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Uses and Benefits of Plant Extracts

The significance of plants and plant extract has grown tremendously during the recent years. Ever since eternity plants have played a major role in protecting the environment. Extracts from plants have known to possess many beneficial qualities to augment the overall health of human beings.

There are over a million types of extracts derived from plants which can be used for multiple purposes. Researches have proved that plant extract can be used to cure many health ailments and it has lesser side effects compared to other forms of medications.

Different Types of Extracts from Plants and Their Benefits

Castor Oil: Castor oil is a plant extract derived from the castor seed. It has innumerable qualities and is used for curing skin diseases. It is a vegetable oil which contains undecylenic acid that helps to care for the skin. It also helps to reduce constipation and keeps the hair healthy and soft. Castor oil is also beneficial to pregnant women as it helps to induce labor.

Turmeric: Turmeric is another plant extract which has an array of medical virtues. Turmeric is considered an essential source of antibiotics. It is used as an antiseptic in case of burns and cuts. This particular plant extract is also used by doctors to cure cancers. Certain types of cancers can be prevented by the intake of turmeric. It also helps to prevent chronic heart ailments. Turmeric is even applied on the face and neck to prevent growth of hair. It also helps to keep the skin clear and prevents acne and blemishes.

Aloe Vera: This exemplary plant extract is considered unique with amazing health benefits. Aloe vera is used for many purposes like curing skin diseases as it contains essential oils and minerals which are beneficial to the skin. It is also known to cure gall bladder disorders, cancers and strengthen the immune system of the body. Aloe Vera is used as an ingredient in many cosmetic products like creams and shampoos. It is also used to treat first degree burns.

Lavender: Known for its sweet smell, this plant extract has a number of beneficial qualities. It is known to cure bites and cuts. Lavender is also considered an effective medicine to cure skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Used as a mild sedative, it also helps to keep the skin oil free.

Neem: The health benefit of neem tree is quite undeniable. It is considered an effective antiseptic and used to cure many diseases. It is known to cure skin ailments, cholesterol, diabetes and so forth. Neem extract is also considered an effectual cure for acne and boils.

Compared to other types of medications, the extracts derived from plants and herbs are much effective and less expensive. As more and more people opt for medicines from plant extract, buyers find it easy to obtain these products through online markets too.

With a number of healing properties, medicines derived from plant extract are widely used by many people all over the world. In addition to curing skin diseases and chronic ailments, it is also used to restore hormonal imbalances and other diseases.

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Increase Your Height Naturally

There are many people in our society who lack proper growth but have desire to grow taller. They use different medicines to increase their height which are costlier but yet not effective to increase their height. If you are one of them using such medicine then, it’s time to think wisely. The medicines that are used to increase your height have various side effects to your health. Thus, we suggest you to use alternative methods to increase you height naturally which don’t have any side effects.

Yes, we are speaking the truth you can gain height naturally using different natural means. The gland responsible for human growth is pituitary gland. The pituitary gland produces the hormones essential for human growth, but in some people the pituitary glands might not be active much to produce those growth hormones as a result people have poor height.

Thus, if you are able to make the pituitary gland active then, you can grow taller. Factors that help pituitary gland produce enough growth hormones are balanced diet, right exercise and sound sleep. Hence, if you want to grow taller then you must pay more attention in your dietary schedule.

Balanced Diet:

If you want to grow taller then you should be conscious about food you eat. It is highly recommended to have foods containing protein, calcium and minerals. You need to consume enough amount of food like cereals, meat products which are rich sources of proteins.

Sound Sleep:

Sound sleep means good health and good health means proper height thus, it is beneficial to have sound and proper sleep for proper growth. Certain hormones in human beings responsible for human growth are active when people are asleep. Hence, proper sleep also determines your height.


Doing all of above mentioned things only help you get proper height if and only if you perform proper exercise on daily basis. There are many exercises that help to make the pituitary gland active in human being which is responsible for simulating growth hormones. The regular practice of various yoga postures can be the best option for you.

So, always have positive attitude do as we have suggested and grow taller and look smarter.

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Kerastase Nutritive Bain Oleo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo

Kérastase Nutritive Bain Oleo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo perfectly cleanses the hair and detangles into shiny and soft hair. The shampoo contains Kerastase Nutritive and shore oil results into the development of the smooth hair cuticle. By using this shampoo, it becomes easier to supple, soft and leave hairs detangled. Hairs become healthy and shiny by making use of this shampoo. it makes it easier to style the hair according to their need and requirement.

Certain directions need to follow before making use of this shampoo, which includes use of wet hair, lather, and rinsing of hair thoroughly. The main of the Kérastase Nutritive Bain Oleo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo is to maximize the effectiveness of shampoo because of the powerful and constructive formula used in the making of the shampoo to give a new life to the hair

Kérastase Nutritive Bain Oleo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo produces spectacular types of stage filling styles that is the perfect combination of the sensual softness and full on volume. Online it becomes simple to buy the product and get full knowledge about how to make use the Kérastase Nutritive Bain Oleo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo and when under what conditions. It never prickles the pocket of the person and available easily in online stores with a demonstration so that it becomes easier to make decision.

The shampoo fulfills perfectly the function hair moisturizing, straightening and nourishing. To supple, soften and tangles the massive thick hair is the main aim of this shampoo. One can easily adjust the massive thick hair according to their face by using this shampoo. It becomes easier to style the hair according to their need and requirement. Certain directions need to follow before making use of this shampoo, which includes use of wet hair, lather, and rinsing of hair thoroughly.

Rich treatment offers by the Kérastase Nutritive Bain Oleo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo that leaves the hair fiber rejuvenated and replenished. It is a technically advanced form of shampoo, which makes the hair beautiful and shiny. Online there are Kérastase Nutritive Bain Oleo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo stores are available that offer different types of shampoos according to the texture of hair at an affordable cost just with a click of mouse. It makes the hair stronger, manageable and softer. The shampoo easily returns the warm blonde tones of hair and makes beautiful and stronger in such a manner that it adores the personality of a woman who make use of this shampoo. It helps in the increasing of tonal integrity and longevity in hair

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Do Entrepreneurs Have To Choose Between Health Or Wealth?

Call me greedy if you like but I want both. We all know the struggles of maintaining the work and exercise balance. If managed correctly the two can feed off of each other. Staying fit has proven to help alleviate those problems. I have not always maintained that balance when the demands of running a business became overwhelming. As a member of the U. S. Army, and entrepreneur running a marketing agency, I learned a lot about discipline and motivation which helps to keep me focused today. As a successful business owner you already have those traits of discipline and motivation. It is a matter of shifting them to other positive habits.

This may seem obvious but it has to be mentioned. Set reasonable goals. What are you trying to accomplish? Knowing your goals will tell you how to proceed. Do you want to meet a mate? OK, then you need weight lifting, cardio, and change of diet and you need to start yesterday. Do we want to relieve stress? OK, you can start walking or running around your schedule. Do you want to relieve stress and have more energy? OK, you start with something fun and easy and add to it as you improve. Knowing where to start will get you where you are going. Other goals to consider will be based on your level of fitness. If you have never worked out or it has been a long time since you worked out my suggestion would be to start slow and easy. When I was in the Army we routinely ran or worked out five times a week. At the time I was easily running seven to eight minute miles. I tell you that to let you in on my mindset when I started running again after a 20 year hiatus. I had set unrealistic goals for myself that almost destroyed my esteem and motivation. I was devastated that I could not even finish two miles without stopping. It seemed, at the time, like a waste of time. It is OK to set those goals small with the intent in raising them later. The feeling of accomplishment in the beginning will fuel you to the next workout.

Now that you have your goals laid out it is time to write them down. Literally. It is time to get out your appointment book and schedule working out. Yes, I understand you are busy and have a company to run. I get it. What is more important than your health? Schedule working out just like it is an important meeting with a new client. Before you know it you will be looking forward to working out. What has worked for me is to sign up for an event. I like obstacle courses but there are plenty out there to choose from. I run three or four a year as well as the occasional 5k for charity. When I know I have something coming up that I have already paid for and planned then that motivates me to get to work. I know what I ran it in last year so I have a time to beat. Who better to compete against than yourself?

There are plenty of other tips or techniques from a myriad of sources but these can help anyone get started. What it comes down to is motivation and dedication. The only person who can make you go to the gym is you. If you show up you are halfway there. Even if you are having a bad day or do not feel well then just show up. A bad day working out is better than not working out. Be safe and show up.

This is going to sound harsh. If you are not making an effort to exercise and take care of yourself then you are being selfish. You are being selfish to your family, friends, employees, and neighbors. All of these people in one way or another rely on you. Are there reasons to be selfish? Do it because you want to look good. Do it because you want to feel better. Do it for yourself. Be selfish and show up.

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Wear Your Curves Proudly – You’re A Healthy Beautiful Woman

I start my day by hitting the gym for an intense workout session; I do strict diets hoping to shed some weight. I swear I do not do this because my body doesn’t impress me, but because it doesn’t impress the society. Every day is a struggle – a neighbor, a relative and sometimes even a friend reminds me that I’ve gained a lot of weight, forcing me to fight with my body.

Do I enjoy it? Of course not and I’m sure anybody who is exercising or dieting under pressure isn’t enjoying any bit of it.

I’ve been through a lot, I’ve heard people say mean stuff about me and stare at me, but nothing bothers me now! I’m happy to be the ‘fat woman’ that I am, and if you’re just as fat like me, you should be happy too. Stop blaming others for how you feel. Remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said? She said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” So sorry to burst the bubble girls but it’s not the others who mocked you, it was you who degraded yourself and gave them the liberty shame you.

I understand and agree that a ‘thin and lean body’ with the ‘perfect abs’ has become the new ‘vogue’, but this does not mean that you have to fit into the norms set by the society. Let people call you fat, curvy, fuller, plus size, obese, chubby or with any other similar word that suits their taste. It is okay to exercise if you want to but don’t starve yourself to death because someone else told you. Give yourself treats that you love; it’s okay to munch a cheese burst pizza along with some fries, and chocolate if you want, or you can just enjoy some juice if that pleases you. Remember the life that you’re leading is your own and no one has the right to judge you on the basis of your size, the clothes that you wear or the food that you eat. Relax!

As for me, I learned things the long way – it took me several years to accept my ‘fat body’ and to understand that there is no definition of a perfect body. Whether I’m fat or lean people will always find their reasons to call me names.

The kind of negativity revolving around plus size doesn’t irritate me. I’m a believer of self-love, my size doesn’t bother me any longer. To the people who’re over sympathetic for me, I’d like to say, “I don’t care. Stop wasting your time here!”

Believe me when I say you’re going to feel extremely confident and comfortable if you learn to wear your curves proudly. Remember you’re a healthy beautiful woman and nobody can take that away from you.

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The Flaw of Air Alert and Why Today I Only Use The Jump Manual

I’ve never been happy with my vertical jump height, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about two programs called The Jump Manual and Air Alert, so I looked into it. Air Alert promises to increase your jump height by 8 to 14 inches. The Jump Manual doesn’t mention a specific height, but it does say that certain athletes who have used the program have gotten from 10 to 25 inches higher. It appears as if Air Alert is based on a formula that delivers the same results for everyone who uses it, while The Jump Manual is geared toward your specific potential. The latter also seems more personal, since the creator offers individualized email training and has even set up forums where people also going through the program can chat and exchange ideas.

The guy who devised The Jump Manual has lots of experience trying out different methods of improving his own vertical jump height. He tried strength shoes, stair running, college programs, Air Alert, and pretty much everything else out there before doing the research to come up with Jump Manual. He wasn’t satisfied with the segmented approach other programs took, so he used his own experience and knowledge about all the aspects involved with increasing the height of your jump shot.

Air Alert doesn’t mention nutrition at all, and mostly focuses on different repetitive muscle exercises. Jump Manual has a whole section devoted to nutrition, including a guide. While the creator is not a nutritionist or dietitian, he has researched his points thoroughly, and the program has been positively reviewed by physicians. Jump Manual allows for the fact that nutrition equals health, and health in turn is a significant part of muscle strength and quickness. Without good nutrition, all the training in the world won’t be able to get an athlete to his or her full potential, and Jump Manual creator takes this into account.

A core point of The Jump Manual is that strength, quickness, and your brain need to be involved in any jump to increase its height in what the creator of the Manual calls a “height-reaching explosion.” The idea is that if you’re thinking about applying strength and speed during the same muscle contraction, you will achieve the greatest amount of height during your jump. Air Alert emphasizes training, but more of the endurance aspect. Repetitive training might add a few inches to your vertical jump, but the thoughtful, quality training The Jump Program endorses seems more likely to help you explore your full potential, as opposed to limit you to a preset improvement.

The thing I like most about The Jump Program is that it seems to be based on a holistic approach, focusing not simply on muscle exercises, but nine different variables – fuel, form, stamina, flexibility, and balance, for starters. It also includes the nutritional aspect of priming your body to achieve a higher jump, which Air Alert fails to mention at all. Air Alert seems stuck on what it terms “Habitual Jump Training,” which is supposed to strengthen your tendons, ligaments, buttocks, calves, and thighs with moves like the “kangaroo effect.”Air Alert and The Manual both make you take training to another level, but The Jump Program encourages low repetitions with more intensity. The entire program focuses more on quality over quantity. Since I’d rather use my brain and my body in tandem than just my body, I’m going with The Jump Manual.

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Molluscs Or Molluscum Contagiosum is More Than Just a Little Itch

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, yet most people tend to take it for granted. Going about daily life, protection from the harmful rays of the sun are often forgotten. Similarly, individuals forget to take care of the epidermis when it comes to protecting against contagious disease. One kids sent to school with chicken pox and within two weeks the entire class breaks out, unless the students have been vaccinated. But, there is more pox than one, and for those infected with molluscs or Molluscum Contagiosum, it is much more than just a little itch.

What is Molluscum Contagiosum?

The virus is an extremely contagious type of pox disease. It manifests as little pink bumps, similar to pimples. Yet, it can have a depressed center. The molluscs have a white waxy core, and they tend to spread easily. Do not touch, or beware of the consequences!

How are Molluscs Contracted?

Unfortunately, individuals can be infected by the viral skin disease and not even know it is a concern. Among the possibilities are:

  1. Touching another person with the virus
  2. Touching any object that has made contact with the virus.
  3. Intimacy with someone who suffers from the virus

Because Molluscum Contagiosum is such a prolific virus, young children and people with compromised immune systems are more susceptible. Also, scratching the irritated skin only serves to expand the problem even further.

How can I Avoid the Disease?

Unfortunately, there are often times that it is impossible to tell whether contact has been made with an infected person until it is too late and the damage has been done. However, there are a few ways to reduce the chances of spreading the virus:

  • If unfamiliar skin bumps appear, especially with white, waxy centers do not touch.
  • Seek the counsel of a doctor as soon as possible
  • Do not send a child to school who may have a pox-like disease
  • Disinfect toys and other common areas that children touch
  • Do not touch door handles in public areas where the infection is possible without protection.
  • Treat other skin problems like eczema which can exacerbate the problem.
  • Avoid intimacy if molluscs are suspected

What if I already have Molluscum Contagiosum?

If the disease is suspected, avoid making external contact with the bumps as much as possible, and seek the help of a medical profession to determine the true source of the skin irritation and discomfort. In the event of a confirmed diagnosis, the patient has a few options to consider:

  1. Self-limited, treatment may not be necessary
  2. The doctor can scrape the dome shaped lesions
  3. Similar to treating warts, the disease can be treated by chemical freezing
  4. Topical medicines
  5. Essential oils

How do I Decide the Right Treatment?

Although the disease is self-limited, it can also last for months or even years. Thus, if the lesions are not going away on their own, it may be a good time to study the options.

Sure, the doctor can scrape or freeze the molluscs, but there is always the potential of leaving scars in the process. Besides, it is a more painful and invasive option. Personally, checking a less drastic approach seems wise.

So, maybe the patient can discuss the application of topical medicines with the doctor. However, for people with sensitive skin already, the chemicals may get rid of the lesions, but leave irritated skin in its wake, which means one more option to consider.

Before subjecting the skin to any harsh or invasive treatment, why not try essential oils? The extract comes from plants and other sources that are completely part of nature, no additives, preservatives or chemicals added. Thus, the healing can begin without putting the epidermis or patient under any stress or further discomfort.

So, if you suspect the presence of Molluscum Contagiosum, avoid contact as much as possible and seek the advice of a doctor. Then, if suspicions are correct, decide what options are best for controlling and eradicating the virus, like the all-natural approach of treating molluscs with essential oils.

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8 Great Ideas For Pizza Shop Signs

Pizza shops are always looking for a way to attract attention and motivate customers to order their new products and turn in to happy repeat customers. Adding unique signage and pure creativity is a great way to grab the attention of the hungry and weary and, if nothing else, build recognition. Here is a rundown of the top 8 great ideas for pizza shop signs.

Yard Signs

Placing yard signs throughout your neighborhoods and around local shopping spots like grocery stores, is a great way to build your name and direct potential customers. Include your business name and phone number, and your website if available. Make sure to have a mouth-watering pizza on your sign to really motivate new customers.

Vinyl Banner

Hang a bold, bright advertising banner over your pizzeria to really grab attention. The vibrant colors grab attention, and the large text is easy to read from a distance, making your message clear and effective. Keep your message simple so you text can be large and readable. A giant banner is the perfect way to announce a grand opening or great new promotion.

Car Magnets

Delivery drivers need a little recognition, right? Why let your pizza travel all around the neighborhood without putting your name on it! Most delivery drivers drive personal vehicles, making car magnets the perfect solution. They can easily be removed and reapplied without any damage to the vehicle, and help to build awareness of your pizza shop. Mobile advertising is one of the most effective forms of signage.

Wall Decals

Add some style to the inside of your pizza shop using wall decals. Also known as reusable decals, wall decals are fabric decal that can be reused on literally any surface without damaging it. This is a great way to add full-color menu items to your walls, Italian photos that look painted on, or even menu items for a unique look.

Vinyl Lettering

A traditional necessity for any pizza shop is vinyl lettering. This is the professional and traditional choice for your store hours and the name of your pizza shop. You can also list your menu categories on your window in lettering to entice customers to try your pizza, wings, pastas, and desserts.

Vinyl Decals

Add color to your storefront windows using vinyl decals. These full color signs can be printed at any size and the full-color printing is super vibrant. The can be applied inside or outside, and cut to any shape. Custom cut a decal to the shape of your pizza shop logo or show an amazingly appetizing menu collection.

Window Clings

Short-term promotion signs are a great way to bring is customers out looking for a great deal to feed the whole family. Put your announcements on window clings in your front windows so potential customers can easily see your offer and you can quickly give them a reason to stop on in.

Refrigerator Magnets

Send out refrigerator magnets with every pickup or delivery order. This is a great way to keep your name close as customers are in search of what’s for dinner. Customers are always happy to receive another useful magnet, and the full color design is quick to grab attention.

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Bleaching Your Virgin Hair Extensions Blonde – You CAN Do It!

I finally did it! I ordered a small weft sample of virgin Malaysian hair from Manedepot online and I bleached it. It took less than 10 minutes and remained very soft and healthy. I have light blonde hair and as some experienced hair extensions wearers might know…there are not many high quality blonde products on the market. Hey…if I’m wrong, please tell me. I would love any recommendations. If they last more than two or three installs without getting ratty I consider them high quality.

Lately, I’ve been researching the subject of virgin hair as they pertain to extensions (wefts, fusion, wigs, etc). Virgin hair is unprocessed and so it behaves naturally and lasts longer than chemically altered hair extensions. Manufacturers often use an acid bath or coloring process to change virgin hair textures for resale and this damages the natural cuticle that ensures hair lays smooth and feels soft. Asian hair is often acid bathed to strip the cuticles making the strands less coarse and more suitable for Caucasian use. A silicone coating is applied after the acid bath thus giving it a soft feel and shiny appearance; problem is, once the silicone wears off the hair starts to tangle and mat. If you decide to purchase virgin hair, make sure buy from a reputable retailer; you don’t want nits, lice or gray hairs in your weft. You also do not want animal hair interspersed with human hair, synthetic hair interspersed with human hair, or different batches of hair mixed into the same weft resulting non-aligned cuticles. It is best to purchase single or double drawn unprocessed hair that came from one donor. The main drawback in all of this for myself of course is that virgin hair is almost always dark hair since the majority of donors are of Indian, Hispanic, or Asian decent. The only exception to most dark virgin hair is that which comes from a more Northern Slavic origin or European virgin hair – and that stuff is very expensive and rare!

I suppose what I am really getting at is that I am tired of not being able to use my blonde hair extensions for more than a couple of installs. So after researching and determining the many benefits of virgin hair I decided I had to try it; the main problem is I would need to bleach it in order to color it to my shade of blonde. If all goes well I will get to reap all the benefits of wearing beautiful virgin hair (technically its no longer virgin after you bleach it but you know what I mean). and hopefully it will last a year or more if I take good care of it. Some wearers have reported that their virgin hair actually got nicer and softer the longer they wore it. It seems virgin hair is more expensive than other types of extensions but considering I have been buying one 4 four ounce weft at $130 a pop every few months or so I think the higher initial cost is worth it. If they last as long as people say I will actually save money in the long run.

I came across a detailed article describing the bleaching process so armed with this new knowledge I purchased the supplies from Sally’s Beauty Supply. Here is a list of what I purchased: 1 tub of bleach powder, 40 volume lightening solution and some toner (takes out the brass) and some good aragan oil. That’s it folks…those 4 ingredients. I mixed the powder and 40 volume in equal parts (added a bit of toner and aragan oil), smeared it on the sample and (here’s the secret) I put it in aluminum foil and in the oven on the warm setting for 7 minutes. Unbelievably easy yo! My sample weft lifted to a medium golden blonde color that quickly. I rinsed it, added some apple cider vinegar to neutralize any leftover lightener and deep conditioned it with aragan oil. It’s really beautiful, very soft and ready to color to the shade of blonde I choose. I know if I would have left it in for another 2 or 3 minutes and it would have been a very light blonde. I decided I will purchase the full 4 ounce weft from Perfect Locks since the place I bought the sample is a bit pricey – even though they look to have good products. I usually install less than the entire 4 oz so this is fine for me. People with thicker hair would need two 4 oz wefts to get a fuller look. They have some really nice curly virgin Indian hair in 16 inches for about $150 (customer reviews rave about the quality).

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Simple and Best Natural Remedies for Hyperthyroidism

Many natural remedies are effective in controlling secretion of thyroid hormone and also relieving effects of hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is less common compared to hypothyroidism but its effects on health are equally serious and can be fatal. Stimulated thyroid gland causes more digestion of food and reduces the absorption which causes serious weakness and malfunctioning of internal organs gradually.

All the herbs or supplements which have stimulating effects shall be avoided, since people suffering with hyperthyroidism get leaner and thinner so it is assumed that health promoting herbs will be beneficial but it is not so, all types of ginseng, bladder wrack, ashwagandha, wheat grass and astragalus shall be avoided. Lemon balm is an excellent natural remedy which affects working of thyroid gland and calms overactive gland to reduce the secretion of thyroid hormone. Tea can be prepared for consuming this herb by mixing two teaspoon of herb in a cup of boiling water. Gypsywort herb is another herb which can calm overactive thyroid gland by reducing the presence of excess mineral iodine. Five drops of tincture of gypsywort herb can be missed with a cup of normal water, this shall be consumed three times in a day, this remedy can treat as well as can work as an effective preventive measure for hyperthyroidism.

An extremely effective remedy can be prepared for external use, this remedy is prepared by taking equal quantities of bark of oak and roots of male fern, decoct this mixture with wine vinegar, this mixture can be used twice a day for rubbing the area below the throat, this is an external remedy for calming thyroid gland to cure hyperthyroidism. Amino acid L-carnitine also decreases thyroid glands activity and works as good remedy.

Hyperthyroidism can initiate other medical conditions like insomnia, mood swings and anxiety, bugleweed tablets are very good at treating all of these effects of stimulated thyroid gland. Curcumin is an extract of turmeric which is very beneficial in reducing internal inflammation caused due to excess secretion of thyroid hormone, reduction in internal inflammation helps in treating hyperthyroidism. Taking omega-3 fatty acids also works well for alleviating immunity system and reducing internal inflammation. One teaspoon of mother wort herb mixed with a cup of water and taken three times a day also relieves effects of excess thyroid hormone in the body. Green tea extracts are also very effective as this herbal supplement has rich anti-oxidant properties to oxygenate cells and organs.

Increased intake of cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and spinach also help in reducing the activity of thyroid gland. Avoid alcohol, tobacco and caffeine in any form and avoiding completely or reducing intake of foods like milk, butter, wheat, soy and food additives is very supportive as these foods can cause infection and allergies to aggravate the problem. Completely avoiding foods which contain iodine is necessary. Exercises, proper sleep and rest works as natural remedies for the problem. Applying ice packs on the area below throat is also helpful. Mental stress busters like listening to music, meditation or even prayer help in treating hyperthyroidism. Avoiding processed, fatty and refined food and increased intake of fruits and vegetables is more than useful for curing the problem.

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