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Buy Stress Balls For Affordable Stress Relief

Stress balls are squishy balls, which are repeatedly squeezed and rolled between the hands by stressed out users to relieve pent up stress and tension. They are also known as stress relievers, stress toys or stress relief balls.  Chinese balls, musical balls and steel balls are all variations of stress balls.

In the original stress balls, which were made of robust polyurethane foam rubber, the bubbles created during the production of the foam itself produced the necessary “squidgy” feel. However there are increasingly different versions around these days. Some of the newer types of stress balls are made from gel, or even a flour-like substance contained within a cloth, rubber or balloon-like skin.

The texture and robustness of the stress ball is essential to its proper use. And whilst the most common shape for a stress ball is spherical, they can come in virtually any shape, sizes and color. And because there are wide variations between different types of stress ball, it is important to choose one that suits your needs.

For example, a well muscled man sitting in a driving cab for long periods of the day may benefit from having a firmer, more elongated stress ball, which he might use in the small of his back to prevent stiffness. In contrast, a senior citizen with arthritis in their hands should choose a softer ball with nodules to massage the reflex points of the hands as it is used.  Smaller, hard balls, such as Chinese or musical balls can be rolled around the hand easily by most, but petite folk might find other stress balls easier to use.

Despite their bright colors, stress balls are not toys and are never recommended for children.

In recent years, stress balls have become increasingly popular as stress relief tools.  One of the main reasons for this is obviously the increased incidence of stress in today’s modern society.  In fact, stress is widely regarded as one of the biggest health problems in the US and many other western countries are experiencing similar increases in stress related illnesses. The reason is that many people feel the pressure from mental or psychological stress and find this increasingly difficult to dispel, especially when longer working hours leave less time for stress relief.

Stress balls are simple, small and portable. They are affordable and come in lots of cheery bight colours. Some come with integral sparkle glitter and some even vibrate. Simply squeezing on a stress ball can ease the tension and stress which has built up during the day. It can also prevent the repetitive strain injuries which can plague computer workers. And they are usually soft enough not to cause any damage to fixtures, fittings OR your wallet even when thrown at the wall!

However stress balls can only be used as effective stress relievers as part of an active stress management program. Click on the link below for more stress relief tips and to download your free stress relief e-book.

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