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Grow Taller Secrets – You Can Grow Taller by 3 Inches Fast

If you’re short, of course you want to grow taller; most people do. However, are there any grow taller secrets that really work for people who are too short for their liking?

Well, that depends. Certainly, it can be a great disadvantage to be short, and I was one of those people. Nobody liked me, I felt small, skinny, and weak, and I tried everything to grow taller. I tried protein shakes, working out, and everything else I could think of. It simply left me weak and tired, and if anything, even thinner, which certainly didn’t help.

Now, before I tell you what I did, let me also say that genetics will always play a part in just how tall you can get, so these grow taller tips can certainly help, but they’re not going to make you go from 4’10” tall to 6’2″ tall. However, they can certainly make you bulk up, get fit and strong, and puts inches on in height as well. I can certainly say that this method should help you put on at least a few inches, maybe up to a half a foot. (And if you’re still in your late teens, you probably still have some growing to do, and this can certainly enhance that.)

There are a several things you can do. Number one, keep your diet healthy, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and good fats. No “grow taller” tips are going to work for you if you don’t give your body the fuel and calories it needs to grow anyway.

Number two, keep working out and keep putting on that muscle. You see, working out does a couple of things. It boosts the amount of human growth hormone, or HGH, that your body naturally puts out. And guess what that can do? That’s right; it can help you grow taller.

Number three, make sure you get plenty of sleep. Especially when you’re working out, you need a lot of sleep, and your natural HGH secretions peak when you’re sleeping. So get eight to 10 hours of sleep a night at least, to let that HGH both come out to its maximum level and do the work it’s supposed to do, which is to make you grow taller.

And finally, number three, there are some supplements you can take that may boost HGH production in addition and that will help you with your workouts as well. The amino acids arginine and ornithine can actually boost HGH levels, and the amino acid glutamine does a couple of things. One major thing it does is that it boosts your HGH levels, too, but it also helps you work out longer and harder. So you pretty much give yourself a double benefit when you take glutamine, with better workouts and boosted HGH levels when you sleep, too.

Again, I’m not promising that these grow taller tips are going to turn you into the Incredible Hulk if you’re currently 5’6″ tall and weigh 120 pounds, but they can certainly make you buff, and they’ll probably give you a couple of inches in height at least, maybe more depending on your age. And let’s face it, that’s going to give you confidence, which means the girls WILL absolutely like you. Pretty cool, right?

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Elliptical Trainer Safety: Protect What You Really Care About

You’ve spent a lot of time researching and shopping for your elliptical trainer. Now you’re ready to embark on your fitness plan and start seeing a new healthier and slimmer you. But before you take your first strides on your new elliptical trainer, please make sure you’ve covered all of the safety bases. Taking a few easy precautions now will save you a lot of potential aggravation as well as possible heartbreak down the line.

The things we care about in order of priority are our children, ourselves, and our property. Let’s take a look at each in order of importance:

1. Protect your children and your pets — elliptical trainers have moving parts that are exposed. In particular, the upper body handles, foot rails, and attachments to the drive assembly. The little fingers of a child can become pinched if trapped in any of these parts, especially where the upper body handles attach to the foot rails. No parent wants to confront such an accident to his or her child.

If you are fortunate enough to have set aside a dedicated exercise room you should invest in a locking door and keep it locked while the room is not in use. There may be other equipment in the room such as weights, dumbbells, and even exercise balls that small children should not be left alone with.

Some elliptical trainers come with locking mechanisms that prevent the arms and foot pedals of the trainer from moving. This is a good feature if you have children, but you should still make certain that your kids do not play on the elliptical trainer. People with children know that kids will always find new and imaginative ways to get hurt.

2. Protect yourself — it goes without saying that we want to get healthier by performing regular exercise. Afterall, that’s why you made the investment in your elliptical trainer. What we tend to forget is that sometimes our body can’t handle the extra demands we place on it.

Get cleared by your doctor before starting an exercise program. Many people think this doesn’t apply to them and instead choose to ignore the warning. Actually, it’s both a warning and good advice. Isn’t it better to have your doctor give you the green light to start an exercise program after performing a check up rather than not knowing your actual physical condition?

The important point to remember is to take things slow when first starting out. Especially if you’ve been inactive for a while. And if you feel at all uncomfortable then stop exercising immediately! Listen to your body. If things don’t feel right, then they probably aren’t!

Maintain your elliptical trainer. Elliptical trainers take a lot of stress and over time the nuts and bolts holding them together will begin to loosen. Once a month check the tightness of all nuts, screws, and bolts and retighten as necessary. Also inspect welds and bolts for any signs of weakness. Either order replacement parts or schedule a repair, either in or out-of-warranty, to replace any worn bolts or welds. Serious injury could result if a foot pedal bolt was to snap or an arm handle was to come loose while exercising.

3. Protect your property — the good news is that it’s quite easy and inexpensive to prevent damage to your home and your elliptical trainer.

Invest in an exercise equipment mat to place under your elliptical trainer. This will protect the carpet, linoleum, or hardwood flooring you’ve placed your elliptical trainer on. The rubber feet on the base of the machine will leave a black residue on the flooring over time. Many on-line fitness distributors offer mats either at a discount or even free with the purchase of an elliptical trainer.

After each exercise session be sure to wipe any sweat off the elliptical trainer including the console. Periodically wipe the entire trainer down with a solution of mild dishwashing soap and water.

Another great investment is in an elliptical trainer cover to keep the dust off between workouts. Though a bit more expensive than floor mats, an elliptical trainer cover will also keep pet hair off your elliptical and can also act as a deterrent for children who might want to play on the elliptical trainer.

These basic and inexpensive precautions will make your life with your new elliptical trainer both a safe and rewarding experience.

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How To Look Taller – How To Get Longer Legs During Puberty

Many people want to know how to grow taller quickly whilst they are on the road to naturally increasing their height. One thing that I thought would be useful are some methods that you can use not to make your legs look longer but how you can boost their growth during puberty or how you can lengthen them after the puberty process actually making them longer. This would be very helpful when it comes down to getting taller and getting yourself noticed a little more by your co-workers and also the opposite sex. Read on to learn how to look taller.

The method I am going to tell you is aiming at the two areas in the leg that are easy to stretch and lengthen out; the shin and the thighs. These areas can be stretches and lengthened during and after puberty which is a great relief for those that have passed the puberty barrier as you can still gain a few more inches height from the following exercises.

One of the exercises that you can which is going to target the shin is sprinting. By sprinting hard for a distance repeatedly you are putting stress on your shin bone and what this does over time is form what are called micro fractures. These fractures with the right nutrition from the body and enough rest will soon heal up and come back stronger and longer giving you that height that you desire.

If you aren’t a sprinter then you might be interested in using cycling instead. This can be done on a stationary or a moving bike. Instead of normally cycling around what you want to do to help increase your height is put the seat up a few inches (not too much, you don’t want to be too uncomfortable and unable to control the bike) and you will want to do the same with the handle bars as well so you don’t find yourself slouched over but instead with a nice straight back. Cycling like this is very effective at lengthening the legs, it might feel weird at first but after a while you’ll get used to it and you’ll start to see some benefits to it as well.

You can also go through exercises such as jump rope and kicking a punch bag. Going through all this will help you create micro fractures which will heal and come back stronger and longer aiding you in a few more inches to your height.

The exercises that are aimed at your things include things such as squats and cycling. Cycling is the most recommended as it can be done constantly and is very effective too. For cycling you will want to raise the seat slighter higher than normal so that it is still comfortable but pushes your thighs to lengthen.

By going through all of this you can make your legs longer and add inches to your height as long as you make sure that you don’t overdo it, you rest properly and you fuel your body with the nutrients that are going to help speed up the recovery (such as calcium and proteins) and help with your journey on how to grow taller quickly.

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The Importance Of Sports Equipment

Sports are a very popular interest worldwide as there are many varieties people can choose from to indulge themselves in. Some people are interested in football while others like basketball. Some love the water and prefer swimming, while others like to speed inside a racing car. It doesn’t matter what type of sport you like to play as long as you realize the importance of the equipment and apparel required to play these sports. For playing football you need a football and two goal posts. Individually you may need a good pair of shoes and something to keep sweat off your eyes as it drips from your forehead. It is not so easy to indulge in any sports activity if you don’t have the appropriate sports equipment. The better your sports equipment is, the better will be your game.

The first step to have a good sporting experience is to buy a equipment that is of good quality in terms of its strength and is light in weight. For instance, if the racket with which you play badminton is not of appropriate weight your hand may not respond in the ideal fashion while playing the game. You might have to risk losing your game. But if you hold the racket before making a purchase and gauge as to what weight and length suits your hand the most, you will be able to take a good decision. Your decision at this point in time will go a long way to support your actual game.

In a game such as football, the goal keeper, for instance, would need equipment such as a helmet, shoulder pads and knee pads. You also need to think of the quality here too! For his own sake the goal keeper needs to get a hair cut before the game. The helmet should be fitting the goal keeper properly. The helmet should be refitted if the hair style of the goal keeper has changed. The front portion of the helmet should just protect the head and not become a hindrance by covering the forehead including the eyebrows. The ear holes also should match up with player’s ears. Move the helmet while the goal keeper is wearing it so that any displacement of the helmet can be rectified before the game starts.

Mouth guards are also considered another sporting equipment that should be checked for cleaning and fitting. They should be boiled to refit on the mouth of the player. Shoulder pads allow the goal keeper adequate amount of mobility. The back and front of the shoulder pads should be able to cover the shoulder blades and pectorals respectively.

Athletes should try and wear T-shirts that prevent occurrence of rashes and skin irritations arising from rough straps. Most sports equipments are of protective kind. The primary and the protective equipment are equally important because as the game progresses players become quite aggressive in an attempt to win the game. If these sports equipment are not maintained the players are bound to injure themselves.

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Growing Taller Exercises – Jump Rope And Growing Taller – How Skipping Can Help You Grow Taller

There are plenty of growing taller exercises and one of them which aren’t very popular but are in fact really effective is the method of using a jump rope to grow taller… yes I’m talking about skipping. Skipping can be a very effective method to help you up the height ladder but why is this you ask? Well read on and find out why you should get yourself a jump rope today for growing taller exercises if you want to get taller.

Skipping isn’t something that people would think would help them increase their height. When you think of skipping in fact you probably think of a school playground and kids hopping around or maybe even boxers in the gym trying to improve their cardio system with their jump ropes however there is much more to it than that.

How It Works

It is a very simple concept, by going through this motion numerous times you will start to create micro fractures in your skin bones. After a while these will be filled as they heal and they will come back stronger, denser, and more importantly LONGER which is what you really want to be looking for.

Do not push yourself when doing this until you are sick or until your legs are in a lot of pain as this will just have you injured if you continue at this rate. You will want to start slow and take rest days in between and then slowly you want to start pushing yourself trying to beat your previous record that you may have got before.

By pushing yourself a little bit more you will be able to create new micro fractures which will heal and get longer and stronger but it is essential that you make sure that you take rest days as too much pushing can lead to injury which is not something that you want as it will set you back a few days where you could be going on to increase your height.

Combing It With A Routine

Alone this method may take a while for you to notice results however you can combine it with a lot of other methods such as stretches to grow taller, other exercises to grow taller, a diet and a lot more.

Having a routine would be very effective when it comes down to getting taller, a routine will speed up the whole process than just going down one route, as they say you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

Thankfully there are plenty of other methods out there that you can use at home to help you to increase your height and you can go onto combing all of these together to create yourself a small routine.

For example you could wake up with some stretches, go through some growing taller exercises later during the day and then finish off with some stretches before bed all whilst focusing on a diet that will focus on your target. This is something that will be effective as you are using stretches and dieting together with it all.

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Goal Setting to Push Your Fitness Limits

My name is Chris and I want people to break through their walls and push the limits by which they live.

I’m here today to tell you that there is a very easy way to get what you want in any aspect of your life.

Goal Setting

I know this works because I have done it, I’m still doing it.

Going back 7 years or so, just after the birth of my first son I was putting on weight. (not in a good way)

I was not exercising and I was eating. I was becoming more and more unfit as time went on.

My excuses ranged from, I have no time because of the baby and work and commuting. Basically everything in life was a barrier.

So here I am at 15.5 stone. One word fits all here (Moobs)

Suffice it to say I looked 15.5 stone here.

More importantly I felt it.

I was tired all the time, out of breath quickly if I had to exert myself at any point.

And I knew this was the worst example I could set my son.

So one day I looked at my self in the mirror and imagined how I used to look when I worked out and decided it was time to be there again and set an example for my son to follow.

How… I set a goal.

I saw an advert on the TV for a work out programme that would help me get back in shape and do it quickly. I purchased it because I knew that if I spent the money I would use it. (Because I’m tight ha ha)

My Goal: Lose 2 stone in 60 days.

So I did it. The programme was a 60 day workout programme with a meal plan and set of workout DVD’s.

I committed to getting up at 5 am every day and smashing out one of the craziest workout’s I had ever done. As specially inside the house.

I weighed myself only 30 days and could not believe what I saw.

Here it is 13 stone (No Moobs)

I felt great and had so much energy.

It was all made possible because I set a goal and followed it through.

You need to find out what your Motivation is, set a Goal and Commit.

I not only achieved my goal but I did it in half the time.

1. Find Your Motivation, why do you want to change, in order to change you need to know what drives you. For me it was setting a good example for my kids and improving what I was capable of. Write your motivation down.

2. Set Your Goal, it really is that simple. What do you want and when do you want it. Write your goal down

3. Go and Get it, you have to commit. Once you are in a routine and forming good habits it gets easier to do the work every day.

My advice is that you look at your motivation and your goal every day (that’s why you write it down). Keep it fresh in your head. Why do you want to change and What do you want.

The workout programme I used was Insanity, most people by now know what this workout programme is and know the man who created it, Shaun T.

However the proof is in the pudding and I don’t look back.

I still do a 60 day round of Insanity from time to time to test my limits, but since completing Insanity I also workout in other ways on a regular basis and it is all due to the good habits formed when I went through this programme.

Insanity is not expensive and is a change for life. I would recommend it to anyone at all who needs to set a fitness goal and achieve it quickly and at a fraction of the cost of an annual gym membership.

To sum it all up goal setting is the best way to achieve what you want. Not just in fitness but any aspect of your life.

Motivation, something has to drive the change. What is your why. Find that why.

Goal, what do you want and when do you want it. Put your goal up somewhere. Look at it every day, remind yourself of what you want.

Commit, plan how you will get what you want and do it. commit, it will get hard, you will have a hill to climb. I promise you though that if remind your self why you want it and what you want every day you will get it. In any aspect of life.

Get what you want.

Live a No Limits Life.

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10 Tips For Treating Smelly Feet & Ridding Odors – Reasons Why Your Feet Stink and Treatments

Have you got a problem with smelly feet and no matter what you do or have tried to rid the foot odor the smell remains? Are your smelly feet more of an embarrassing issue for you or a problem you see as unhealthy? Foot odor is common and successfully treated on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for a cure then you need to know the root cause for the odor occurring. Knowing about conditions/disorders that could be responsible for you’re smelly feet will help you greatly in your attempt to treat prevent or rid the odor.

There are two primary issues known for giving rise to smelly feet (Sweating and shoe leather.) The body needs to sweat, it is a vital function the body can not do without. Although stale sweat might smell unhealthy, it is however not normal for the body not to perspire. Sweating helps to maintain body temperature. It also assists in removing waste products from the body. Unfortunately for some folk and because we as individuals differ, some sweat more than others to a degree where medical attention is necessary. If you sweat more than the normal required amount needed to keep the body cool then you could have what we call hyperhidrosis.

The chief reason for smelly feet is duly caused by bacteria, or to be more exact, of the waste product of the bacteria ingesting the sweat. Bacterium is not good and if build up remains in one spot without being washed away the bacteria excrete waste gives rise to a malodorous odor. Different types of odor occur on people because of various bacterium types.

Help prevent foot odor

To do this you need to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Wash the feet daily with warm soapy water this will help kill bacteria and leave your feet smelling fresh and not cheesy; If necessary bathe them 2 or 3 times a day. Use an anti-bacterial soap to disinfect the feet.

Change socks regular putting on a clean pair after every wash. I know it sounds stupid having to point this out but people are known to wash their feet and then put back on the same smelly socks they have just taken off.

Particular fabrics that socks are made of can cause the feet to sweat more. Avoid wearing nylon socks and wear cotton or natural fibre materials which absorb sweat. If possible it will help tremendously to wear a different pair of shoes from time to time. This gives the ones you have removed time to air ridding moisture and smell.

Try placing odor eater inserts inside your shoes. Do not spray antiperspirant/deodorant onto dirty feet. Trying to cover up foot odor this way do not make a great mix (Scented cheese.)

If you tend on using a new method/solution for treating stinky feet get your GP to give you the thumbs up first.

1. Deal with foot odor by soaking your feet in strong black tea for half an hour daily for 7 days. The tannic acid in the tea destroys bacteria and closes the pores keeping the feet dry for longer periods.

2. Sprinkle talcum powder over the feet or dust with baking soda to help reduce heavy sweating. Alternatively soak your feet in 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water.

3. Mix two tablespoons of Epsom salts in two quarts of warm to clean and freshen up the feet, this solution helps keep feet dry.

4.Throw out any shoes that you can not remove the smell from.

5. Avoid wearing plastic shoes.

6. Fill a bowl with warm water and add oatmeal, squeeze oats till water is milky then soak for 10 minutes and pat dry.

7. Rub alcohol on the smelly feet after every bath or shower. If feet sweat a lot wear two pair of absorbent socks for a fortnight and change every 4-6 hours.

Remember not all treatments work the same on each individual. Be wary and cautious about unfamiliar products. If the problem of smelly feet still persists after having tried most options to rid the smell then call in and see your doctor because a sudden onset of stinky feet could be the result of a medical problem. Your feet excrete toxins from the body so try cleaning out your bowels. By all means soak your feet but be dubious of solutions you use as a soak because the body absorbs through the skin. Your purpose is to rid the body of toxins and not add more to your system.

8. Some smells is caused by the same bacteria that cause acne so consider using 10% benzoyl peroxide

9. Try placing dryer sheets in each shoe. It helps cover the smell, however this is not an ideal solution as you are looking to rid your problem of smelly feet and not disguise them.

10. Try soaking your feet in mouthwash.

I am only the messenger here delivering what I have heard to work for ridding foot odor so it is vitally important for the health of your feet not to practice any suggested methods without medical confirmation to say it is safe to do so.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which the body sweats excessively for no given reason at all.

It is characterized by abnormally increased perspiration, in excess of that required for regulation of body temperature. A patient can feel at a loss of control because perspiration takes place independent of temperature. Different emotions can affect the body in different ways and anxiety is namely one for exacerbating this problem. People who suffer with nerves over their sweating tend to experience more sweating episodes. Other reasons given for excessive sweating is caused by certain foods and drinks.

Body parts we link as common areas for sweating are the hands, feet and the groin because they are the most active sites for perspiration occurring due to the relatively high concentration of sweat glands located here.

Your doctor will examine you in order to identify if you are suffering from primary hyperhidrosis or the secondary sort which can happen at any time in your life. The latter could be brought about by disorder of the thyroid or pituitary gland, diabetes mellitus, tumors, gout, menopause or specific medications. Medics have tried treating excessive sweating with oral tablets, creams, lotions, deodorants, electrical gadgets and acupuncture but sadly the success rate for most severe cases is somewhat limited. Surgical treatments have been around for the last 50 60 years. Clearly the early surgical advances were quite insidious causing complications. Since the improvement of optical surgical equipment endoscopic surgeries became the standard for different processes.

For people who suffer profusely from hand sweating then endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy is the favored treatment. If sweating is more serious under the armpit then axillary suction curettage is a regular method used for control. If excessive sweaty feet is the concern then as the main presentation, or if ETS did not cure, then the problem is usually dealt with with using lumbar sympathectomy as a surgical remedy. It is not known what causes primary hyperhidrosis but what we do know is that people suffering from it face major challenges throughout the day. Challenge it back and get help.

Did you know that the foot has more than 250,000 sweat glands? So is it any wonder why we have the problem of sweaty feet.

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Healthy Body and Healthy Mind Lead to Good Life

A healthy life is important to lead a good life. Our health is like a wall pre-requisite to draw a picture. We are the architect of our own health. Either we prevent being unhealthy or cure the damage already done. Physical fitness is very vital. Fitness is a relative term. A sprinter should have a different degree of fitness as compared to a music teacher. There are many more dimensions one can bring to define fitness. Depending upon the required level of fitness, one should take appropriate steps.

More than five billion people live in this world. The body constitution of each one of us is different. The calories needed for every individual is different. There is no one common prescription for everyone in this world. Let us take few examples. The energy level needed for a professional designer is different from a taxi driver. To prescribe a labourer to grab a cereal bar for breakfast is ridiculous. My dad’s friend, a chain smoker died at the age of 83! Believe me, I observed him leading a healthy life. I am not recommending you to smoke to live a healthy life. I try to drive home the point that you should not get carried away by exciting information that is available around you and go overboard to apply in your daily life also. That is dangerous to a healthy life.

While we cannot have five billion suggestions for physical fitness and healthy life, we can identify common needs for all of us. Whether you are an Olympic champion or an office clerk; a celebrity or a hair dresser, only three appropriate steps have to be taken by you. Look at your eating habit, physical fitness exercise and exercise for the mind. You can build further with many bolts-on to achieve laurels in life.

We can use our common sense to lead a healthy life. It does not require great knowledge about science or medicine or physical exercise. Leave that to the specialists. We are all aware that food is very important for sustenance. Our body is a mysterious workshop containing various machines. Food is its input. The machine processes the food and provides energy to the body to do our daily life activities. If the input to the machine is more than its capacity to process, obviously the machine will break down. If the quality of input to the machine is not conducive to the construction of the machine, again the machine will collapse. Apart from the quality and quantity of intake, we should pay attention to timing. There is a saying. I am sure all of us know this. We should eat breakfast like a prince. In the after noon, we should eat lunch like a king. In the night, we should eat meal like a beggar. The digesting power during the night is very poor. Also there is no physical activity involved in the night when we sleep. So allow the stomach t be half filled. Have your dinner couple of hours before going to bed. When we wake up in the morning, if we take a glass of water, it helps for the body to hydrate to prepare for the day’s job. How we cannot start our car with 4th gear, the same way we should consider our body. After 10 hrs of empty stomach when we break the fast, we should start with simple and easily digestible food. Basically we should start with first gear and move on. In my view, to have physical fitness, 3 times of intake – morning, afternoon and night is sufficient. Perhaps refreshment between lunch and dinner can also be incorporated. The key driver is to scrupulously follow the routine timing of intake. This is a good recipe for a healthy life.

Our stomach is the origin for all our ailments. Even the main reason for bad breath originates from the stomach only. If we do not take care of our stomach and brush our teeth with costliest tooth paste and wash our mouth with most expensive liquid mouth wash, the bad breath will not vanish. We should keep our stomach clean by taking appropriate quantity, quality of food in routine timings. It is easier said than done but not impossible. You know who is the culprit? It is our tongue. If we pay heed to the taste, then we would not be able to control the quantum. It does not mean that we should not enjoy the taste. In fact the tongue contributes to a great deal for healthy life. When we enjoy food, we feel good. Feeling good is a sign of healthy life. If someone asks you to take only green vegetables to have physical fitness, there is no difference between us and herbivores. But the trick is not to cross the limit of moderation. That will be counter productive. Give importance to the taste but be careful. We should eat to live and not live to eat.

Many of us believe that being slim leads to a healthy life. One of my friends is slim but has cholesterol. It is a wrong notion. The body structure of each one of us is different. An elephant should not try to become a horse. Nature has created that way. What is important is to prevent becoming over weight or obese or under weight. If the damage is done, consult specialist to get back on track. Do not perform any physical fitness exercise without the proper guidance of a physical education expert. Sometimes you are the expert of knowing your own do-s and don’t-s. The first day when I went to learn Tai Chi, Chinese version of Yoga, the master told me to rotate my neck clockwise and anticlockwise as a warm up exercise. However I was earlier told by my orthopedic surgeon not to rotate my neck to recover from a type of spondylities I had. What was good for others did not suit me. There will be many such situations where we should use our wisdom. Especially we have to be careful on physical fitness exercise.

Life is a series of experiences. If our experiences are good we say the life is good, otherwise we say the life is bad. Mind determines whether an experience is good or bad. Healthy life is achieved by the combination of healthy body and healthy mind. Mind does not exist in our brain. Mind is a subtle matter manifests in our astral body between our soul and physical body. The food we eat is converted into energy by the blood and the finest particles of food reach the subtle mind and then to still subtler intellect. While healthy food definitely supports for a healthy mind, nevertheless exercise to the mind is also very important to have a healthy life. Yoga is considered to be one of the best forms of giving exercise to the body and mind. A branch of Yoga has physical fitness exercise also. Meditation is another form of giving healthy exercise to the mind. These have to be practiced with the help of specialists. This is the body-mind-intellect complex. A simple but effective understanding and application of the above will go a long way to attain a healthy life.

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Poison Ivy – 5 Tips For Effective Treatment

The itch is driving your crazy! You need help now!

Rashes due to poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac all look about the same – raised, reddened, blistering bumps in areas of exposure. All are caused by hypersensitivity to plants containing urushiol. The rash and itching begin 24 to 48 hours after exposure, worsening over the next several days. Assuming you’ve had a shower by the time the rash has appeared, poison ivy is not contagious. The only way to share it is if the plant oil is still on your skin and you touch another person. Blister fluid is not contagious.

Though in some cases people worry about their appearance, for most the itch is what drives them to seek medical care.

Here are 5 tips for quick relief.

1. Use an OTC antihistamine. Over-the-counter antihistamines are every bit as good as prescription antihistamines. The primary benefit of using these is decrease in itching, though they may decrease swelling a little. The main side-effect is drowsiness with certain antihistamines, though this can be a benefit if the itch is keeping you awake. The non-sedating antihistamines are Claritin (loratadine) and Zyrtec (cetirizine). The sedating antihistamines are Benadryl (diphenhydramine), chlorpheniramine, and doxylamine (found in sleep aids and Nyquil). If these are effective in decreasing your symptoms and the appearance of the rash is not a concern, an antihistamine may be all you require. The rash will go away on its own if you can wait it out – which usually takes 2 to 4 weeks.

2. Use an OTC topical preparation. Calamine lotion and oatmeal baths help relieve the itch but do not actually decrease the rash. 1% hydrocortisone cream is effective at reducing the itch and healing the rash in mild cases. For a more severe reaction, prescription medication may be needed. Hydrocortisone decreases the body’s reaction to the offending oil, making the rash appear less red and irritated. Any of these may be used in addition to an antihistamine.

3. Call your doctor for a prescription. Your doctor may be willing to prescribe you medication over the phone, or may require you to come in for an appointment to make sure your self-diagnosis is correct. Prescription options include stronger steroid creams, steroid shots, and steroid pills. For small areas of rash, the creams are most appropriate. However, for larger areas or rash on the face (especially if the eyes are swollen shut) steroid injections or oral medications are appropriate. Usually the rash begins to improve by 24 to 48 hours after initiating treatment. Don’t make the mistake of stopping the medicine as soon as the rash appears better – it will likely return if you quit too soon. A five day treatment plan is the minimum, but often 10 to 14 days of medication is advisable.

4. Watch for secondary infection. Any open area of skin can become infected. If the area of redness is increasing, or especially if you see pus (not just clear blister fluid), see your doctor to learn if you need an antibiotic.

5. Do not use triple antibiotic ointment or Benadryl cream. When applied to the skin, both the neomycin in triple antibiotic ointment and the active ingredient in Benadryl cream (diphenhydramine) can cause a rash that looks just like poison ivy. Many a patient has made the problem worse or confused the diagnosis by using these over-the-counter preparations. (Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) taken orally does not cause this problem.)

Lastly, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Avoid contact with the leaves, stems, and roots of the plants, all of which contain urushiol. If you pull the plants out, use disposable gloves and throw both the plants and gloves away. Burning the plant can put the chemical in the air and cause a serious rash to anyone exposed to the smoke.

Copyright 2010 Cynthia J. Koelker, M.D.

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Looking for Quality Home Gym Equipment? Bremshey Orbit Ambition Front Cross Trainer Review


So you’ve made the decision to embark on a fitness programme. While this is commendable, it’s very important to consider the type and amount of exercise you want to perform. Your fitness regimen should include workouts to tone and strengthen your muscles. Also essential is exercise that benefits your heart. Although you always should check with a physician to determine whether you’re healthy enough for a fitness routine, it’s equally important to choose the right equipment. Here’s some information about a great piece of home gym equipment from Bremshey, the Orbit Ambition front cross trainer.

Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Key Features:

The Bremshey Orbit Ambition cross trainer, also called an elliptical trainer, is a great way to simulate walking or running with much less stress on your muscles and joints. The resistance of the trainer is adjustable, so both beginners and expert users can expect a challenging workout. We especially liked the Bremshey Sport battery-operated display that’s super-easy to use, has a functional design and provides key information about your workout. The ergonomics of the machine include a fine-turned stride length of no less than 19 inches (50 cm). Another important feature of a quality cross trainer is the resistance system. On this model, the resistance is magnetic and manually operated. An optional, but essential accessory is a chest belt for monitoring your heart rate during a workout. Important because exercising at the correct heart rate helps to maximise the benefits of your workout.


About £500.00

Product Description:

The Bremshey Orbit Ambition cross trainer is a compact piece of fitness equipment you can use anywhere. Because the display is battery and not mains powered, it gives you the freedom to exercise outdoors. Like all cross trainers, the Orbit Ambition provides a highly concentrated total body workout in the least possible time.

Product Features:

Console display: Date, time, room temperature, pulse rate, time, speed, distance, calories burned.

Pulse measurement method: Via hand grips or with optional chest belt

Number of resistance levels: 16

Stationary handlebars as well as arm levers.

Programs: 3

Fitness test: Yes

Heart rate recovery: Yes

Training modes: Quick start, manual, heart rate maximum limit

Product Specifications:

Flywheel weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)

Adjustable pedals: Yes

Maximum user weight: 135 kg (300 lbs)

Dimensions: L128 x W57 x H168 (50″ x 22″)

Weight 65 kg (143 lbs)

Warranty: 2 years parts and labour


This is a great piece of home gym equipment that will continue to challenge you as your fitness and endurance increase. The Bremshey Orbit Ambition Front elliptical cross trainer packs plenty of premium features into a mid- to low-priced machine. It’s also quite good-looking with an elegant silver and grey finish. Some experts believe that the dual action exercise you get on an elliptical is more efficient at burning calories than other types of machines like treadmills or rowers. This is because you’re using more muscle groups, and this translates into a more intense workout. We heartily concur!

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