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Fitness Tips for the Holiday Season

It’s well known that exercise and a balanced diet will keep a person healthy and fit. Unfortunately, as fun as the holidays are, the season from Halloween to New Years gives us plenty of opportunities to forfeit the proper execution of exercise and diet. Parties, relatives in town, and elaborate meals of celebration all lead to a different schedule and way of eating. In preparation for this time of year, I thought it appropriate to share some helpful tips on managing your healthy habits during such a traditionally unhealthy time of year.

1. Beware of sweets!

There is an abundance of cookies, cakes and other sugary snacks at home and work during the holidays. We all crave something sweet now and again but with so many counter-productive treats sitting within arm’s reach, you need to make a conscious effort to control that urge. Try fulfilling that sweet tooth with fruit!

2. Get enough sleep!

Add holiday shopping and parties onto your already busy schedule and sleep is even harder to come by. Help yourself (and those who will be around you) by having a solid time management system. This means you might have to set up your own curfew for late night parties or do more shopping online, but getting as close to eight hours of sleep a night as you can is important for your fitness and overall health.

3. Hydrate!

Cooler weather means dryer weather and we become dehydrated far faster. Make sure to drink plenty of water (especially if you’ve been drinking alcohol).

4. Stay away from the break room!

Co-workers have a tendency to bring in baked goods to share during the holidays. The longer you hang out in the break room and graze the goodies, the more times just “half a cookie” will add up. Do yourself the favor and just avoid being around them at all. Or if you must, already have a healthy snack in hand to keep your taste buds distracted!

5. Stay consistent with your workout routine!

Again, our schedules can get overwhelmed over the holidays with parties and other special activities. It’s vital you keep as close to your normal workouts as possible to keep your body in a regular state. Keeping your endorphins pumped up will keep your mood positive and help get through the stress of the season that could otherwise lead to poor choices.

6. Watch your alcohol intake!

Don’t let all the holiday parties be an excuse to drink more than you usually do. A drink or two spread out over a couple hours is OK for an adult of legal age, but be careful not to get caught up in the holiday spirit in a way that’s going to mess with the other items on this list (good sleep, hydration, healthy eating, consistent workouts).

7. Portion control!

The sight of a buffet style meal has the ability to throw our plate loading skills into overdrive. Be careful to keep healthy portion sizes even if there are triple the amount of choices to choose from.

8. Careful about couch time!

Without question, some of the greatest sporting events are held in the Fall and Winter. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones in attendance you will likely end up watching from the couch or at a sports bar. Consider watching your favorite team while walking on the treadmill or if you end up at a bar, skipping the beers for water and wings for salad. Remember the key is to stay consistent with your regular routine and not over indulge with food or excessive lounging.

9. Wash your hands!

The only thing worse than feeling stressed during the holidays is to get sick in the middle of this time of year. Make sure you wash your hands often… it doesn’t make you weird, it keeps you healthy.

10. Take advantage of the time of year!

Fitness centers and gyms know how to capitalize on the New Year’s goals people will be making, you should too! Check into different places and programs to find the best deals of the year.

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Tips – How to Build Muscle

The first thing to keep in mind when you’re beginning a fitness plan is that you need to be safe. Many people overdo their workouts right out of the gate, challenging their muscles with as much weight as they can bear. But what they don’t realize is their likelihood of injury is greatly increased by starting out this way.

A safer and more reliable way to begin building muscle is to start slow. Even if your main concern is how to build muscle the fastest way you can, you should take it easy at first because if you sustain an injury you’ll have to wait until you heal before working out again, and this will put you back to square one.

Therefore, you should start with exercises that target muscle groups instead of specific muscles–in other words, compound exercises. Additionally, calisthenic exercises (those that rely on your body weight instead of external forms of resistance like weights or exercise machines) are generally safer, more practical, and of course cheaper. This doesn’t mean that you should never use weights or exercise machines, because you should. You just need to prepare your body first by developing the support muscles that muscle-isolation exercises are designed to ignore.

Push-ups, for example, are a safe way to build your triceps, pectorals, abdominals, and even deltoids. And because they don’t require extra equipment, you can do them in your own home whenever you want to without buying anything to get started. Compound calisthenics will also provide you with more practical strength than isolation exercises.

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4 Quick and Simple Fitness and Exercise Tips!

To enhance your overall health and well-being you must obtain your maximum fitness level. And to help or assist you to in archiving these amazing results here’s four quick and simple fitness tips for you to follow.


This is the first and most vital step in any fitness or workout routine, forgetting to do these simple warm up exercises can cause great bodily damage.

Never let a lack of time prevent you from stretching before and after your routine. Also don’t let age trick you into thinking that because you’re young and energetic that you’ll be alright.

Believe me; it WILL catch up with you later in life. So it’s very wise to listen to your body and do what it’s asking of you.

Adding Cross Training into Your Regime:

One of the workout routines we conducted while I served in the military, was a high intensity workout called, ‘Gorilla Drills’ and I hated them! You talk about a workout… Whew, I’m starting to sweat just thinking about it.

However, it was a drill which consisted of several exercises that we did for a set time limit and then we would rotate to the next exercise station. This would continue for 15 minutes intervals with a 2 minute break in between before starting another session.

After 30 minutes of this vigorous workout you looked forward to a well deserved cool down session. Well, that’s what cross training is, you simply make a plan of several different exercises you’ve like to conduct. Set a time interval for each set and then start your routine.

Cross training is beneficial in two ways:

• You’ll be working all your muscles at once which significantly reduce injuries!

• It helps you to stay motivated and focus on your overall success!

So, the next time you plan your workout routine try implementing cross training.

Don’t be Afraid to Explore Outside Your Comfort Zone:

You have a solid workout routine in place but after about 3 months of the same thing week after week it starts to get boring… Sounds familiar?

Likewise, if you were to merge cross training, swimming, yoga or whatever exercise you enjoy into your routine, then you don’t have to worry about getting bored because you’ll always have something fresh and new to do every week.

Stepping outside the box, as they say, will keep you motivated and excited to continue striving to meet your fitness goals.

Seasonal Planning for Your Workout Routine:

Depending on your geographical location, the weather can be your Worst Enemy!

Rainy days might make you feel lazy and unmotivated while snowy days can keep you away from the gym and very humid days may make you feel tired, sweaty and disgusting thereby resulting in a decline in your routine.

And finally, when you’re planning your workout routine remember to include programs for inside and outside so that you’ll be covered when the time comes. Having a flexible fitness plan that covers the good and bad days will significantly increase your performance and enhance your physique.

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8 Health and Fitness Tips

Life is beautiful. It is full of fun. But, you cannot enjoy your life if you are not living a healthy life. Good health is an absolute necessity for a good life. Health, Wealth, and happiness are the three goals of human life. One could not be happier if he is enjoying success in the 3 mentioned areas of life. In this article, we will be discussing top 8 health and fitness tips.

1. Find good friends. Share your fitness goals with them. Walk with them. Do the group meditation. Good friends will help you achieve your goals in a short time span.

2. Join a slimming center. Find a good one and stick with it for six months. You can also find a good health expert in your slimming center. Create a diet plan and exercise routine. Slimming centers provide you weight loss equipments, goal tracking system, friendly environment, and a good schedule. Most people will never do the exercise regularly unless they face a penalty. Slimming centers charge money to help you lose weight. And, it helps you to become punctual.

3. Listen to music and dance. Be happy. You do not have to do cardiovascular exercises to lose weight. A dance training session can also help you burn calories. If you enjoy dance then, it is a golden chance for you to stay fit and happy.

4. Do not use your weighing machine. Most people start their weight loss journey, and they are checking their weight machine every three days. The weight machine does not move much, and they become hopeless. Do not lose hope, lose weight. You do not have to check your weight machine every day. You should check your weight after 21+ days.

5. Drink more water. It is free yet tasty. It is a zero calorie drink but, it provides energy. It gives you oxygen. Fill your body with this amazing drink. You will feel happier and more satisfied.

6. Rest before you get tired. When you feel tired, sit immediately. Drink a glass of water and take a break for 3-5 minutes. It will refresh you.

7. Cook your meals. Change your diet plan every week. Create different dishes and different drinks. Do not stick to the same diet plan. It is boring.

8. Take challenges. Challenges are a good way to know your strengths. You can accept different health related challenges i.e. walking daily for 30 minutes or drinking two glasses of juice each day.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips. Have fun in your life. You cannot stick to any fitness plan if you are not enjoying it. Thanks.

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Fitness Aerobic – Training

Fitness in general includes both aerobic and anaerobic aspects. According to the priorities of the sportsman, one or the other of the two aspects will be emphasized, but the second one will not be neglected. The purpose of doing fitness exercises is, ideally, to create a complete athlete, able to face various physical and psychological demands.

The object of aerobic fitness is the so-called cardio training, a term which refers to the cardio-vascular system and the heart muscle (myocardium). We’ll talk about trainings which do not make oxygen duty and which are generally called ‘trainings of aerobic effort’. More exactly, they refer to efforts which take a long time (more than 12 minutes) – usually they take between 20 and 60 minutes and they determine acceleration of cardiac frequency and lung ventilation. Efficiency in training requires a frequency between 60-80% of the maximum cardiac frequency (calculated according to the formula 720-age – in years).

The typical exercises of aerobic fitness come from classic resistance sports (long distance running, cycling, swimming, fast walking, etc.) and from different aerobic training programs (aerobic gymnastics, step-aerobic, tae-bo, dance, etc.).

Aerobic fitness uses specific cardio machines: treadmill, classic or elliptical trainer, stepper,etc. Dosing the aerobic effort depends on the somatic type and the actual objectives of each sportsman.

Normally, the ectomorphic and mezomorphic types, which do not accumulate large quantities of subcutaneous adipose tissue, will need to practice for a rather short time (20-30 minutes per training in two or three trainings a week, in non-consecutive days). This time is necessary for realizing an effective cardiac stimulation, without the risk of losing muscular mass.

For the endomorphic somatic type, ‘benefiting’ of a lot of adipose tissue, aerobic training must last 45-60 minutes and needs to take place 4-6 times a week.

Even if trainings are extended (time, miles) and they are more frequent, their intensity, which is given by the cardiac rhythm per training, must remain high, so finally the body burns as many calories as possible. It is well-known that only after 20-30 minutes the body starts to mobilize the fat ‘deposits’. Before this, at the beginning of the training, the energetic support of the aerobic effort is ensured by the muscular and hepatic glycogen, the same as in anaerobic efforts, which are supported exclusively by the glycogen from the muscles and the liver.

This is one of the main reasons for recommending, in programs designed for losing weight, aerobic exercises – they are the biggest and fastest ‘fat burners’. Of course, the other big benefits of these exercises appear at the cardiovascular, pulmonary, psychological and other levels.

A real euphoria is observed at the psychological level during aerobic training. This is motivated by the big number of endorphins produced in the body by this type of effort. Endorphins, also called hormones of happiness, are not produced in such a big quantity during anaerobic effort. Anaerobic training determines a big release of catecholamine (adrenaline, noradrenalin), which are considered stress hormones.

A disadvantage of aerobic fitness is, first of all, non-developing a strong and fortified musculature, because of the reduced muscle efforts. We can also observe (and must resist) the monotony of the training, which is long and repetitive.

However, generally speaking, the advantages of aerobic fitness are remarkable and irreplaceable.

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Fitness Tips – Fitness Tips For Senior Citizens

As senior citizens get older it is very important to stay active in order to maintain overall health. Some of you cannot exercise like you use to, but you can still workout and keep safe at the same time. Here are some tips to help you.

I recommend checking with your doctor if you have not worked out in over a year. It is wise to get a check up once a year any way, so while your there ask about an exercise program.

It is important to do something that you enjoy when thinking about a fitness plan. It could be lifting weights or walking on a treadmill. Any exercise is better than nothing at all. I find that seniors love to workout provided that the exercise routines are fun.

Most seniors like to workout with a trainer or a partner. I feel the reason for this is that they feel comfortable with someone helping them with their exercises. If it makes them train harder and safer then it’s great for them.

Some seniors nowadays are in such good shape they can help me workout. I’m always amazed at what some senior citizens can do in a gym. Quite a few of them are still very strong and muscular. I can only hope that I will be in that good of shape.

If you never worked out or starting to get back into the swing of things. I would start off very slow at first. The individual does not want to hurt themselves right off the starting block. Take your time and the strength and endurance will come back gradually. You will have some muscle soreness when starting off. Just don’t overdo it at first. The body has ways to overcome muscle soreness with rest and proper nutrition.

Starting out a fitness plan for senior citizens, I would recommend setting some short- term goals to get going. It could be something like walking a block. Walking on the treadmill, or even lifting some light weights. The more goals you set the more likely the person will keep exercising and making progress.

Please make sure you stay hydrated by drinking water throughout your workouts. Staying hydrated will also help if you suffer from cramping.

Also please make sure you have good fitted sneakers. It’s very important for your safety to have a nice pair of sneakers.

Please stretch before and after you exercise. Your body will love this and prevent injuries. As we get older our joints and ligaments shorten, so stretching helps to elongate the muscle.

As senior citizens it is wise to start a fitness routine in order to maintain a healthy body and mind. It won’t take long once you have a fitness plan to see great results.

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Top 10 Fitness Tips

“I don’t exercise. If God wanted me to bend over, he’d have put diamonds on the floor,” comments Joan Rivers. It’s true, many of us simply do not enjoy fitness and exercising. It’s also true that every single person in this world can benefit from a proper fitness and nutrition program.

Use these top 10 fitness tips to get your workout routine started today. As always, talk with your doctor before starting a new fitness or nutrition program.

Tip #1- Set Realistic and Tangible Goals

Simply stating that you want to lose weight is not effective. Be specific. For example, I want to lose 5 pounds of fat by February 14th.

Tip #2- Measure Your Progress

Take your base measurements and then re-take them on a regular basis. You cannot measure your progress if you have no idea where you started from.

Tip #3- Log Your Workouts

Each and every workout session should be logged. Keep all of your fitness logs in a binder and create your very own success journal.

Tip #4- Mix Up Your Cardio Workouts

Cardio sessions should vary in intensity and in length. Try new cardio activities and keep things fresh.

Tip #5- Strength Training Is Not Just for Men

Everyone should strength train. Strength training builds muscle and increases bone density. Train all major muscle groups 1-3 times per week.

Tip #6- Rest

Get 7-9 hours of deep sleep each and every night. Also rest your muscles by not working out 1-2 days each week.

Tip #7- Warm Up

Warm up for 5-10 minutes before every workout session. You should feel a rise in your body temperature.

Tip #8- Cool Down

Cool down by stretching out your entire body. This helps increase flexibility and decrease muscle soreness the next day.

Tip #9- Nutrition Is Half the Battle

Eating small meals throughout the day complements your fitness routine. Learn to eat healthy and kick diets out of your life forever.

Tip #10- Stay Motivated

Find a workout partner. Sign up for a marathon. Work with a personal trainer. Do whatever it takes to remain committed. If you falter, let go of guilt and get back on your routine as soon as possible.

These top10 fitness tips build the foundation of a safe and effective fitness program. Anyone can drop body fat and gain lean muscle mass by following a realistic workout and nutrition plan. Stay the course and you will be healthier and happier for it.

Copyright 2005

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Fitness: Goal Setting

When you start a home fitness plan you need to set some goals. Without any goal setting you will not accomplish your fitness goals.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Why are you starting your exercise program? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to increase your strength? Do you want to lower something like your cholesterol? You have to pick something you can measure.

Picking a goal of to feel healthy is not something you can measure. It is abstract and only you can decide if you accomplished that type of fitness goal.

A measured goal is better. A good one is how quickly can you run a mile? If initially it takes you 10 minutes to run 1 mile then you can set a goal to run 1 mile in 9 minutes. Running a mile in a certain time is an excellent type of goal.

Cannot Be Too Easy

Anytime you set a goal it must be challenging and push you. At the same time the goal setting has to be realistic. As in the previous example if you currently run 1 mile in 10 minutes setting a goal to run 1 mile in 5 minutes in the next month is not realistic. If you decided to set the time-frame to be in the next 6 months to run a 5-minute mile then you may accomplish that goal.

Fitness goals need to be a progression of getting better and better.

Let’s keep using the fitness goal of running 1 mile in 5 minutes, but you currently at 10 minutes. Your next time should be to run 1 mile in 9 minutes. You cannot expect to your body to run fast just because you said you want to run that time.

Here is a Good Fitness Plan

You need to run or train daily. You have to train your heart and body to get used to running. If it has been years since you engaged in this type of exercise you may want to only run a quarter mile and the walk the next quarter mile. For the day this may be all you do.

Each day you need to run a little further and a little longer. At the end of the week or the beginning of the week go run a mile and see how quickly you can run a mile. The time should be decreasing with your increased time exercising.

Staying on your fitness plan will be the hardest part of goal setting. You need to continue to workout to accomplish running the 9-minute mile. Once you conquer this time you need to look at running an 8-minute mile.

Keep Getting Better and Better Everyday

The steadily improving time will help keep you on your fitness plan and accomplish your goal.

Now I used running as the exercise to measure your success. However, you can use any type of fitness goal such as weight loss or waist size to see how you are progressing.

I like using some type of exercise program because it can help accomplish two or more goals in one. Remember running a certain time will also potentially lower my cholesterol and lower my weight. I am sort of multi-tasking my goals of running faster, losing weight and lowering my cholesterol all in one exercise: running.

You can do the same with other fitness plans. Get creative and have fun goal setting with your fitness plan.

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Fitness Tips and Tricks

Most people do not realize that fitness is all about tips and tricks to decrease the amount of time spent in a gym, increase efficacy of each workout, and improve outcome in less time. In order to succeed with fitness goals, it is imperative that you have a plan.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people that I know do not have a targeted plan to in their fitness quest. Think about your health in a similar way as you think about a job and you will reap much better results from your program.

For example, consider a typical day for me at the office:

6:45am – arrive at the office, check email, make a cup of coffee

7:00am – 12pm – see patients and clients, take notes on each session

12-1pm – Lunch + respond to emails

1-6pm – see patients and clients, catch up on paperwork, prepare for following day

Now, let’s take a look at how this same model could be used in a workout program:

Minutes 0-3 – warm up, elevate heart rate by about 10-15 beats per minute

Minutes 3-20 – Cardio or interval training

Minutes 20-40 – begin first rotation through a circuit, focusing on form and functional, whole body movements

Minutes 40-43 – rest after twenty minutes of nearly continuous movement, interrupted by short rest periods of 30-60 seconds as needed.

Minutes 43-60 – repeat circuit, record results, prepare for next workout by mentally rehearsing before leaving the gym.

Basically, we are doing the same thing in both scenarios. By choosing to arrive a couple of minutes early, warming up (checking email), beginning our workout routine with a specific goal in mind for both cardio and weight training (see patients and clients, take notes), taking a break (lunch time), repeating the process (patients and clients), and preparing for the following day we are at a huge advantage.

First of all, we are making the most of every moment in the gym. Secondly, we are visualizing success during a proud moment by mentally rehearsing the following routine. This is a key to fitness success – belief system. Belief system affects everything we do. In order to become fit, at some point, you will have to believe in yourself. Most people choose to believe in small steps. While this is a great way to offer yourself positive reinforcement, I encourage all of my clients to visualize complete success with long-term goals, and then begin to rationalize smaller ones from there. This is a much easier way of determining your overall progress in achieving something that is actually meaningful.

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Fitness Tips

Fitness tips offer concise knowledge about developments in the field of health and fitness. It is a step-by-step procedure that guides one through the basic concepts and internal aspects of health. It can be defined as expert advice on how to remain fit and healthy. Fitness tips inspire fitness enthusiasts to maintain a healthy life style. Fitness tips involbe exercise regimens, diets, even motivational courses, meditation sessions, and so on. Fitness is best defined as whatever works best for you.

To sit and read books related to fitness and health-related topics take time and patience. Fitness tips provide readymade solutions, since one can easily obtain the very latest and valuable information about various ways to stay fit and in shape. Fitness tips mainly revolve around health, exercise, weight loss and nutrition. They may include information regarding various sports injuries and ways of preventing them, common exercising methods, diet rules, bodybuilding and methods to overcome body fat and reduce stress and strain. Apart from common health information, fitness tips highlight the dos and don’ts that must be kept in mind to preserve a healthy routine. They are popular because of the growing number of health consciousness people. But one must be very cautious because unreliable fitness tips may result in health consequences. So it is better to take the advice of an expert before adopting any tip. Health experts and professional trainers deliver up-to-date tips to best suit anyone’s lifestyle. Fitness tips can be accessed through magazines and other publications. A free collection of tips are also available online.

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