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7 Strength Training Tips To Build Muscle

Want to build muscle effectively? Are you progressing no-where with strength in the gym? If you feel frustrated, why not take a few steps back, and start with some simple basic guidelines that many people overlook, but have stood the test of time.

1) Build Muscle With Less Training

Over-training is your number one enemy.

Excessive weight training without sufficient recovery time between workouts will not assist in

muscle growth. The key thing to building muscle is, infrequent, short, high intensity workout

sessions will jolt your muscle growth process, and body adapts to build muscle with size and strength.

Research has shown that to build muscle effectively, up to a week’s rest is required

after the previous workout of high intensity weight training.

Remember the most effective way to build muscle is to combine the intensity of the exercise and the recuperation after the exercise!

Therefore, limit the number of days and the amount of time at the gym each week.

No more than 3 weight sessions a week, and each workout should not be more than 1 hour.

2) Push Your Body To The Limit Safely

For outstanding gains, be prepared to train hard and shock your body signals with an intense

workout. Your body will respond by increasing the size and strength of the muscle.

If you are serious in the pursuit to build muscle and change the physique of your body quickly

and efficiently, be prepared to train your muscles to failure.

3) Push to Failure With One Set

Research has shown that the single set training is more beneficial for building muscle and more effective than multiple set training.

Therefore, pour 100% effort into the first set and exercise hard till the bar cannot be moved after

the last rep. If that happens, there will be no need for another set on that specific exercise.

Consequently, more energy and effort can be used for another focused exercise during the workout.

4) Number of Repetitions Per Set

Vary the intensity in repetitions and weight training throughout a given period of

time. It is an effective way to build muscle and avoid slumps in strength.

Higher repetitions will promote endurance, whilst lower repetitions will result in muscle gain.

By varying the repetitions and weight through out a ten week period, you will build muscle.

Not only that, it will stop your workouts from getting boring!

5) Limit The Training Frequency For Each Muscle Group

In order to allow an appropriate recovery time, each muscle group should only be focused on

once per week, and perform only what is necessary. So avoid the temptation to build muscle with

increase in frequency.

6) Drink Water To Build Muscle

80% of the human body is made up of water, and drinking water to hydrate yourself is an absolute


Not only is water beneficial to your health, it aids in building muscle by carrying healthy

nutrients throughout the body and flushing out excess protein from the kidneys. AS well,

water plays a large role in injury prevention.

Again research conducted has shown that a slight dehydration will result in decrease in strength and physical performance significantly.

7) Build Muscle With No Ego

To put it simply, heavy weights are not necessary to build muscle.

Why not take off a significant load off the weight, and concentrate on slower movements to stimulate the muscle group. Build muscle with the feel of the strain of the muscle and not the weight.

Poor technique and form with too much weight will take the stress off the target muscle! The momentum moves the weight, not the muscles. To build muscle, focus on strict form with controlled movement, temp tension.

So don’t be shy to use lighter weight for a better performance. Remember, your objective is

to build muscle and strength, not to show off!

Therefore, depending on the goals you have personally set to build muscle and the time needed to achieve it, start with the above basic principles and focus on quality not quantity.

Doing the right amount of sets and repetitions combined with strict form and exercises to build muscle is far more important than how often and how long you need to build muscle.

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