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Better Sex With Yoga

While it’s easy to associate yoga with pretzel-like contortions, the practice can also enhance your intimate encounters. We already know that Yoga can increase flexibility, give you better muscle tone and relieve stress, but did the possibility of better sex ever cross your mind? (Yes, you heard me right) While it’s easy to see how the physical benefits of greater flexibility and strength can be a boost in the bedroom, the benefits go way beyond that.

Yoga has profound effects, both physically and emotionally. It energizes the body, calms the mind and sets your spirit soaring. Sound familiar? The intimacy of sexual union creates the same response. This is not by mere coincidence. Both are deeply sacred acts. And when treated as such, an amazing shift in consciousness occurs.

The practice of Yoga gets you out of your head and into your body. Quieting your mind and shifting your awareness to subtle sensations in your body. The true essence of Yoga practice is to offer your heart to your practice – completely. Allowing yourself to feel comfortable and safe as you enter vulnerable poses. As your practice deepens, you peel away the layers of insecurities and self judgment and come to a place of acceptance and self love. As you evolve into your true self, letting go of self imposed limitations, this can’t help but transfer to your life outside the Yoga studio, particularly your intimate life.

As you increase your ability to quiet your mind and tune into your body, you will be better able to tune into your partner – both spiritually and sexually. Increasing your awareness and sensitivity will enhance your pleasure and the experience takes on a whole new dimension.

Yoga teaches you to focus on how you feel…

Yoga calms your mind, bringing your attention away from the interferences of thoughts, judgments, attachments and anxieties and brings you to a place of inner peace and inner strength. You become more receptive to both yourself and your mate.

So, the next time you’re in Yoga class, really experience each breath, each movement, with all of your senses. Listen to your body. Offer yourself, your heart, completely. Reap all of the rewards of your practice. Life becomes a richer experience when you do.


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