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Can I Do Yoga on a Sprained Ankle?

For those of us who do yoga every day, it becomes part of our routine, part of our lives. A day without yoga is like a day without breakfast. Sure, you can do it but you just don’t feel right. I’m a morning yoga person. At six o’clock in the morning when most people are still grasping to that last hour of sweet, sweet slumber before they have to drag themselves up to go to work, I’m up yoga-ing myself awake. I don’t do anything too difficult. It’s just enough to get ready for the day, and it makes a world of difference.

If you’ve sprained and your ankle, you may be thinking, “can I do yoga on a sprained ankle?” Sure, there are many positions which don’t put too much pressure on your ankle, and stretching the joint is necessary for rehabilitation. There are many reasons why you can do yoga on a sprained ankle. But I feel that the reasons why you shouldn’t are much more important.

Yoga, though important to us, is not a necessary thing in our lives. We like to think so, but if we stop yoga for a week, even for a month, we will not forget everything we know and our bodies will not fall apart. We will not become potato chip-munching slobs lounging in front of the TVs reminiscing about our day of yoga.

Stopping yoga at this period of time is necessary to give our bodies the rest it needs. After an injury, especially an ankle injury, our bodies become out of balance. We need to restore that balance before we begin to exercise it. Doing yoga on a sprained ankle, you obviously run the risk of re-injury to the sprained ankle. Especially with an injury that has not completely healed, you are more susceptible to further stretching or tearing of ligaments.

Perhaps the most important point is this. Although many yoga positions do not put much pressure on the ankle area, that amount of pressure that you’re not willing to put on the tender ankle will be transferred to somewhere else in your body. The extra pressure which was originally not meant to be distributed in this way could cause stress or even injury to other parts of your body. So ask yourself, “Why do I do yoga”. To get in shape? To feel better about myself? To keep my body healthy? All of these reasons and probably any other reason you can think of is negated by the risks involved of doing yoga on a sprained ankle. Yoga on a sprained ankle not only becomes a fruitless activity, it could be dangerous.

So if you’ve sprained you ankle and are considering continuing yoga classes or doing yoga at home, you’d better think twice. Remember, that you can always start again later. In the scale of a lifetime, one month is nothing. Take some time off wait until your sprained ankle is fully recovered. Perhaps when you return to your yoga routine you’ll feel a bit rusty, but it will be easy enough to get back into a groove. Re-injuring your ankle or worse, injuring another part of your body could result in an even longer recovery time.

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