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Causes of Swollen Legs and Ankles – 8 Proven Reasons For Edema

In this article we’re going to discuss some of the main causes of swollen legs and ankles. The swelling, also called Edema and formerly known as dropsy or hydropsy, is an abnormal retention of fluid underneath the skin or in one more parts of the body. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons on why you are having the swelling in your legs and ankles.

Congestive Heart Failure

The degree of the swelling in the legs and ankles rely on the heart’s capability to pump blood, when the individual is standing or sitting. If your job requires you to stand or sit for a very long period of time then the gravity will act on your body. The heart must work hard to pump more blood to make up for the blood that’s flowing to the legs. If your heart is having a hard time pumping more blood, then the swelling can be seen in the legs and ankles.


Cirrhosis is an enduring disease that hinders the normal functions of a liver. In cirrhosis, the kidney stores salts and water. This results to the gathering of these fluids in the tissues underneath the skin of the legs and ankles, thus the reason behind the swelling of legs and ankles.

Kidney Disease

My mother has complications in her kidney and most of the time her legs and ankles can really swell up. The kidney filters out the salt that gets into your body and if it’s not functioning properly, salts are stored in the body which will retain water eventually. Excessive water retention will definitely cause the swelling.


This is the swelling that generally takes place in one of your arms and legs. Most of the time this only affects just one leg but there are also cases which both arms and legs may be swollen. This is caused when your lymphatic system is clogged which prevents lymph fluid from draining effectively. As the fluid builds up, the swelling will continue.

Lung Diseases

Extreme chronic lung diseases like bronchitis can also cause swelling in the legs. The blood flow is constricted in the lungs which causes swelling in other parts of the body including the legs and ankles.

Hormone Changes

During menstruation, the swelling can be seen in the pelvic area and the legs because of the hormonal changes the body goes through. Take note that not all women can have this symptom.


Most of the time pregnancy can cause swelling in the legs. The fluids are being contained in the tissues because of changes in the blood’s chemistry. Also the uterus is getting bigger and it adds pressure to the pelvis veins, which can lead to swelling. The swelling can be seen in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.


One of the obvious reasons for the swelling is being overweight. Because of gravity, the swelling in your lower leg increases after long periods of standing or sitting. You can tell if the condition is worse when you try pushing your finger into the swollen area and leave a mark when you remove the finger.

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The Secret To Weight Loss And Feeling Great

The general belief is that there is some magic secret to losing weight, looking better, and feeling great. The myths people believe are that a complicated diet must be followed and you have to spend all waking hours at the gym. The reality is actually quite simple, although most don’t want to believe the truth. Most people don’t want to look for the answers, but rather hide behind a set of complicated excuses.

So what’s the big fitness secret that is so incredibly simple? Eat better and go to the gym. Sorry, it really is that simple. Does eating better need to be a highly complex process with all sorts of hard to find foods? Not by any means, rather increasing fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed food is a great way to start. Fruits and vegetables have been what mankind has been eating since the dawn of time; not a diet rich in fast food. It is also a really good idea to avoid things that are carbohydrate heavy like pasta and bread. Lean meats are preferred and it is best to avoid super sugary sauces if possible.

What about going to the gym? Ideally, most people should aim to be at the gym three to four times per week, and perhaps a day or so of cardio. Most of us leave fairly sedentary lives, spending far too much time sitting down. This is largely in part due to spending most of our working hours seated.

There are a multitude of gyms and it is best to find the right type of gym for your personality. Group fitness classes are growing in popularity right now, and they are a great alternative to some of the traditional “big box” gyms. Group fitness classes, like Crossfit, are a great way to meet new people and get a total body workout.

Although it isn’t often associated with weight, loss sleep is a very important factor. It is best to get eight or more hours of sleep every night. We all have busy schedules, but our bodies need time to rest and recover, and sleep is a great way to this. Do your best to try to get as close to eight hours of sleep, and cat naps are also very beneficial.

It is important to remember that big changes in the body don’t happen overnight. No one goes from 50 pounds overweight to being completely toned with an amazing body in an instant. It takes time, but if you can stay disciplined and focused, you will see results. Remember that it isn’t a complicated process and there are three important factors to abide by: eat healthy, go to the gym, and get plenty of sleep.

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4 Tips That Will Increase Your Growing Height – Tips That Will Help You Get Taller

A majority of the people in the world are not excited about how tall they are. They desperately want to learn the techniques to growing taller, increasing their height, and maximizing their growth potential.

Forget about what anyone has told you, because you can do all of this regardless of your age and any other factors. Just follow these 4 tips and you will have no problem growing taller and increasing your height to it’s full potential.

  1. Focus On Your Spinal Column: Your spinal column is a very important component of height and growth. Focus on specific grow taller stretching exercises that will stimulate the discs in your spine. These exercises will also keep the muscles and ligaments in your spine strong and flexible, which will promote more growth. Some people also have problems growing because of the curvature in their spine column, but these stretching exercises will straighten out this curvature.
  2. Posture: Good posture will provide you with some physical benefits such as your back health but there is no doubt about it, good posture will maximize your height potential. So to keep the structure of your body in a height increasing state you must make sure you keep your body from slouching and slumping. Instead, you should keep the posture of your body straight and upright.
  3. Nutrients: Eating a good amount of quality foods will effect your height in a positive way. The type of nutrients you need to focus on are omega 3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, amino acids, and proteins. You should also increase your water intake and stay away from alcohol, smoking, and anabolic steroids which will stunt your growth.
  4. Sleep: Believe it or not, sleep is one of the most important tips involved in growing and increasing your height. It is recommended that you get a full 9 hour uninterrupted sleep if you want to grow taller. the longer you sleep the more growth hormones is released into your body.

These tips will keep your body in a growing state so your height can continue to increase. It doesn’t matter how old you are because you can still grow if you want to.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining a Health Club – Details You Need to Know

Fitness clubs, fitness centers or gyms- they all mean the same thing: It’s a place you go to stay fit. From exclusive fitness centers that offer complete spa-like amenities to simple neighborhood gyms with the most basic of exercise equipment, fitness clubs fill that special call for those who are conscious about staying fit.

If you’re thinking about joining a fitness center but are still unsure of what it has in store for you, then you’re reading the right piece. This article will help you come to a decision by giving you the pros and cons of joining fitness clubs. If you want the lowdown on gym memberships, then read on and find out:

Pros of Joining Fitness Clubs:

1. Most gyms have a wide array of exercise equipment you need for your workout. We all know it’s next to impossible to buy your own fitness equipment and that is why gyms are the best places to go, particularly for weight training.

2. Fitness clubs have certified instructors to guide you through your workout. These coaches are indispensable particularly for beginners who need to be guided on the correct form and technique of using exercise equipment to avoid overstrain and injury. Ask for trainer qualifications up front before enrolling in any gym.

3. The gym is a place for workout and psychologically prepares one for exercise. No one goes to the gym to ogle bodies (well, maybe there are some who do). Those who are serious about losing weight or developing muscle know why they endure the rigors of a gym workout. Once you enter the hallowed halls of a fitness club, you’re all psyched for nothing else but exercise.

Cons of Joining Fitness Clubs:

1. Gyms require membership fees. If you’re working on a tight budget, this might be one of the most important things you’ll have to consider. While some clubs offer a pay-as-needed basis, most operate on monthly or quarterly membership schedules. Others require members to sign up for long-term contracts involving a year or more. Avoid this whenever possible since you’ll never know if a gym is right for you until you’ve tried it out for awhile.

2. You share equipment with other users. While most gyms have a complete or near complete collection of exercise equipment, they don’t have enough treadmills, ellipticals or barbells for each user. Chances are, you’ll have to wait for your turn. And, if you squirm at the thought of using the same bench filled with the sweat of someone else, then you might have to think twice of gym membership because this is an all-too real scenario you’ll have to deal with.

3. Your hectic schedule might make trips to the gym inconvenient and irregular. For a weight training program to achieve desired results, compliance to a regular schedule is necessary. Most of the time, the demands of work and family will always put the gym at the backseat, to the detriment of your fitness regimen and your membership fee.

There you have it– the real deal on the advantages and disadvantages of a fitness club membership. If you’re up to it, then by all means enroll yourself in one. Otherwise, you’re better off at home observing your own exercise regimen.

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Sore Penis Recovery Tips

An active penis is a happy one – but sometimes it’s also a sore penis. No guy likes a sore penis, no matter how much fun he may have had making it sore. That’s why effective recovery tips are important to bring a penis back into “playable” shape as quickly as possible. Certainly matters are helped when good penis health is already present, but even a well-tended and cared-for member can be subject to action-related soreness.

Happy pain?

Men often brag about having a sore penis and talk about the “happy pain” they’re feeling as a way of impressing other guys with an example of their virility and sexual bravado. Many men often will claim that “my penis is killing me today, but boy was it worth it” – even when they were at home watching TV the whole time. In other words, it’s not unusual for a guy to claim his penis is sore even when it is not.

But when a guy actually has a sore penis, it’s not something that causes him pleasure. And it’s something that keeps him from experiencing pleasure; when the manhood is too tender for touching, it’s not likely to get much action.

Recovery tips

So what should a man do to hasten the healing process and banish the soreness so that his favorite appendage can get back in the game as soon as possible? There are a number of commonsense approaches to take:

– Give it a rest. This is a no-brainer – but unfortunately, when it comes to sex, brains aren’t always given much attention. Still, the best way to hasten penile recovery is to keep the organ on the sidelines rather than in the game. That means no masturbation as well as no partner sex. Fortunately, it shouldn’t take too much time; usually a day or two is all that’s needed for soreness due to overuse.

– Warm it up. Just as heat compresses can help when muscles ache, applying a little warmth to a pained penis can help the recovery process. The difference is that, whereas sore muscles require heat, a sore penis should just get a little warmth. Too much heat can damage the sensitive penis skin, lengthening the recovery process – the last thing a guy wants to do.

– Give it support. Going commando is a no-no for a sore penis, for two reasons: (1) The lack of underwear means the penis will rub against rougher trouser fabric, irritating the skin and increasing soreness, and (2) the lack of support will add stress to the organ. Wearing a pair of snug-fitting briefs is recommended for helping to speed recovery.

– Ease it back in. When soreness has abated and the penis is ready to jump back in the game, practice a little restraint. Don’t go for a marathon sex session (partner or solo); just have an enjoyable sexual experience without trying for any Olympic medals.

– Use a health crème. Recovery from a sore penis is aided by the application of a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) – something men should already be using as part of their daily health regimen. The ideal crème will contain a combination of moisturizers, such as Shea butter (a high-end emollient) and vitamin E (one of the great natural hydrators). The moisturizing process soothes the penis and helps banish soreness while replenishing the nutrients in the skin. In addition, the crème needs to include acetyl L-carnitine. This is a neuroprotective ingredient which aids in recovery from peripheral nerve damage. A sore penis has often experienced rough handling that may have diminished its sensitivity; acetyl L-carnitine helps restore that lost sensation so that the penis registers stimuli at its full potential.

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Physical Education Aims and Objectives

Aim of Physical Education – The ultimate goal or direction is referred to as an aim, it point out way. It is final end. Aim is achieved some certain objectives.

Aim of physical education, like general education, is to develop human personality in its totality well planned activity programs. In some words, physical education aim at the all round development of the personality of an individual or wholesome development of human personality and it includes physical, mental, social, emotional and moral aspects to make an individual a good citizen who is able to make contribution in process of nation in one’s own way. Thus physical education means at making an individual physical fit, mentally alert, emotionally balanced, socially well adjusted, morally true and spiritually uplifted.

Objectives of Physical Education – Objectives are steps considered towards the attainment of the aim. They are the particular and precise means employed to realize an aim. The moment an aim is achieved it becomes an objective in the action that goal on continuing.

The three Objectives of physical education are –

1. The objective of physical fitness – It refers to that state where an individual has developed great endurance, speed, strength etc. Physical fitness is essential to leading a happy, vigorous and abundant life.

2. The objective of social efficiency – It concerned with one’s  proper  adaptation to group living. Physical education activities provides ample opportunities to develop traits such as cooperation, respect to others, loyalty,  sportsmanship, self confidence etc. All these qualities help a person to make him a good citizen.

3. The objective of culture – It aims at developing an understanding and appreciation of one’s own local environment as well as the environment which is world-wide in scope. By participation in various physical education activities such as dance, sports and games, a person fully understand the history, culture, tradition, religious practices etc and the aesthetic values associated with these activities

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The Benefits Of Physical Conditioning

Regular exercise and physical activity are extremely important and good for your overall well-being and the development of your CHI. Here are some positive benefits to your overall well-being and CHI by regular exercise and physical activity:

* You can reduce the risk of premature death.

* You reduce the risk of developing and/or dying from heart disease.

* You reduce high blood pressure or the risk of developing high blood pressure.

* You can reduce high cholesterol or the risk of developing high cholesterol.

* You reduce the risk of developing colon cancer or breast cancer.

* You reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

* You reduce or maintain body weight, or low body fat content.

* You can build and maintain healthy muscle, bones and joints.

* You reduce depression and anxiety.

* You improve your psychological well-being.

A nice by-product of your improved physical condition is that you can enhance all domains of your life, i.e. recreation, work, relationships etc. Incorporating aerobic exercise into your physical development adds benefits as well. An individual can increase their maximum oxygen consumption, which is their V02 Max. This means that they can work out longer and harder before lactic acid releases into your muscles and makes them slow down and tire. In addition, an individual gains an overall improvement in their cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary functioning in their heart and lungs. As an individual continues aerobic exercise they increase the maximal cardiac output, which means that the amount of blood pumped in their heart every minute increases.

For individuals training for competitive events that require prolonged physical exertion, aerobic exercise can increase their threshold for lactic acid accumulation, lower their resting systolic and diastolic blood pressure. A nice by product of aerobic conditioning is the ability to reduce body fat and gain control over body weight.

Another way to improve your physical being is through weight training. There are some important benefits of lifting weights. First, an individual can increase their muscular strength. Second, a person can experience an increase in the strength of their tendons and ligaments in their body. Third, increased range of motion in joints and improved flexibility are a result of strength training. An additional by-product of lifting weights is an individual can reduce their body fat and increase lean muscle mass.

Important systemic benefits can occur as a result of lifting weights. First, an individual can potentially decrease their resting systolic and diastolic blood pressures. In addition, a person can experience positive changes in blood cholesterol. With continued lifting of weights, the human body is given improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. As an added bonus, an individual can experience overall improved strength, balance and functional ability as they get older.

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What Are the Popular Brands of Magnetic Rowing Machines Available on the Market?

Rowing machines are the best when it comes to complete aerobic fitness exercises. It is not only low impact on the joints, but also simultaneously works out the lower as well as the upper part of the body, thus providing an all-in-one fitness solution. Magnetic rower machines achieve the required resistance through strong electromagnets allowing the user to set the level of resistance they prefer for their workout. These are the quietest rowing machines among all the four types of rowing machines and are more compact.

When choosing a rower machine, users need to keep in mind the type of resistance that suits them the best. For example, a magnetic row machine allows a user to set a harder or gentler workout according to their need. Here is the list of some of the top magnetic resistance rowing machines reviews available in the market.

York 3000

The York 3000 rower from the York brand offers several benefits to a user that many other machines do not offer. It is particularly popular among users for its flywheel, braking mechanism, adjustable handles and foot straps, retractable, comfortably padded seats and the most important of all, the 8 level resistance settings. While it is a compact and portable machine, it suited only for those weighing 110 kg and under.

Carl Lewis ROMF51

This machine was designed with a single pull mechanism which means one need not keep pulling at the machine for a better workout. The machine is fitted with a variable magnetic resistance, ensuring maximum force for even the most seasoned rower.

Pro Style Fitness 207 Rower

This machine is a magnetic resistance rower and a good choice for those interested in a low impact exercise option. It is a sturdy, comfortable machine usually used by those interested in working out at home.

LifeSpan RW1000 Rowing Machine

This machine is very easy to set up and even easier to use. It is designed for the frequent exerciser and at the same time is an excellent choice for someone interested in controlling their heart rate or losing weight. It is a very portable machine; however this is also seen as a con in some cases where users believe this makes the machine very flimsy.

Though there is plenty of magnetic rowing fitness machines available in the market, users need to choose the right kind of rowing equipment that suit their needs and these magnetic rowing machine reviews might help in making a better decision.

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Low Penis Sensitivity: Tips to Help With Delayed Ejaculation

Since the release of seed usually coincides with orgasm for men, males who habitually experience delayed ejaculation often do not enjoy the sexual experience as much as they wish to. When diminished penis sensitivity makes release a problem, even when practicing appropriate penis care, a man may become frustrated and dissatisfied.

The issue

Men who have a hard time holding back ejaculation, especially those who are premature in this department, may not have much sympathy for their fellow men who find that they often engage in sexual activity for a considerable amount of time before achieving ejaculation.

Yet it can indeed be a big problem. Imagine being a man who is valiantly continuing to thrust long after his partner has achieved satisfaction. The man is likely to become self-conscious and feel a different kind of performance anxiety, a pressure to unload immediately. This may in turn make it even more difficult for him to ejaculate. His willing and accommodating partner may become sore and tired from the continued activity.

And sometimes these encounters end with the man losing his erection before achieving satisfaction. That can be quite frustrating for him, but it can also create problems in his relationship. His partner may come to believe that she must be doing something wrong or that he doesn’t find her sufficiently sensual if his delayed ejaculation becomes a non-ejaculation.

Diminished sensitivity

There are numerous reasons why a man may experience delayed ejaculation. Sometimes it may be psychological in nature. At other times, it may be a positional issues, meaning that his penis is such that it needs a specific positioning during the sexual act to receive the friction that it requires.

Often, however, delayed ejaculation is a result of diminished penis sensitivity. Everything is functioning just fine, mentally and physically, but the penis itself has become somewhat “deadened” and just doesn’t have the same degree of sensitivity that it used to have.

Why? Well, sometimes the reason is that the penis has suffered some kind of trauma. This can be a sudden and very noticeable trauma, as when the erect penis slams into an object unexpectedly or at an unexpected angle, causing a blunt force injury, accompanied by pain and/or bruising. This may also result in the creation of a thin layer of scar tissue, which can lessen the organ’s ability to experience sensation fully.

In such instances, the trauma is quite noticeable. In many other cases, however, the trauma may be much subtler and may go by unnoticed. In these instances, the trauma is caused by rough handling, usually during sexual activity, but it may not be so rough as to be noticeable. For example, a man may masturbate frequently while using a grip that is far too tight. The friction causes damage, but the sensual pleasure he is deriving causes him to ignore the friction-related discomfort.

Similarly, a man may enjoy partner sex without sufficient lubrication. The friction again may not be noticed due to the enjoyment of the activity.

These more subtle forms of trauma can cause peripheral nerve damage. Over time, they can contribute to a significant decrease in penis sensitivity. The result may be the delayed ejaculation issue under discussion.


One excellent way to work on the issue of delayed ejaculation caused by decreased penis sensitivity is to regularly apply a top-drawer penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that contains acetyl L-carnitine. This neuroprotective ingredient is excellent at helping to restore penis sensitivity to a manhood that has experienced the traumas mentioned above. If the crème also contains vitamin C, so much the better. Vitamin C is well known for its advanced role in collagen production and penile tissue firmness. These two components are essential for men who are working through penis sensitivity issues – or who simply want to better maintain the health of this most important of organs.

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Horizon E401 Elliptical

Among all fitness equipment, the elliptical machine is one of the highly preferred gizmos because of its no impact mechanism on the body. It is of very little wonder that more and more people would prefer to use this rather than other fitness machines and they really do not mind the cost of buying one to use at home.

A lot of people would rather stay home to work out so as to save money as well as time which prompt them to purchase the necessary equipment to make such arrangement possible.

The Horizon E401 Elliptical machine would be on the lost on every housewife, stay at home dad or a very busy businessman/businesswoman because it works like a pro for the price that will not put quite a dent on their credit card.

If you are tall and cannot be properly accommodated by an affordable treadmill or if you are nursing an injury that you certainly do not want to aggravate, the Horizon E401 Elliptical would make a good choice. It has no impact on your joints but packs the resistance that you need in order to burn all the calories off and strengthen your muscles.

Mostly, this product is very attractive to those who are serious in their fitness plans because it is highly durable which means that aside from the fact that it is already a good bargain, it will also be able to be of service for a very long time, always a plus when it comes to exercise machines.

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