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Acne – Natural Cures

Many times mild to moderate acne can be treated naturally. Natural treatment involves no harsh medications, such as Accutane, that can cause serious and harmful side effects. Natural treatment involves adjusting the lifestyle to get rid of toxins in the body that are causing acne breakouts. Natural treatments also use herbs to help jump-start the workings of the liver and other cleansing organs to help cleanse your body.

Acne is caused by either hormonal imbalances, such as the acne that occurs during pregnancy, or the pores being clogged by a substance known as sebum. Many people think of acne as a problem of adolescence, but it is becoming increasingly a problem of adults as well. Acne is usually found on the face, shoulders, neck and back. If it is bad enough, acne can cause terrible scarring.

Several natural occurrences can cause breakouts or worsening of acne. When a woman gets her menstrual cycle, the hormonal changes premenstrually can cause an acne flair-up. Some prescription medications, specifically those designed to change hormonal levels, can cause acne. Obesity is another cause, due to the change in the hormones associated with being overweight. Stress is another factor. A poor diet, especially one high in sugars and trans fatty acids is yet another cause.

One of the first areas to target to help cure acne is the diet. Unprocessed foods are the best possible foods for those who wish to combat acne. Vegetables and fruit should make up a large portion of the diet. Refined sugar and fried foods should be avoided whenever possible. Milk products can be another problem, as well as hydrogenated vegetable oil. Avoid these things and increase the consumption of water and fiber. Those suffering from acne should monitor their bowel movements and strive to consume enough fiber eventually to have a bowel movement with every meal. This helps eliminate the toxins in the body that can lead to acne.

There are also several vitamins and herbs that help to stimulate the body to cleanse itself and get rid of the unsightly acne. Vitamin A helps the body reduce the production of sebum. On popular and dangerous, prescription drug, Accutane, is a high dose of vitamin A. The problem with this drug is that it can cause severe birth defects if a woman who is taking it becomes pregnant and it can also lead to depression in teenagers. It is better to take an over-the-counter Vitamin A supplement.

Zinc also helps to prevent acne, as well as heal current breakouts. Zinc helps to regulate the hormonal imbalances that can cause acne. Vitamin B6 is another helpful vitamin, particularly for women suffering from menstrual acne breakouts. The herbs sarsaparilla, yellow dock, cleavers and burdock take together help clear the body of lymph infections and therefore of acne. Tea tree oil can be applied directly to acne spots to help reduce the pain and appearance of the problem.

Sometimes those who suffer from acne find relief from massage treatments. The process of improving circulation to the affected areas often helps reduce the acne breakouts. Finally, reducing the stress in your life can help take away your acne. Relaxation techniques work to this effect.

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