably one you are comfortable with), and to communicate that to your makeup artist. Not sure what look is best for you? Take our quiz below to help you figure it out!

1. Your Quince dress most closely matches the following:

  • a. A simple, white gown… nothing too fancy.
  • b. A kitschy quince dress that is just as cute and unique as you are.
  • c. An elegant pink gown that accentuates your regal neck.

2. You personalize your style by:

  • a. Always looking put together.
  • b. Being daring and different with your look
  • c. Adding dazzling accessories.

3. Your favorite ice cream flavor is:

  • a. Vanilla
  • b. Wild & Reckless Sorbet
  • c. Strawberry swirl

4. When you have a crush on a guy, you usually:

  • a. Pray to God that he bumps into you in the hall.
  • b. Approach him directly and ask him out as soon as you notice him.
  • c. Send ‘hints’ that you are interested such as smiling at him shyly… and you wait for him to approach.

5. When hanging out with your girlfriends, your favorite clothing style is:

  • a. Your favorite comfy jeans, sneakers and t-shirt … whatever you feel most comfortable in.
  • b. The latest designer jeans, a fashionable halter or tank top, and a killer pair of heels.
  • c. Skinny jeans and a cute blouse paired with ballet flats.

6. When someone asks you to sing karaoke you:

  • a. Turn beet-red and shake your head “no” emphatically.
  • b. What do you mean asks?! I’m the first one at the mic showing off my nearly-perfected renditions of Amy Winehouse tunes.
  • c. Agree to sing only if your best friend does it before you.

7. Which of the following celebrities do you most identify with:

  • a. America Ferrera
  • b. Pink
  • c. Scarlett Johansson

What your answers mean:

If you chose mostly a’s: You are the girl-next-door type. You prefer to stay away from the spotlight, and stick with things you feel most comfortable with. Your Quinceañera makeup look should be on the natural side. Ask your makeup artist and/or stylist to stick with neutral, earthy tones that enhance your naturally beautiful features and won’t erase them, and with clear or light colored lip glosses.  

If you chose mostly b’s: You are a daring diva. You are usually the life of the party and you like to make sure you always look the part as well. Your Quinceañera makeup look should be on the dramatic side to match your dress and personality. Ask your makeup artist to feel free and experiment with the latest trends in makeup, such as shimmery eye shadow and bold lipstick colors.  

If you chose mostly c’s: You are a classic beauty. Although you prefer things on the simple/natural side, you don’t mind experimenting with current trends once in a while. Your makeup look should be classic. Ask your makeup artist/stylist to stick with neutral tones that enhance your features, but to pair that look with a “bold but classic” lipstick color such as deep reds, browns, and earthy pinks.

Whatever your style, the basic rules with makeup applications for your quince are:

  • A great makeup job begins with a great canvas. To ensure that your face and skin are in their best shape for a makeup application, be sure to eat well, wash your face daily, get plenty of rest and exercise, and follow the beauty tips found in other articles on
  • Don’t wear too much or too heavy makeup. Remember that the trick is for your best features to be enhanced, not reshaped or contoured.
  • Always have the makeup person perform a test application before your Quinceañera to make sure that you like his/her work.

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Homemade Face Masks: More Effective Than Store Bought Products

Homemade face masks have been used for hundreds of years to moisturize skin. Most of the top skincare ranges in our modern times contain active ingredients that are much the same or derived from the same ingredients – whether chemically derived or natural – as what the likes of Cleopatra or other famous beauties enjoyed.

When you hear the names DMAE, Papain, Coq10, Liposomes, Peptides, AHA’s, EFA’s, Copper, Alphalipoic Acids etc. you probably think of someone in a laboratory concocting a face cream with a special scientific mix of one or more of these ingredients.

This is the case for many commercially made products, but most of us – the average consumer – don’t realize that we are surrounded every day with plants, seeds, herbs, fruits and oils that are also rich in these nutrients. They may have different names or go unnoticed because when you go shopping at your supermarket you won’t see a melon labelled with a sticker that says “contains high concentrations of papain, AHA’s and Alphalipoic acid”.

They also won’t tell you that these melons have amazing exfoliating and cell stimulating properties for skin that can be readily utilized in homemade face masks and that when used with other ingredients like virgin coconut oil, can provide a powerful moisturizing and rejuvenating skin treatment that is far more potent than store bought products!

Nutritionists will tell you that eating a fresh orange is far better for you than drinking processed juice… why? Because fresh ingredients contain all the vitamins and enzymes that are damaged or destroyed under heat and processing. The same applies to using homemade face masks, treatments and lotions you make at home using fresh ingredients, you are taking the best of all of the nutrients including vitamins, enzymes, liposomes and more – and delivering them directly into your skin.

Ingredients like the ones below have many benefits for your skin:

Avocado is high in fatty acids and oils. Very moisturizing for skin especially avocado oil

Almond is also high in fatty acids and great for moisturizing for skin

Cucumber is healing, refreshing and lightening for skin

Tropical fruits like pineapple, pawpaw and papaya contain papain and other enzymes and fruit acids to gently remove skin cells and stimulate new cell growth

All fruits are rich in vitamins like vitamin C and A which are great for skin both repairing, brightening and healing

Wheatgerm, Apricot, Macadamia or Hazelnut oils are very high in essential fatty acids helping moisture travel deeper into the skin.

Banana is rich in B vitamin and C vitamin making it an an excellent base for home made masks

Eggs are high in sulphur as are dried then soaked and rehydrated apricots (good for acne) and make a good base

Citrus fruit: rich in vitamin C and fruit acids making it great for lightening skin and for acne

Honey and Aloe Vera: are natural humectants meaning they attract water. Also good for acne and honey is antmicrobial, antibacterial and antioxidant

Essential oils: oils like melaleuca (tea tree) and lavender are antibacterial, antimicrobial so are great for acneic skin and for oily skin and blackheads. You only needs a few drops of these in masks and there are whole range of essential oils that contain powerful antiaging properties and can be used in bases for natural skin masks and oil serum blends

Parsley, neroli and geranium are great for red veins and rosacea

Yoghurt or whipped cream are very moisturizing and contain lactic or malic acid so slough off dead skin cells

Argan, Olive, Grape Seed, Flax Seed. Jojoba or Coconut Oil are super moisturizing, rich in vitamins and protect your skin as well (coconut and sesame oils have a low SPF protection)

Evening primrose and carrot seed oils are rich in EFA’s, liposomes vitamins and more. Using carrot in homemade face masks or carrot seed contain vitamin A and C and are very moisturizing especially when combined with EFA rich ingredients in homemade face masks because EFA’s help your skin absorb all of these elements deep into your skin.

Seeds and nut meal (ground nuts and seeds) and oatmeal are excellent for homemade exfoliating face masks and also contain beneficial EFA’s. Oatmeal is excellent for itchy skin when mixed with cool chamomile tea.

You can make a whole range of homemade face masks from these ingredients – you can add exfoliating ingredients to a base of banana, avocado, honey, yoghurt or cream. You can add mashed or pureed carrot with papaya and honey for a rich vitamin boost.

Don’t leave tropical fruit masks on your skin for any longer than ten minutes because the enzymes act very quickly and are very powerful.

From these ingredients you can experiment and have fun making your own unique blends.

You can follow these up with a serum made from the oils above which you can make by using the serum wizard here: which will allow you to select your skin type and condition and suggest a formula for you. You can make and apply this after your natural face mask under moisturizer to nourish and treat any skin condition or type. Your skin will feel soft young and amazing!

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The Wrinkle Cleanse – 4 Simple Steps to Softer, Younger Looking Skin

Oh that mythical fountain of youth! We’ve longed to find it since the sixteenth century when Juan Ponce de Leon sought the mysterious waters that would cure aging. Though we joke about that magical fountain, the truth is that the “waters of youth” can actually be viewed as the fluids within our own bodies that carry nutrients to our cells, feeding them and flushing away cellular waste. If those fluids contain even small amounts of toxins, cells cannot excrete waste or take in nutrients efficiently.

In 1912 French physician and biologist Dr. Alex Carrel of the Rockefeller Institute won a Nobel Prize in medicine for his work on the immortality of the cell. Dr. Carrel experimented with various tissues and organs, keeping them alive in laboratory experiments with pure nutrients and continuously cleansing away wastes. His research indicated that aging takes place because minute amounts of toxic substances build up in the blood and other fluids throughout the body. This led Dr. Carrel to conclude: “The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluids in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at proper intervals, and give the cells nourishment upon which to feed, and so far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever.”

Wrinkled sagging skin begins with the plasma membrane. This membrane is where most damage occurs. As this membrane ages, it stiffens and loses its fluidity. When it hardens, water can’t pass through the cell wall with nutrients or remove waste properly. Waste products build up and cause inflammation, which is one of the primary contributing factors in aging, along with sun damage, stress, and sleep disturbances. Cleanse the body and the cells have the best chance to remain supple and young.

Would you like to stay young and healthy for as long as possible? Many people believe that there is no way to halt the inevitable aging process-at least not without expensive drugs, surgery, or high-tech interventions. But what most people don’t realize is that they do have the power to look younger and feel healthier-beginning with their next meal. A diet rich in raw foods, vegetable juices, pure water, whole grains, and lean protein can begin to gently cleanse the body and protect it from inflammation and free radical damage that causes wrinkles and other symptoms of aging. Add to a healthy, whole foods diet periodic cleanses, and you could literally watch the years roll off your face.

The four-step plan of the Wrinkle Cleanse is designed to flush toxins from the body, carrying away toxins and poisons. It outlines a detailed, easy-to-follow program to help you rejuvenate your cells and transform your health:

STEP 1: The Quick Cleanses. These begin with an All-Day Vegetable Juice Fast or a Two Day Raw-Food Rejuvenator, both of which will enliven the body and help repair damaged cells virtually overnight. These are an excellent “kick-start” to the Wrinkle Cleanse program or a “quick-fix” to prepare for a special weekend or event.

STEP 2: The 14-Day Day Diet. This portion of the program introduces a diet that includes raw vegetables, fruit, sprouts, vegetable juices, pure water, whole grains, legumes, leans proteins and other nutrient-rich foods. It eliminates the substances that increase inflammation and contribute to wrinkles such as simple and refined carbs, caffeine, alcohol, and junk food, resulting in firmer skin and improved muscle tone.

STEP 3: The Cleansing Boost. These cleanses give the body an opportunity to experience deep cleansing in the organs of the body, such as the intestinal tract, liver, gallbladder, and kidneys. These unique cleansing programs help to flush away toxins that congest organs and promote aging. The Cleansing Boost can totally transform your face and overall health. You begin with a colon cleanse then go to the 7-Day Liver Cleanse, the 7-Day Gallbladder Cleanse and the Kidney Cleanse.

STEP 4: Energy-Boosting Supplement Program. This aspect of the cleanse program outlines the vitamins and minerals that help renew skin and increase vitality. Antioxidants such as alpha- and beta-carotene, vitamin E, glutathione, selenium, and alpha lipoic acid bind to free radicals and keep them from damaging your cells.

You may think this sounds too simple. How could such an inexpensive dietary program make a person look younger? I can tell you firsthand it works. Several years ago I was traveling more than I was home. My eyelids and skin began looking considerably older with creases, wrinkles, and folds. My husband even commented that maybe I should get an eyelift. I knew that if I was looking older at an accelerated pace, aging was also taking place internally-perhaps even setting me up for major disease. I took action! I started a cleansing program with a diet of raw foods and a three-day vegetable juice fast. After the first week, I continued to juice vegetables every day. I cut out most carbs, even though I’m a mashed potato lover. It paid off. In a few months, I noticed my skin tightened, the creases and droopy eyelids were gone. My eyes look larger again. Even my chin line toned up. Someone asked me if I’d had an eyelift. Best of all, I felt really good. Alive! And you can too. Give the Wrinkle Cleanse a try. After all-you have nothing to lose but wrinkles. (C) Cherie Calbom

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3 Tips To Clean Your Skagen Watch Bands

‘Skagen Watch’ is named after the fantastic peninsular place named Skagen in North Denmark. Just like the picturesque landscape of the town, Skagen watch bands too find un-parallel presence in the global market.

As already known, though one of the most exotic watch bands are produced by Skagen, yet it is quite difficult at times to keep them equally clean! Keeping your Skagen watch bands clean is extremely important from its maintenance point of view. Since made of quality materials, it demands better care than others. Here come some of the best followed tips to keep the dirt off from your exotic beauty.

The three tips

1. Perfect Cleaner Mixture Preparation: This is the most essential of all steps. Exact proportions of two mixtures are to be made and then gently mixed. First prepare a water based ammonia solution in one container. Then in another put some concentrated alcohol and add water till it loses its odour. Once done, mix equal amounts of these two mixtures and gently wash it, preferably wear gloves while doing this.

2. Wiping the wetness off: It is always better to use a pure cotton cloth or a cotton puff itself to wipe off the solution mixture you used to clean the dirt before. This ensures scratch free cleaning of the bands.

3. Metal bands demand extra: The above is truly good for leather bands, but in case you are one of the elegant range users, it’s time to take extra care for the same. Do not forget to cover the watch dial (may be with a plastic) before applying the chemical mixture.

There has been a new Skagen watch band cleaner available in the global market, where the already prepared solution comes in forms of a conditioner which is gentle enough to be used in metal, leather or rubber bands equally.

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