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A Proper Cycling Workout Plan – Workouts For Increasing Power

There are several key components to improving overall cycling quality for both fitness and competition. Pedal speeds of 80 to 100 are generally regarded as an acceptable cadence range for endurance training. This strengthens endurance muscle fibers mostly used in cycling. However, a cycling program should not exclude periodic routines geared towards strengthening muscle fibers necessary for improving power. There could be times in a race, for example, were strength and power are necessary for the steep hill or a final sprint to the finish. Cycling training that involves power training completes a cycling program.

There are several methods for adding power to cycling training. The most common feature they all possess is adding resistance without sacrificing cadence rate. Cyclists should remember that power training is not the same as strength training from lifting weights. The goal is not to push the muscles to fatigue but simply apply short bursts of power. The source of resistance can be provided on a flat terrain with a shift in gears of from a hill.

Uphill training provides a valuable source of resistance that will help improve leg power. The weekly addition to the endurance ride requires a short burst of power followed by a minimum 20 minutes of recovery using normal pace. Ten repeats of twenty second climbs while maintaining acceptable 80 beats per minute cadence should suffice. The uphill workout is strictly geared towards improving power and includes riding out of the saddle.

This cycling workout also includes a section when the rider increases resistance by changing to a higher-level gear. Similar to the uphill section, ten repeats of twenty seconds each with an 80 beat cadence is sufficient to increase leg power.

The third aspect of power training is to increase cadence 20 beats per minutes while maintaining the same gear level. A rider who maintains an 80 beat cadence during the basic endurance ride increases to 100 beat cadence for power training. This portion of the cycling workout focuses on muscles that would typically be used to overcome another rider or the final push towards the finish line.

A cycling program that incorporates a weekly workout for improving overall power provides maximum benefits. The cyclist can increase the number of repetitions in the late season as leg power continues to increase. Basic mistakes to avoid are increasing the number of repetitions to early in the training season or not allowing sufficient recovery time. The goal is not to fatigue the muscles but simply to focus a portion of the cycling workout towards increasing power, not strength. The same applies to those cyclists intent on competing in a bike race or a triathlon.

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