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Acne Boils – Cystic Acne Treatment

Acne boils are hard, red, painful swellings, usually beginning as pimples or nodules about hair roots. They increase rapidly in size and develop “cores” in their centers. Carbuncles are unusually severe boils, usually with more than one core or head, accompanied by general illness and debility.

Boils and carbuncles are caused by the same kind of germ – Staphylococcus aureus as a rule. To start a boil or carbuncle, the germs must gain entrance to an oil or sweat gland or hair follicle. It has often been noticed, however, that a general low level of resistance, a low metabolic rate, rubbing in of dirt by clothing, or diabetes paves the way for boils or carbuncles.

The core of an acne boil consists of innumerable bacteria interspersed with white blood cells. It tends to soften and form thick liquid pus around it, which escapes through a break in the skin. The pus, containing live germs, may spread the infection and cause other boils if it comes in contact with unprotected skin. Warmth and moisture hasten the formation and breakdown of the core, and help to keep the skin soft so that the pus may more easily break through. If the skin is kept wet continually, however, it may become soft enough to encourage the spread of germs through it. Dressings wet with strong solutions of salt or other chemicals stimulate drainage of the pus from the tissues into the dressings. Following adequate drainage, a boil subsides quickly.

Never squeeze or pick at a boil. The collection of germs in the forming core may be broken up and spread into surrounding tissues. The germs may even spread into the bloodstream, causing septicemia or “blood poisoning.” The most dangerous spot in the body for a boil to be located is the area marked out by the bridge of the nose, the corners of the mouth, and the outer corners of the eyes. This includes the inside of the nostrils. Many cases fatal septicemia or meningitis has resulted from improper interference with boils or pimples in this area.

What to Do

1. Immediately upon the appearance of a pimple which appears severe enough to develop into a boil – if it is not deep-seated ad has a small yellow spot in the center – dip the point of a needle into tincture of iodine or carbolic acid and open the pimple by thrusting the needle sideways through the yellow spot and lifting the needle. Do not press or squeeze. Wipe off the small amount of pus with a bit of sterile gauze or absorbent cotton. Apply 2 percent tincture of iodine to and around the opened pimple at once. This may abort the boil.

2. If the pimple is deep-seated, or if it does not have a definite yellow center, do not attempt to open it, but paint it and the surrounding skin twice a day with 2 percent tincture of iodine. Let the solution dry on the skin and apply no dressing of any kind for one hour. This will help to protect the surrounding skin from infection.

3. After the skin has been left dry for an hour, apply dressings of several layers of gauze kept wet with a warm saturated solution of Epsom salts on a repeat schedule of two hours on and one hour off. The dressings may be covered with waxed paper, oiled silk, or plastic to prevent their drying out. It is helpful to keep them warm by covering with a hot-water bottle with a layer or two of Turkish toweling between dressing and bottle.

4. The pain of the boil will be considerably relieved if the treatment outline in (2) and (3) is followed, and the boil will probably come to a head and break within a few days. If instrumental opening becomes necessary, it is better to have a physician do it.

5. Penicillin injections and sulfadiazine by mouth are recommended for a carbuncle or a severe boil. The use of these requires the supervision of a physician.

6. It is wise to keep a wide area of skin surrounding the boil disinfected by frequent application of rubbing alcohol or mild tincture of iodine, as described in (2), to prevent the germs in the pus from getting a foothold in the skin and starting new boils.

7. A “run of boils” should always lead to consultation with a physician. If diabetes is a factor, it must be treated. It may be advisable to build up resistance to the special strain of staphylococcus germ causing the boils by giving a course of injections of “autogenous vaccine,” which the physician can have made. Frequent changes of clothing, alcohol sponging, and frequent baths are also important.

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How to Tell If You Have Over-Processed Skin

A relatively new skin condition has evolved-many doctors call it “over-processed” skin. As the name implies, over-processed skin is caused by an excess of invasive treatments. The skin is so abused that eventually it loses its natural properties-from its appearance to its capacity to heal.

Over-processed skin:

• looks like paper and is void of vital energy;

• displays an uneven color or a great deal of redness;

• is flaky even after exfoliation;

• may exhibit a shine though it is actually dehydrated and taut;

• causes wrinkles and lines prematurely especially around the eyes and upper cheeks.

Too many chemical peels, excessive dermabrasion and maybe even excessive or unsuccessful surgery have affected the skin to the extent that the natural vital flow of energy is blocked. This can create two negative conditions:

• the stripping of trace minerals essential to natural osmosis within the skin layers

• proper fluid movement.

As blood, lymph and water no longer flow properly, the skin is lacking nutrients. Oxygenation does not reach all the layers of the skin. Elimination of toxins is affected. In short, the skin has lost its capacity to hydrate and to heal from within. More procedures only aggravate the condition and skin products no longer produce their former effects.

The very existence of this condition is a sad but very good demonstration of what happens when the skin is not respected for the organ it is, and when it is treated as if it were a mere piece of cloth.

Holistically minded estheticians are alert to these risks and educate their customers that more invasive treatments are not better.

Prevention and Restoration of Over-Processed Skin

Let’s remember that major skin conditions do not erupt overnight unless they are related to food intolerance, chemical poisoning, or infection. Undesirable esthetic manifestations evolve progressively.

It is important to know how to read the signs your skin is giving you. Most skin conditions, including over-processed skin, can be remedied favorably when they are addressed at their early stage. Of course, the knowledgeable esthetician knows how to recognize the root cause of esthetic manifestations and how to select the appropriate energetic tools to use.

Benign conditions left untreated can become chronic over time. This increases the difficulty of resolving them by natural solutions. Often, adjustments to lifestyle must parallel a well-conceived treatment series and home product selection.

Balanced skin is a blessing to be preserved. It can be maintained with good lifestyle habits and personalized skincare regimentation.

Preventive and restorative skincare represents an investment on your part. In view of the high cost and high risk of invasive facial techniques that lead to damaged, over-processed skin, one ounce of holistic prevention is worth a pound of invasive treatment.

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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – Best Awarded and Recognized Lip Cream

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint was created in 1930 by Elizabeth Arden. It is a very renowned cream and is portable and very protective for the lips.

The product has the following features:

• It is a very light cream.

• It is available in many shades.

• It is very portable and handy.

• It has very softening effect.

• It has a plenty of vitamin E and sunscreen with Sun Protective Factor of 15.

• It also provides antioxidants protection.

• It moisturizes and sooths the lips.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint has a lot of benefits as well. Some of them are as follows:-

• It provides relief to the damaged and cracked lips.

• It provides protection from the sun as it has an SPF of 15.

• It protects the skin from free radicals and from any type of environmental changes such as pollution etc.

• It prevents moisture loss from the body and the lips.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint is filled with sunscreen, Vitamin E and emollients. It is available honey, berry, plum, melon, chestnut and blush colors. All the colors look natural and are shiny as well. They are not very intense. All the colors last for a long time. It is made up of petrolatum, vitamin E and beta hydroxyl which is very smoothening for skin. It also provides anti oxidant protection because it has a lot of vitamin E in it. It was awarded the “Best lip balm” by 2007 Allure Editors’ Choice Best of Beauty Award in United States of America.

It gives a protection for at least eight hours to the lips. Once you start using this lip care balm, then you will get addicted to it. This is a very natural cream which provides the best protection to the lips. It keeps the lips very fresh. When this cream came into the market, it immediately became a big success because of the benefits it provides. The story for the name of this cream is also very interesting. It is said that once a client used this cream on the knee of her child and the child was feeling relieved after eight hours. So this cream was given the name of eight hour protection cream. This is the way how this cream got its name.

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How Do You Stop Eyeglasses From Giving You Acne Or Other Skin Irritations?

Acne can be problem for people who wear eyeglasses. The parts of the eyeglasses that touch your skin, especially on the nose, can cause acne because of the perspiration build up as well as a skin reaction with the parts that are touching it. Acne does not have to be a problem for people who wear eyeglasses.

The following are a number of tips that will help prevent acne:

1. Clean the plastic bridges (parts that lay on the side of your nose) with rubbing alcohol each morning and night to kill the bacteria that can grow.

2. Use a gentle acne cleansing solution to clean your face. This will keep your skin from becoming to dry and oily. It will help maintain the proper PH balance. A glycerin based face wash is also gentle and helps restore the skin’s PH balance.

3. If your skin is too dry, try using a gentle all natural moisturizing soap. You should wash your face twice a day and pat dry with a soft face cloth. When washing your face, make sure you wash the areas where the eyeglasses touch the skin.

4. There acne medication one can use. Make sure it is a mild strength solution because if it is too strong, irritate or cause further breakouts.

5. Eat healthy foods that are low in sugar. This includes fruits and vegetables. Foods high in fiber are a good choice. As well, drink plenty of water. Water is a natural detoxifier.

6. Avoid letting your hang on your face. The natural oils from your hair can cause an acne breakout.

7. Use a natural mask such as an oatmeal mask which can absorb toxins, oils, and bacteria on your skin.

8. Get plenty of exercise. Sweating and then showering will help eliminate any debris and bacteria from the skin.

9. Natural make up is a good choice. They do not contain any chemicals and additives. There are also hypo allergenic and do not cake up on the skin. Make sure you do not sleep wearing manufactured make up products.

10. Try not to touch your face. Your hands contain oils so you may cause an acne break out if you touch your face too much.

11. Benzoyl peroxide is a good antiseptic product to clean out blocked skin pores and treat acne infection.

12. Use an effective sunscreen containing a moisturizer when you are out in the sun.

13. Natural oils such as rosewood oil, lavender oil, clove oil, and bergamot oil are helpful for treating acne.

14. Medicines that contain Vitamin A are effective at treating and eliminating acne.

15. Do not squeeze blackheads and pimples because the skin breaks and will spread the acne infection.

The best and most inexpensive method of treating acne is to avoid getting it. With proper care of your skin, you do not have to be afflicted with acne break outs when you wear your eyeglasses.

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Review of Dr Goh Seng Heng and DR’s Secret Skincare

Most of those who experience acne pimple problem would have consulted one of the renowned skin doctor Dr Goh Seng Heng who is a dermatologist for treating skin problems. I will share with you my experience and comparing with DR’s Secret products that I am currently using.

My experience with Dr Goh Seng Heng was quite sometime back when I started working for a few years. My skin was quite oily and I constantly faced with acne breakouts that always troubled me. I remembered during my first consultation, my bills came to almost a $1000 dollars and I really felt so depressed. I was given a month course of Vitamin A capsule that costs $6 per capsule. So a month supply costs me $180. The cleanser, a gel like cleanser also costs $180.00. I had a facial treatment done on my face to clean the impurities in my skin that costs over $200.00.

The thing that troubled me is that I have to constantly take Vitamin A to see the results. Taking Vitamin A capsule, you will experience drying and cracking at the side of your lips, and over time your skin is improved and clear. However, you must continue taking Vitamin A long term as soon as you stop, your acne problem starts to creep back again. The other thing is that you must not be pregnant while on oral consumption of the Vitamin A capsule. Hence you will need to stop the capsule few weeks before hand if you plan to be pregnant. 

Certainly the high costs of medication and skin care products is not something that I can sustained and I eventually move on to try other products.

Right now, I am using DR’s Secret skincare products which I am quite happy with. DRs Secret is made of natural ingredients and contains no preservatives. Using the products, your skin will go through a process of re-construction and re-conditioning. The products contains mainly of vitamins and minerals that makes your skin look fairer with a radiant glow. Your skin will feel more renewed and clear and you will feel more confident.

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How Dermal Fillers Can Change Your Life

Many people have absolutely no knowledge that how dermal fillers work? Are you one of them and looking for a treatment that can make you look handsome and attractive? Are you also looking for a better alternate to Botox treatment? If these questions are going on in your mind, then it’s time to unravel some facts about dermal fillers.

In What Type Of Conditions These Treatments Are Used?

These are utilised to treat a wide range of problems related with facial signs of ageing, such as:

  • Plumping thin lips
  • Smoothing and adding volume to the deep creases that occur around nose to mouth, these creases are also called as laugh lines or nasolabial folds
  • Smoothing vertical lines around the lips
  • Enlarging cheeks to improve their shape, re-establishing fullness
  • Filling out the hollow area under the eyes
  • Smoothing out the scars made from acne or any other illness
  • Enhancing volume to remove gauntness in the cheek or forehead, this usually happens because of fat pads moving underneath the skin surface.

How Dermal Fillers Are Different From Botox

These are a synthetic or naturally obtained substance that is infused into the skin directly with the goal of plumping that area so that the wrinkle, fine lines, sign of stress go away. Considering the sort of filler, the impacts can remainfor6 months to 2 years. With semi-permanent or permanent treatment, the results can remain up to 5 years, and in some cases the effects can last for more than 5 years.

Try not to mistake dermal fillers for Botox. There’s no doubt that both methods include injections, Botox treatment is usually infused on the wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes and forehead to prevent movement of the muscle which makes wrinkles. Botox is not similar to the plumping and smoothing impact dermal fillers provide. Since both work differently, therefore numerous people choose to get both of these treatments to achieve an amazingly younger looking face.

When To Use Dermal Fillers

You need to consider dermal fillers when every other anti-ageing product fails and you really want to look young and attractive. Of course the skin products available in the market will offer skincare and benefits, but they fail to make significant changes. These products can’t resist the effects of age, sun damage, gravity, fat loss and muscle movement. However, where these skin products fail, dermal fillers come in. there’s no doubt that this treatment can make the skin more supple, soft and young in ways which skincare products can never deliver.

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How To Get Rid of Neck Acne – The Natural and Holistic Way!

How to get rid of neck acne is a perplexing, traumatic and unnerving experience, similar to those who suffer from face acne, which generally occurs concurrently. The ugly blemishes of whiteheads, blackheads and pustules that grow in the neck areas give rise to a host of stressful and emotional problems. Read on to see how natural and holistic methods work best – and better – than conventional dermatologists’ solutions.

How Does Neck Acne Come About?

Its origins are not well-defined or proven, but there are some possible causes:

  • Dirt and sweat from strenuous exercises are not washed off immediately by showering.
  • Wearing too tight shirt collars will cause sweat and dirt to accumulate around the neck area.
  • Close shaving of the neck will lead to acne keloidalis nuchae, which comes from the ingrown/uncut hair still embedded under the chin and neck areas.
  • Using worn safety razor blades can cause shaving cuts.
  • Exposure to chemicals like chlorine and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) and swimming in over-chlorinated pools will lead to “chloracne” – found most commonly in the neck areas.
  • In all these cases, bacteria grows, and neck acne appears.

How to get rid of neck acne under these volatile circumstances?

How To Get Rid of Your Neck Acne Permanently Using Only Natural and Holistic Methods:

  • Acne that appears in the neck, near or under the chin, or back, is a sure sign of internal hormonal imbalances in the body – both men and women – and not just clogged pores!
  • Moreover, stress is now established to be a greater cause of acne formation.
  • Because internal hormonal imbalances in your body is causing you stress and fatigue, the natural and holistic approaches will concentrate on: changing your diets to eating more veggies, greens, and other essential fatty acid foods; stopping refined sugar consumption; and increasing your daily workouts to give you less flab, better skin tone and a fitter and healthier body!
  • Add to these threshold changes with a better sleep regime, e.g. 7-9 hours a night for adults.
  • Also, getting more Nature’s sunlight daily will far outweigh the skin cancer(melanoma) scare, and your Vitamin D, melatonin and nitric oxide levels will increase sharply – the latter will reduce your blood pressure level too!

So, do away with the dermatologists’ expensive drugs, antibiotics and topical creams, as these are temporary solutions and have many serious side effects. Instead, now go for these natural and holistic ways to treat your neck acne – it is inexpensive, drug-free, and you cure your neck acne permanently – and without further stress too!

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How to Cure Skin Problems

Our skin is known to be the largest organ of our body. It also plays a huge part in keeping us healthy. Our skin serves as our shield from all the dust and dirt coming from the environment. Apart from that, it also guards us from the effects of all the chemicals, change of temperature and microbial attack which might cause damage to our health. Most of all, it is the reason why we manage to have nutrients in our body because it actually prevents its loss. There are countless of reasons why the skin is so important to the human body. That’s why it is just essential for us to take care of it. But sometimes, no matter how good we are in taking care of our skin, there could be factors which could trigger skin infection. When this happens, natural skin care will not be enough. Good thing, skin medicines such as Trofodermin exists in the market to help solve all our problems.

Trofodermin is a skin antibiotic designed to treat skin ailments caused by bad bacteria. It also prevents the infection from getting worse. This skin antibiotic is made up of Neomycin Sulfate and Clostebol Acetate which is also known as a synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid. Trofodermin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic, meaning, it hinders the bacteria to produce proteins which are essential to its growth. Trofodermin has the ability to heal the damages of the infection with its antibacterial and anti inflammatory effect.

This skin antibiotic can resolve several skin problems such as skin cankers and sores, skin ulcers, wounds and even ailments like decubitus. It can also help reduce erosive infections of skin and mucous which includes piogenic infections and herpes. Moreover, Trofodermin is your solution for contaminated wounds, burns and cracks in private areas. Long healing wounds can also be treated by this skin ointment and problems including skin dystrophy and beam dermatitis will surely be minimized.

You may apply the antibiotic on the infected area for one to two times a day. It is best to cover it with sterilized gauze to protect it from other bad bacteria. For better results, it is advisable for you to visit a dermatologist before purchasing the product. Several conditions may affect the number of dosage you have to take and side effects may occur once you took the wrong one.

Our skin, like any other part of our body, is vital to our health and to our whole being. Infections may occur but it does not mean it can’t be stopped because Trofodermin, has the solution in all sorts of skin dilemma.

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How To Get Waterproof Mascara Off Without Makeup Remover

What fun-loving gals and beauty conscious women don’t love waterproof mascara? It’s one of the best cosmetic advances ever that make beach and pool days pretty despite the splash. Heat doesn’t even beat your well-paid for mascara, right? But as much as waterproof mascara is an essential beauty enhancer, it can also be a nightmare to remove. It’s awful on your clean-up time at home when you have got to remove your mascara especially when you lose half of your eyelashes as well. It is difficult to remove waterproof mascara, but you can get away with that. What you should do is to follow the right set of tips. Here’s how to get waterproof mascara off without makeup remover, and without suffering:

  • The first thing you have to know about waterproof mascara, although it is an important beauty tool is not to abuse it. That is, don’t use it too much. Touching up with your waterproof mascara several times a day makes its removal more complicated. Being waterproof, the product contains adhesive. That’s why it sticks to your eyelashes better. It typically doesn’t run when splashed with water. Don’t use your waterproof mascara too much so that it won’t be that difficult to take off. Then again, there is an alternative to using mascara if you want to get a bit persnickety. In lieu of mascara, you can use Vaseline or petroleum jelly. Aren’t these two of the most common things you keep in your bathroom cabinet? Vaseline, when used in place of your mascara makes your lashes look more glossy and darker. It looks as if you’ve applied mascara in the same way. Vaseline or petroleum jelly, when often used on your lashes takes good care of them, too. Your lashes will grow softer and longer when regularly applied with Vaseline. The product will delay the falling off of your precious eyelashes.
  • Use a commercial mascara remover. It’s the easier alternative. In a small amount of warm water, dip a special cotton remover. Apply it to your eyes so that it softens the mascara. Get another cotton ball that’s been wet with the commercial mascara remover and gently wipe it across your lashes. Be careful not to use force when doing that. Other than the commercial mascara remover, you can use special cleansing wipes. It is a good alternative as well. When using either, always remember not to rub hard.
  • Use olive oil, it’s an excellent natural option to remove waterproof mascara. Olive oil, when applied on your eyes does not dry or damage your skin. Get a cotton ball and soak it with olive oil and gently wipe along your eyelashes. You actually don’t need to use much of it to take out all traces of your eye makeup.
  • When it comes to the best home remedies to remove waterproof mascara, you can count on petroleum jelly or Vaseline. These products have an oily composition, making them a good alternative for removing your eye makeup. They easily take off traces of waterproof mascara on your eyelashes even without rubbing. No damage done as well.
  • Another ideal choice for a natural product to easily take away waterproof mascara on your eyelashes is coconut oil. Get a cotton ball and soak it in a little amount of coconut oil. Gently dab your lashes with the solution. Coconut oil to easily remove waterproof mascara is used in the same way as olive oil. Both work effectively in cleaning your lashes.
  • A useful alternative in removing mascara on your lashes is cold cream. Other than taking off waterproof mascara, cold cream in general is also a good alternative as a makeup remover.
  • When cleaning your eyelashes using any of the above-mentioned products, always remember that you don’t need to apply too much pressure. Don’t scrub your eyes excessively when removing waterproof mascara on your eyelashes. Otherwise, you’ll be unnecessarily losing your precious eyelashes. Keep your cotton ball or wipe soft and smooth prior to using. Soak it in warm water before wiping on your lashes. Any product that you use on your eyes (including cotton wipes or cotton balls) should not be harsh.

Your eyelashes, other than keeping you looking young and beautiful, also protect your eyes. So take good care of them. Enhance your beauty with makeup, but always remember to take good care of your eyes and lashes along with your skin in your beauty routine.

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3 Insane Mistakes Acne Sufferers Make That Cause Severe Acne Breakouts

How badly do you want to cure your acne? Do you stand in front of the mirror studying your face, just wishing that your acne would vanish sometime soon? I know exactly how you feel as I suffered with acne for five and a half years. I have 3 mistakes to share with you that you need to begin avoiding now. Avoid them and begin to implement the solutions into your life if you want less frequent acne breakouts.

Mistake #1 – Consuming too many omega 6 fatty acids and not enough omega 3 fatty acids. The ideal ratio is 1:1, but the average American has a ratio of 20:1 in favor of omega 6s. Some nutritionists say a ratio of 4:1 is ideal. Omega 3s are known to fight off free radicals which will lead to fewer breakouts.

Solution #1 – Eat more omega 3s and less omega 6s. Do this by consuming more fatty fish, by taking a fish oil or krill oil supplement, eating more walnuts, hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, and other similar foods that have a good dose of omega 3 fatty acids. Consuming grass finished beef and other meats with more omega 3s will help too.

Mistake #2 – Not eating any raw food. Most of us cook all our meals. This destroys the enzymes present in food, making it harder to digest, and it adds carcinogens to meat. It is important to feed your skin nutrition but when you cook food the nutrition is lost.

Solution #2 – Steam your vegetables. Eat a ginormous salad for lunch with lots of color vegetables. Drink a green smoothie for breakfast. Cook more of your own food instead of buying prepackaged food that is often cooked too much.

Mistake #3 – Avoiding sunlight. Do you avoid the sun and/or protect your skin from the sun with sunblock lotion? Doing this is a deadly mistake. Vitamin D3 is the most important vitamin that our body needs. The best source is the sun. Your skin loves the sunlight and will thrive with more of it.

Solution #3 – Get outside more. Do not burn yourself but make sure you are getting sunlight every day if possible. For those of you who live in climates where its cold in the winter months, take a Vitamin D3 supplement. I live in Michigan and thus do this myself.

Avoid these 3 mistakes and you will be headed down the correct pathway to clear skin. But, doing just these 3 things will not necessarily cure your acne although they will certainly help a lot.

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