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Acne And The Colon – An Unlikely Partnership

Acne cannot accomplish much against the colon. It is too vast a system. Acne instead bides its time and lies in wait until the synergy between the colon and the liver is sufficiently impaired. How does this happen? What makes acne and the colon such an unlikely pair?

The Role Of Acne In The Partnership

The internal body should be cared for just as well as the external body. Acne pounces when the internal environment is sufficiently laid low. At this time, key organs are sluggish and overtaxed. Acne does not assist itself in showing up.

The internal environment must be just so, then acne shows up. The role of acne in partnership with the colon is initially a latent one. But left unchecked, acne then spreads to the neck, back and chest areas.

The function of the colon gives us a clearer view of how acne and the colon eventually link up to form an unlikely partnership.

The Function Of The Colon

The colon is the final stop in the digestive process. It absorbs water and electrolytes from the digested food. It moves waste products, and stores it until evacuation. I cannot escape explaining peristalsis.

Simply put, it is the movement of material through the colon using involuntary wavelike contractions.

Peristalsis is made easier when fiber is present. Yes, you help your colon do its work when you eat plenty of roughage (fiber). Moreover, fiber absorbs harmful toxins and fat. It also moves waste along faster and easier.

Herein lies the key to a healthy colon. Quick movement and evacuation of waste.

An important sidebar must now be included.


Too much stress would shut the entire digestive system down. Peristalsis would then slow down. Waste products would remain in your system too long.

Check your stress. It may be a trigger for your acne!

Foods that lack fiber, like white flour, sugar, meats, and saturated fats are hard on the colon. Fast foods are brutal on the colon. These types of food tend to stick to the inside of the colon.

It is then that they become a breeding ground for toxin-producing harmful bacteria. These harmful toxins are absorbed by the blood. Guess where the blood carries these harmful toxins?

Correct…the liver.

The liver is already overloaded and overtaxed because the colon has been sending this toxic blood for a long time. Other major elimination organs like the kidneys and the lungs come to the livers rescue. But soon they too are overwhelmed.

Toxins are then eliminated through the sweat pores of the skin. And guess who we have a problem with now…acne! The colon is only doing what it is supposed to do, eliminate waste. However, in eliminating toxins through the skin, the colon has become an unlikely partner with acne.

A word must now be said about water in this process. Water keeps the colon lubricated and the material soft and easy to move. So drink plenty of water in your battle with acne.


Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, formerly of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, Always believed that 90 percent of the diseases of civilization are due to improper functioning of the colon. Acne and the colon merge into an unlikely partnership because of our poor dietary choices.

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