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7 Top Benefits of Owning a Fitness Franchise

Are you a workout fanatic or a self-proclaimed “gym rat”? How about combining that passion for fitness with a lucrative franchise business opportunity? Now we’re talking.  

If you have the desire to be in business for yourself and are also passionate about exercise, diet, and fitness, perhaps a fitness franchise might just be the perfect business for you. Let’s face it: our society as a whole is overweight. It’s a problem that has existed for a very long time, but the increased awareness of the health risks associated with being overweight has created a steep increase in the popularity of the health and fitness industry. Sadly, our children are as unfit as ever. Combine that with the fact that the weight loss industry is a $40 billion annual business.  Can you see the huge possibilities here?  

Maybe you’re a husband and wife team seeking to make a difference in the lives of those who struggle with weight loss and fitness.  Or you’re a bored, unchallenged, white collar executive looking for a way to combine your passion for physical fitness with the desire to grow a successful business for yourself. Perhaps you are an investor seeking a business vehicle that allows you to purchase the rights to a specific region with the intention of developing multiple profit centers or desiring to possess the license necessary to sell the concept to other entrepreneurs in your region. Whatever your reason, a fitness franchises is a great business to invest in.   

Consider this: baby boomers, the largest segment of the American population, are more focused than ever on their health and overall appearance. They refuse to age without a struggle, and they are the pioneers behind the explosion of health clubs, aerobics classes and home fitness during the past thirty-plus years. They have tried all of the diets and exercise regimens, and are in search of a more fulfilling program that leads to lifelong health.  This group and their health focus is a major reason why fitness opportunities are, and will continue, to thrive. 

Although millions upon millions of dollars are spent each year on exercise equipment and health club memberships, the majority of the population is losing their battle against weight gain and overall fitness. They are realizing that going it alone just isn’t working. Along with state of the art equipment that targets their “trouble” spots, they need specific, detailed, easy to follow programs that can lead them on the path to reaching their goals. 

There are several great fitness franchise opportunities, such as those that specialize in weight training, yoga, Pilates, men’s, women’s, and children’s fitness centers. Even those that specialize in strength training with a personal trainer. Whatever your area of interest in physical fitness, you’re destined to find a franchise concept that excites you. 

Fitness franchises offer some great benefits to the franchisee, including these 7:

Low overhead  

Few employees  

Passive ownership  

Simple operation  

Multi-unit opportunities  

Limited seasonality  

Low initial investment  

Many also allow you to choose which type of owner you choose to be, whether its owner operated, manage the manager scenario, or a husband/wife team where you both bring specific skills and talents to the business.

As your clients achieve their goals of being physically fit, you, as the franchisee, enjoy the road to achieving fiscal fitness.

Check with an experienced franchise consultant for specific fitness franchise opportunities that match your requirements and skill set and for availability in your area of the country.

Register for your Free Franchise Consultation.  The Franchising Authority will help you find your perfect franchise!

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