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Anorexia Nervosa Impact On Society

Some statistics show that 1% of American women have anorexia nervosa, many people don’t have idea on how dangerous this disorder is. Thousands of teenagers die each year due to anorexia and eating disorders. Society plays an important role to help solve this growing problem and make adolescents aware of the dangers.

If we want to see the anorexia nervosa impact on society, its enough to see the death statistics and emotional problems that they have to understand how severe it is. There are groups of people especially online that support anorexia nervosa as a lifestyle and they give tips and advice to them to hide their problem from their family and keep a rigorous diet.

I think we need to change the way society values people, there are testimonies of teenagers that were very happy, but when they started dieting due to an emotional problem they had caused by a critique of their weight, their life became miserable. Adolescents want to be loved and accepted in society, so when people critiques their body or physical appearance, sometimes the frustration is so big, that they do anything to be accepted be liked.

The consequence is that adolescents start dieting and exercising with obsession, to the point that they starve themselves and hurt their body. They also see all the celebrities in tv as perfect and they want to be like them, very thin.

Anorexia is an emotional problem and cannot be solved just with medications, the person needs to understand that what she is doing is wrong and is damaging her self. She needs to feel loved and accepted by her family to recover from this disorder, she needs to change her self image.

Society is causing a negative impact on teenagers, they are acquiring the wrong values from the media and take celebrities as their role model of success. Parents have to make their child aware of this problem and its consequences.

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