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Best Muscle Building Foods – What to Eat Post Workout

Imagine that you just got done with a grueling muscle blasting workout. You took all the time to put your body through hell so why would you neglect it after the workout is done. The post workout meal is the most important meal you will eat all day. I personally prefer a simple protein shake, but we will talk about some actual food you should eat.

First it is crucial that you get the after workout meal done within 45 minutes of your workout. Any later and you are missing out on an opportunity to fuel your muscles at the best time. So if you are not going to use a protein shake there are some types of foods that you must eat. The meal needs to be low in fat because if it is high in fat it will slow the absorption of protein by the muscles. Since protein is the most important nutrient for muscle growth and repair this meal must have over 40 grams of protein. Anything less will be shorting your system. You can eat carbohydrates, but make sure that they are the complex kind. Things like oatmeal or whole wheat bread are OK as long as you have a substantial amount of protein to go with it. These along with the lean proteins are the best muscle building foods.

I would still advise you to start using a protein supplement because it is absorbed easier by your muscles. If you still insist on eating normal food just make sure it follows the rules that are mentioned above. The best muscle building foods are the healthy and natural kind which will be easily absorbed into your system.

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