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Autofellatio and Yoga – What Do The Two Have in Common and Can They Cultivate Sexual Power?

Most people have some idea about what Yoga is. While there are many different types and methods of Yoga, the main definition that most people embrace, is that it is a system of health and relaxation that is nurtured through physical postural methods.

This is in its most basic form. Other methodologies of Yoga embrace spirituality, connectivity with the “Life Force,” creativity, self-acceptance, balance (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually), and even focus on increasing strength and energy in many ways. One aspect of this strengthening is through developing more sexual power.

It’s interesting that autofellatio can be cultured and obtained, by most people, through learning and practising Yogic maneuvers and stretches. In fact, ancient artifacts reveal that the Tantrists, from India, developed their own specialized form of Yoga with deep ties to sexuality. They have left us with evidence that self-sexual acts (of the oral variety) were not only an important and dynamic part of their culture, but that they even took the time to solidify these concepts in stone, through their architecture and art. This would reveal that such sexual-based acts were important to them and well-worth preserving for people to see, even centuries after they were created.

Of course, some experts on Yoga will state that such acts as autofellatio or autocunnilingus (through Yogic practise) go against the grain and true meaning of Yogi Philosophy. This is merely a self-appointed opinion and has no basis in reality. Again, there are many aspects of Yogi art and Hindu religion that have sexuality at the very core of their teachings. Many of which focus on developing sexual energy to its highest possible state.

Within the physical aspect of this method of mysticism, we also realize that with practise and time, that many of the positions and stretches lend themselves entirely to increasing flexibility and mobility in the body. This is hardly a surprise to anyone who has studied body mechanics, as keeping the joints, fascia, ligaments, and muscles in the body strong and flexible, is one of the cornerstones of living a healthy existence. Even as simple as that seems, it is an extremely important part of a person’s overall health.

With the increase in flexibility and healthiness of the joints (and associated tissues), through Yogic practise, we then have what? We have a body that is flexible enough that it can perform such acts as autofellatio and autocunnilingus.

To Summarize: This leaves us with certain forms of Yoga that are clearly based on sexuality, increasing and harnessing our sexual energy, and which have prescribed postures that allow one to autofellate, if one chooses to do so. Cultivation of sexual power/energy can be had by utilizing Yogic postures and philosophy; and from my own experiences, take this energy to incredible phases through re-circulating this energy during the autofellatory process.

Not only do autofellatio and certain types of Yoga share commonalities, but it would seem that, in some ways, they are inseparable.

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