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What Causes Hemorrhoids – Hemorrhoids and Your Diet

Constipation – The main culprit

Medical experts put constipation on the top of their list of what causes hemorrhoids. Constipation is caused by infrequent bowel movements. This results in the stools becoming hard and difficult to expel. Expulsion of hard stools puts a strain on the arteries of the rectum which in turn causes hemorrhoids Two reasons are given for what causes constipation. The first reason is the refusal by the patient to go to the toilet when he or she feels the urge. The other and more common reason is a bad diet lacking in fiber which aids easy stool passage.

What items in your diet cause hemorrhoids?

In our fast paced modern lifestyle, there are many items in our diet that can be added to a list of what causes hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are caused by eating too much red meat or food containing unsaturated fat. To much salt added to food causes hemorrhoids because salt naturally causes bulging of arteries. Spicy food causes hemorrhoids A diet of processed food, that includes no fresh food items cause hemorrhoids because there is no fiber to assist bowel movement. Alcohol and caffeine containing beverages cause hemorrhoids because they constrict circulation of blood.

What can you include in your diet to prevent hemorrhoids?

Now that you know what causes hemorrhoids with regard to what you eat, you should include fresh fruits, vegetables, and plenty of fluid to assist proper stool passage to prevent hemorrhoids For immediate relief experts find great value in eating raw onions, sesame seeds and bananas. Alfa Alfa, dark green leafy vegetables eaten raw, blackstrap molasses, flax seeds, lima or butter beans when included in the daily diet help prevent constipation and consequently help prevent hemorrhoids.

When you change your diet by eliminating what causes hemorrhoids and including what prevents hemorrhoids the results can be so dramatic that soon hemorrhoids will be a condition of the past.

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Diabetic Diet – Get Your Blood Sugar Level Lower Rapidly – Part Two

A diabetic diet is the best way for many diabetics to help keep their blood sugar at a normal healthy level. If you consume too much sugar and continuously do this for a long time, you will soon develop many major health problems to your eyes, kidney, nerves and heart. So once a diabetic finds that their blood sugar level is way too high, they need to find natural ways to bring their blood sugar down to a better position.

I revealed in my previous article how diabetics can lower their blood sugar level by utilizing 5 natural techniques. These techniques I mentioned are apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, ginseng, exercising and drinking water. Here are 5 more additional ways a diabetic can decrease the amount of sugar that is in your blood stream.

One simple method is watching the food you eat. If at all possible, you need to eat low-glycolic foods. These foods are broken down and distributed throughout your body much slower thus keeping your sugar level from spiking too high. These foods consist of peas, fruits, peanuts, granola, and oatmeal. Hint: combine some oatmeal with a couple of teaspoons of cinnamon, mentioned in my previous article, and you will have a great meal that will keep your blood sugar very stable. Plus, it’s yummy.

Decaffeinated coffee is another great source. If you drink a cup of decaffeinated coffee along with a simple sugar item which is absorbed by the body at a fast rate, the coffee will act as a barrier and keep your blood sugar level stable. It does this because of a certain chemical with the plant that that helps your intestines to absorb the sugar at a slower pace. Regular coffee does not have this same effect.

Sit down, take a deep breath, relax, and lower your blood sugar level. Yes, relaxation can actually help lower the amount of sugar that is in your bloodstream. Stress, on the other hand, is a bad culprit that actually releases a chemical that causes our blood sugar to rise. So, try to avoid stress and seek to get some daily relaxation in into your schedule.

Garlic and onions not only keeps the vampires away, they also help keep your blood sugar level at a normal level. They do this because of a certain chemical that can be found within the garlic and onions. This chemical makes the pancreas produce more insulin to handle the extra sugar.

The most fun way to bring your sugar level down is to laugh. Some doctors in Japan conducted a test that proved laughing helps lower the sugar that is your bloodstream. They concluded their study informing us that there are certain chemicals the body releases which help lower your blood sugar significantly.

Diabetics have to closely watch their daily diet so they can keep their blood sugar level at a stable level, which is a constant battle. They need to seek out ways in which they can lower their blood sugar level to steer clear of major health problems. If you just integrate all these tips into your diabetic diet, you will soon find it is quite easy to keep your blood sugar level normal.

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Eczema and Diet – The Top 5 Superfoods

An unhealthy body is inclined to develop all manner of illnesses and that includes eczema. So surely it makes sense to do whatever it takes to get your body in tip-top condition. Good health in a body will be reflected in your skin. By incorporating Superfoods in your daily diet you will go a long way to achieving optimum skin health. In actual fact, many eczema sufferers have found that by incorporating a few Superfoods into their daily regime, that their eczematous skin has healed and has become tight, toned and hydrated.

The best Superfoods for the skin are the following:

1. Green Barley Grass

2. Parsley

3. Flax

4. Aloe Vera

5. Quinoa

The First Top 5 Superfood Cure For Eczema is Green Barley Grass which is a toxin eliminator. It is high in antioxidants and will remove toxins, chemicals, radiation and metals from the body. It is also great at fighting free radicals and a brilliant protein source. If you found yourself suddenly on the moon with only Green Barley Grass to eat you could live to a ripe old age. Not only does Barley Grass contain ample supplies of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, chlorophyll and minerals but it also contains SOD (superoxide dismutase), the important antioxidant ingredient that clears toxins. The chlorophyll in Green Barley Grass is powerful at creating first-rate blood and is effective at healing wounds.

The Second Top 5 Superfood Cure For Eczema is Parsley. Parlsey helps the skin’s defensive mechanism and will eradicate bad bacteria. Parsley contains many vitamins including beta carotene, vitamin B12, chlorophyll, calcium and vitamin C. Parsley will cleanse the blood and all body fluids as well as support both digestion, liver and kidneys – this will be reflected in your skin. Taken daily, Parsley will create moisture in your body, nourish each cell and restore the health of your skin.

The Third Top 5 Superfood Cure For Eczema is Flax, an amazing seed which lubricates the colon, nourish the spleen, pancreas and immune system all of which is very important if the body is to heal itself of eczema naturally. Flax seed contains, in perfect balance, the all important omega-3 and omega 6, essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are vital as the body cannot produce them. By including Flax seed in your diet you will be helping the body to strengthen membrane, which will speed up the healing process and create new cell tissue at a faster rate.

The Fourth Top 5 Superfood Cure For Eczema is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a great healer and strengthener. It will do your skin the world of good by way of healing your rash. Aloe Vera is powerful at repairing damaged tissue and reducing inflammation. Taken regularly Aloe Vera will reduce inflammation, is anti-bacterial, highly immune stimulating and effective at tissue repair.

The Fifth Top 5 Superfood Cure For Eczema is Quinoa. A powerful cereal grain, Quinoa is very similar to oats and is often used to make porridge. Quinoa is one of the best supports for the kidneys. Quinoa is full of essential amino acids and is very rich in calcium.

The above Superfoods will make a substantial difference to the health of your skin. Introduce them one at a time and watch as your skin heals at a much faster and more permanent pace. The above five Superfoods can totally cure your eczema. Just give them a try.

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The Basics of the Medifast Diet Explained – What You Need to Know to Lose Weight on Medifast

In this article we are going to discuss the basics of the medifast diet. If you are thinking about starting a new diet program this Summer or Fall, my feeling is that the Medifast diet is a phenomenal one to look into! Why? It’s quite simple. People are having life changing experiences on Medifast, and finding themselves able to shed pounds often for the very FIRST time, and sometimes…in really large quantities! So continue reading as I outline some of the foundational elements of this particular program, so you can see (and taste.) whether it’s a good choice for you. Read on..:-)

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Medifast allows you 6 meals per day – 5 of these are going to be in the form of meal replacements (shakes, bars, soups and more) and one is going to be a “lean and green” meal you prepare for yourself. The lean and green meal is comprised of 7 ounces of protein and your choice of up to three servings of green (or otherwise colored) vegetables alongside it. For the sheer quantity of meals you are going to be consuming ( 6 is unusually high for a diet) make NO mistake about the caloric content: Medifast IS indeed a low calorie diet, with 800-1000 units of caloric energy a day.

What about expectations? Well, according to Medifast literature, most will lose 2-5 pounds per week for the DURATION of the time they are using the diet. According to a prestigious John’s Hopkins university study, the AVERAGE weight loss for men on Medifast was 67 pounds…and the average for women 57! (These people followed the Medifast program in a clinical setting)

What about costs? The monthly average is going to cost you $275.00 – this is for the 5 meal replacements per day, but you WILL need to furnish your own lean and green meal, so do keep that in mind when you calculate your budget! Overall, it’s still FAR cheaper for many that what they ordinarily consume in sheer FOOD, so many of us have found it has a value proposition to boot…which in today’s strained economy is a GOOD thing across the board!

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Foods to Avoid With Hemorrhoids and a Healthy Diet

When you have hemorrhoids, you have to pay attention to your diet. Most people suffering from various kinds of health conditions have unhealthy diets and if you’re one of them, you have to act now. Does your hemorrhoid bleed or protrude? Protruding hemorrhoids can be very frustrating but with the natural home remedies, you may be able to heal them completely but with a little help from a doctor. There are foods to avoid with hemorrhoids and you must know them well.

Among these foods are chili peppers, coffee, animal products, red meat, bad fats, and alcohol. It’s best to eat foods containing high fiber like veggies and fruits. Aside from the ones mentioned above, you should also avoid eggs, canned foods, instant foods, too much sugar or sodium, and many others. The doctor can help you in identifying other foods that you shouldn’t eat.

Eating a healthy diet can make natural remedies more effective. For instance, once you decide to use witch hazel to treat the hemorrhoid, you should also take not of these foods to avoid with hemorrhoids. Removal of the hemorrhoid is possible and perhaps the pics of the swollen veins can convince you to act now. Knowing how the hemorrhoids look like will make you more interested in getting rid of this unsightly condition.

Now that you know the foods to avoid with hemorrhoids, you can find relief in a matter of days or weeks. The key is consistency and patience. If you really want to get rid of the hemorrhoid, pick the right food items.

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Best Diet For Gout – Prune Those Purines

If you’re looking for the best diet for gout then you will be very aware of purines.  Knowing which foods are high in purines and which are low is one of the simplest ways of modifying your eating to keep gout at bay.

Because gout is caused by the build-up of  uric acid in the blood and because uric acid is formed during the breakdown of purines, many people attempt to control their gout attacks by modifying their diet.

Foods that are high in purines are a common cause of gout. Meats such as liver, kidney, salmon, seafood and alcohol are all known to cause gout in some people because of their high purine content. But it isn’t only meats and seafood’s that have this gout causing substance in them – many vegetables do to.  There is one major difference, though.

Vegetables, even those with high purines levels such as black eye peas, split peas, great northern beans, small white beans, pinto bean, red bean lentils, lima bean, asparagus, mushrooms, cooked spinach, rhubarb,  and cauliflower do not cause gout.

Scientists have done studies and proven quite conclusively that high purine vegetables do not raise the blood uric acid levels in the same way as the organ meats and sea foods.  This simplifies modifying your diet because basically all vegetables are alright to eat even if you suffer from gout.  Fruits are also good to eat.

You do not have to overly complicate your diet to prune those purines and remove many of the causes of gout.

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Rosacea Diet – The Hidden Trigger

Here is a really effective Rosacea tip I’d like to share with you. It is a proven techniques to help Rosacea sufferers and the good thing is, it is really easy to take on board and use. It doesn’t matter if you are stressed out, run ragged by the kids or just plain busy. Just take 2 minutes to read this short, informative article and I believe that you will take away something that will really help you to keep on top of your Rosacea problem. Read on.

Rosacea Diet

There is a lot of information available for people trying to formulate a Rosacea diet. But, after you have scoured the internet, searched through the shelves of your local library and spent a fortune in your local bookstore or Amazon, what have you got? My guess is that you have a file crammed full of information, and that lots of that information is either confusing or conflicting. Is sunlight good or bad for Rosacea? What about Omega-6? You see because there are so many triggers for Rosacea, and those triggers only set off an attack in some patients, it is very difficult to create a definitive list of Rosacea causes and cures.

But, there are some triggers that seem to affect more Rosacea sufferers than others. So when you are eliminating foods and drinks and creating your own Rosacea diet you might want to look closely at the following item.


Yeast in small doses doesn’t seem to be too bad, but the risk is that introducing just a small amount of yeast into you daily diet could lead to a full scale yeast or fungal overgrowth. When this gets too much for the body to cope with we notice it as either thrush or simply a yeast infection. But before the growth gets to the stage that we see physical symptoms it is already affecting our bodies.

Yeast overgrowth is heavily associated with a depressed immune system, and with this you will see a rise in both the number and severity of your Rosacea flare ups. There is also evidence that yeast and fungal overgrowth can trigger some auto-immune reactions.

And don’t forget, yeast comes in many different forms. Fermented drinks like ales, lagers and stouts and yeast extract spreads such as Marmite and Vegemite are all dependent on yeast in their recipes.

So, when you are evaluating foods to eliminate from your Rosacea diet, then you could do a lot worse than start your evaluation process with yeast and yeast based products.

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The Spiritual Aspect of the Vegetarian Diet

When we think about a vegetarian diet, we often connect it with the health of our physical body. For those who are concerned with optimizing their health, vegetarianism is now being promoted by many medical doctors who claim that this diet provides optimum nutrition and guards against many diseases caused by non-vegetarian foods. What, then, is the relationship of vegetarianism to spirituality? As spirituality relates to the spirit, then what connection would our spiritual essence have to the foods we eat?

Most people focus on the health benefits of vegetarianism. They may learn about the variety of vegetarian dishes that could be prepared. People may take nutrition lessons on how to eat a balanced diet using vegetarian foods. They may study how we can get the protein we need from meat substitutes such as soy products, beans, nuts, vegetable protein, dairy products, and other vegetarian foods.

There are other aspects of the vegetarian diet that are equally important. Along with improving our physical well-being, there are other benefits to vegetarianism to help our mind and soul. Spirituality is not only concerned with our own inner development. It is a way of living in which we also have love and concern for all other life in creation. Spirituality involves bringing us closer to our true nature. Our true self is one with God. When God has created this universe, the earth, and all creatures, it is natural that we want to respect all life rather than destroy what God has created.

Those who are truly connected with God feel a love for all creatures, great and small. The Light of God we recognize in others is also within all other life forms. It is as much in the humble ant as it is in the powerful lion. It is in the snake, as it is in the cow. It is in the fish, as it is in the birds. When we look at life through the eyes of the soul, we witness God in even the humblest and most grotesque of creatures. With that angle of vision we develop love for all that exists.

Sain, a saint from India, once was preparing his meal of flat bread, called chapatis. A dog entered his room and snatched the chapati he had made and ran out. Sain ran after him as onlookers observed. “Look at him chasing that dog over a mere chapati,” they remarked.

But the crowd was amazed and ashamed of their thoughts about Sain when they heard him cry out to the dog, “Wait. Let me put butter on your bread for you as well!” To Sain, the dog had come to his home like the best of guests, and just as you would naturally serve your guest with a chapati that was buttered, so too did he wish to treat his dog guest in a hospitable manner.

The soul recognizes God in all living creatures and would never dream of taking the life of any of God’s children. When we look at life through the consciousness of the empowered soul, we begin to live in a gentler manner and start respecting all forms of life. This is one of the reasons that many people who are in touch with their soul turn to a vegetarian diet. They feel that God has provided enough food in the form of plants to sustain them and it is not necessary to take the life of any of the Lord’s creatures for food.

Spirituality, then, means having concern and compassion for others. There is great disparity in food resources amongst people around the world. Some countries have abundant food supplies, while others do not. A vegetarian diet may give an economic advantage to many poor countries. As Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj has written, “It takes ten acres of pastureland to produce a certain amount of meat protein, but the same amount of vegetable protein can be produced on only one acre of land. So nine acres of land are wasted when meat is produced.” When combating world hunger, such an equation cannot be overlooked.

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Rosacea and Diet – Two Terrific Tips

Do you suffer from the discomfort and embarrassment of Rosacea? If you do then this article is for you. Here are two effective Rosacea and diet tips that I would like to share with you. They are both proven to work very well for Rosacea and they have the added bonus of being really easy to implement. I know that you are probably busy and stressed out, but if you take just two minutes out of your schedule to read this article the benefits you will gain are enormous.

Rosacea and Diet

There is a lot of talk about the triggers that set off a Rosacea flare up, but what I discovered when I was coming to terms with my own condition was that my Rosacea and diet were closely linked together and were having a huge impact on both the frequency of my flare ups and also the severity of each attack.

I embarked on an elimination diet to try to work out exactly what foods were my own Rosacea triggers and discovered that a number of common foods were setting off regular attacks.

Here are two of the foods that you may want to try in your own Rosacea elimination diet.


I love meat! So for me eliminating this from my diet was very difficult, but it had to be done. Research was carried out on the effects of meat on Rosacea and it was discovered that by removing red meat for just three weeks the pH balance was altered which flushed out many toxins and created a positive effect on the occurrence of Rosacea.

Other studies have revealed that a high percentage of Rosacea sufferers are reacting badly to some of the food additives, such as nitrates and nitrites which are often found in meat products like smoked hams, luncheon meats, hot dogs and bacon.


No! I hear you shout. But I’m afraid that chocolate is indeed a common Rosacea trigger and unfortunately, when you are thinking about your Rosacea and diet, you need to consider removing – at least until you have discovered if chocolate is or isn’t one of your own trigger foods.

There are a number of chemicals in chocolate which can affect the bodies, blood vessels. Theobromine, Tyramine and caffeine are all ingredients which are all recognized as vasoactive substances and my, either on their own or in combination with each other trigger Rosacea flare up.

But, if you do find that chocolate is one of your Rosacea triggers, all is not lost. You can easily replace Chocolate with the yummy substitute, Carob chocolate.

By simply removing each of these two foods from your Rosacea diet for a short time, you will very quickly learn if they are one of your own foods that trigger Rosacea, allowing you to take steps to remove them completely.

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Calorie Shifting to Confuse Your Body Into Weight Loss – Lose Weight in 17 Days Or Less

Ever heard of a quick and easy diet plan? Let me tell you something that may be hard to bear – there isn’t such a thing as a quick and easy diet plan. Are you having problems losing all that fat in your midsection? What if there was a way to lose that muffin top or that really hard to burn belly fat in only 17 days without those non-sense diets claiming to take off the weight quickly and easily?

Forget the Old School, Try the New School Called Calorie Shifting

My advice is stay away from all those low fat, no fat, high protein, etc.. diets that promise everything and deliver nothing. Those programs typically cost a lot of money, while leaving you feeling dissatisfied. Your metabolism will slow down with many of these “diets” and that will cause you to gain more weight if you eat more than you are used to. That means you will store more of the fat in your body instead of getting rid of it. A simple technique to rid yourself of body weight and lose weight for good is the use of what’s called the Calorie Shifting Diet. This way of eating will get your metabolism going to a maximum level which results in you losing belly fat and those extra pounds.

Here’s How to Calorie Shift Your Way into those Slimmer Jeans

Here’s the great thing about this diet – no need to starve or deprive yourself. In fact, in certain cases you’ll be eating more than you are used to. Before I go into it, let’s look at a sample plan.
1) Establish a Baseline – Let’s say for example you normally consume 1800 calories a day. Well for the first month, make sure you eat 1800 calories to get your body accustomed this steady amount.

2) Up-Shift by 300 calories – For 2 days out of the first week, consume 300 additional calories that your baseline. Example: Monday and Friday consume 2100 calories.

3) Down-Shift by 400 calories – For 2 days out of the second week, decrease caloric intake to 1400 calories. Example: Tuesday and Thursday cut out 400 calories

4) Up-Shift by 500 calories – For 2 days out of the third week, consume 2300 calories. Example: Monday and Thursday add 500 calories.

5) Down-Shift by 500 calories – For 2 days out of the fourth week, only consume 1300 calories. Example: Tuesday and Friday have 1300 calories.

6) Regulate – Once you’ve completed 1 month of the Calorie Shifting Diet, go back to your normal eating habit of 1800 calories for at least 2 weeks before you attempt this again.

Take Calorie Shifting to the Next Level with the Fat Loss 4Idiots Game Plan

The idea is that by constantly changing the amount of calories you consume, you force the metabolism to adapt. You’ll have your body constantly guessing which will prevent the metabolism from being sluggish. If you are having the same foods consistently the body will require less energy to process it. So this keeps the metabolism functioning efficiently. This is important because it is a trick that changes your calorie intake per day tricking your metabolism to burn more fat. This trick will make sure that your metabolism is doing its job all day and so you don’t have to worry about you being on a diet.

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