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3 Tips to Get the Same Body As the Hottest Fitness Models

If you want the same body as the hottest fitness models you see in the magazines, on TV, or at fitness expos then you need to follow 3 tips. They are simple in concept, but you must have discipline in order to execute them properly.

First, you must get your nutrition and health in order. Get checked out by your doctor and a licensed nutritionist in order to make adjustments which are best for you. Just because the top fitness models look great, it does not mean that they are in terrific health. Work with your doctor and nutritionist to rid yourself of unnecessary ailments, heal up injuries, eat properly for your blood type, and develop your body for optimum health.

Second, understand your motives for wanting a body like the top fitness models. If it is to impress someone else, get back at somebody, or to look better than someone else then consider changing your motivations. The motives just listed are fueled by revenge and/or are dependent on someone else. Change your motives toward positive intentions such as remaining healthy for your kids, having the athleticism needed to experience physical challenges most people will never accomplish such as rock climbing, running a marathon, competing on a bodybuilding stage, etc. Be motivated by health, the ability to experience wonders of the world, and having the physical gifts to enjoy time with your family, friends, and teammates if you play a sport.

Third, train properly. The hottest fitness models don’t necessarily only lift weights, only do yoga, or are only runners. Take a good, long look at your body and what its gifts are. If you are gifted with big, strong muscles then go for the look of a bodybuilder or figure competitor; or if you are gifted with long limbs and a swimmer’s body then train in such a manner.

These three tips will get you started on the journey of looking like the top fitness models. Just remember to do training for your mind, emotions, spirituality, and all of the other “intangibles” as well!

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