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Best Natural Skin Care

The most visible part of a person we get to see is the skin. Having a natural healthy look is an important part of one’s beauty. After intensive research, we have learned that the type of one’s skin can change depending upon various health problems, hormonal imbalances or medical treatments. This is good knowledge to know for finding the best natural skin care regiment for each skin problem.

The following few tips will assist you to decide which category you possess and help you decide upon suitable organic products with natural ingredients.

Skin that is not excessively oily nor dry and generally devoid of blemishes and/or discoloration is known as ‘Normal’. Soy, chamomile, grape seed, rose, rosemary, sweet almond oil, lavender, camphor and cypress are effective treatments regarding the ‘Normal’ type.

Flaky, ashy, tight and skin void of elasticity are the signs of ‘Dry Skin’. Carrot seed, calendula, rose hips, jasmine, avocado, orange, and rice bran are the best herbal care treatments for improving natural healthy skin.

The signs of ‘Oily Skin’ are slickness, shine and enlarged pores. All the areas of the face will leave an oily residue when cleansed with a tissue. Lemon grass, hazelnut, cedar wood, geranium, peppermint, thyme, patchouli, olive and refined coconut oil are proven the best natural skin remedies.

If areas of a person’s face like forehead, nose and chin are oily and other parts like jaw lines and area near hair have dry patches, the person is reported to have ‘Combination Skin’. Ylang ylang, sweet orange, jojoba, rosewood, and apricot are effective herbal remedies.

People with supersized pores that frequently suffer clogging, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts and redness have skin known as ‘acne-prone’. Tea tree oil, lime, mint, grapefruit, manuka, basil, coriander, hazelnut and grape seed are found to be helpful herbal treatments.

Those with problems that often include blotchy patches or are prone to redness, rashes and irritation is regarded as ‘Sensitive’. Rose, almond, sesame, jasmine, carrot, calendula and jojoba are helpful remedies.

One of the most helpful natural care solutions for all is water. Hydration is the most important factor. It has been established that drinking sufficient water is vital to skin-health. In addition, gentle cleansing, dry brush exfoliation, moisturizing and sun screen are also an important part of natural care regime.

Just by educating yourself on which type you have and using simple ideas which assist in the best natural skin care, one can easily maintain natural healthy skin and feel confident as we show ourselves to the outside.

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