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Anxiety and Mental Shutdown – Sufferers of Anxiety Are Literally Mentally Affected

Some sufferers of anxiety are literally mentally affected. For those with diagnosed Anxiety Disorder, the brain and its neurotransmitters are not working as they should be. Nevertheless, anxiety can be a learned habit. The root cause of anxiety therefore lies is as old as the nature vs. nurture debate.

Just as in any brain condition, anxiety may manifest in different forms in different people. Some just shut down. Others get really busy, multitasking and running around just as if they have ADD.

A typical person who shuts down during an anxiety attack is George. He can function well for ordinary activities, but when he is already faced with more than one issue at a time, he just shuts down mentally.

At work, he can finish his tasks perfectly. This is because his work is almost autonomic. He doesn’t have to analyze what he is doing. He just does what he has been used to doing all along.

Home, however, is a different issue for George. At home, he must compartmentalize his thought processes. He then becomes anxious as his mind has to work extra. He may be thinking about money, and this leads to his anxiety about this subject. He must think about paying bills, providing food for his family, not to mention his other obligations that also include money.

Then his wife asks him about furniture arrangements. He then shuts down. George is simply unable to think about other things during an anxiety attack. His wife pushes him to answer. Something different happens. George becomes hysterical. He screams, paces, breathes heavily, and thinks that everything is now out of control.

For George to function during an anxiety attack, he must list topics that need to be addressed so he can focus with one problem at a time.

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