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8 Great Tips To Avoid The Effects of Stress and Junk Food on Your Hair

The biggest mistake you can make in your hair care routine is ignoring the effect of stress and junk food on your hair.

Fact 1: the hair you have or for that matter even the gorgeous curly or straight hair of that model you admire is dead cells once it leaves the scalp. You can’t do anything from outside to make it grow.

At the base of the hair is a follicle. Here is where the hair growth takes place. And how does it take place? By the addition of more cells at the follicle.

Fact 2: the hair is growing from within. So the hair care routine needs to focus on what goes into the body more than what to apply to the scalp.

If you have a wholesome balanced diet your hair will grow, weather it is black hair or any other color hair. Hair is a protein. Its primary component is keratin. So have a diet with protein in it. You also need vitamins and silica to nourish your hair. All this is not present in the right amount in junk food. Junk food will have a large amount of oils, processed sugars, refined flour and salt. But for beautiful hair you need to munch on green leafy vegetables, fruits and sprouts. That’s the best medicine for healthy long hair.

Chuck the junk food. Take more proteins, yeast, wheat germ, soybean, and vitamin A.

We have learnt how to live with stress in our daily lives but our hair hasn’t. Too much stress in our lives leads to increase in hair fall and also dandruff. Try yoga, exercises or a hobby to de-stress.

And this doesn’t apply to women alone. Men’s hair is also prone to falling due to junk food and stress.

So here are some tips that you must keep in mind to bring out the natural beauty of your hair:

1. Avoid stress

2. Have your dinner an hour or so before sleeping

3. Avoid spicy, oily and junk food.

4. Don’t use very hot water for your bath.

5. Have a well balanced diet.

6. Use organic food.

7. Give your hair a good massage once a week. This improves the circulation and brings more nutrients to the hair follicle. You can go for a professional massage at the salon or do it yourself at home.

8. Avoid alcohol and smoking.

The effect of stress and junk food on your hair is one of the important reasons for hair fall and dandruff. Do not neglect it. You hair and skin health is an indication of the health of your body. Take charge.

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