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Lose Weight with the Semolina Diet

Most weight loss plans are difficult precisely because they involve taking away food – and depending on the psychological issues that may have been at the root of your weight gain in the first place, this can be a particularly challenging thing to do. You might find yourself rebelling, even if you are mentally committed to the idea of losing weight. You might even find that the feeling of deprivation steers you toward other self-destructive behaviors, such as smoking or drinking. If this describes you, you may well benefit from counseling to deal with your weight issues and other issues underlying your weight problems.

In the meantime, eating plans that promise to help you lose weight by adding something, rather than taking food away, might appeal to you and might actually work a lot better. This might seem counter-intuitive, in a way, because losing weight always seems to require eating less. There are some exceptions, though. One of them is a time-honored method that involves adding a meal of semolina – a cooked grain, similar to cream of wheat – three times a day. The argument is that if you eat 300 grams of cooked semolina three times a day it will make you too full to binge on other foods. Your intake of other food will be minimized, and you will lose weight.

This approach is a bit controversial, and may work best as a temporary, transitional method. For one thing, advocates of low-carb, high protein eating would be horrified at this plan. Dr. Atkins himself would roll over in his grave! Semolina is a high carb, high glycemic index food – it is pure starch. Also, eating so much of it tends to make you less hungry for all other foods, including protein. Proponents of Atkins and other high protein plans would say that this is the worst possible thing you can do for your body. Of course, we should remember that the high protein approach is also controversial, however. From a nutritionists’ point of view, neither high protein nor the semolina plan would be ideal. However, most nutritionists’ food guides put grains at the top of the chart, so the semolina plan adheres more closely to a standard food guide, as long as you make an effort to also eat enough fruits, vegetables and proteins to stay in balance.

And if you do, that would almost automatically eliminate junk food and empty calories. Few of us would be able to eat 300 g of semolina three times a day, and adequate fruits, vegetables and protein, and still be able to eat foods with excessive calories or fat. In a sense, the semolina replaces the other ’empty’ calories that many of us (if we have a weight problem to begin with) eat as a regular part of our diet. Eating semolina might not represent optimal nutrition, of course – but it is preferable to eating foods full of fat and additives, such as potato chips, chocolate or candy. Of course, the semolina diet does not forbid any of these junk foods – it just specifies that you have to eat a certain amount of semolina a day, and make sure that you are getting enough vitamins and protein in your diet. Most people would then automatically eliminate a lot of junk food because we simply don’t have room for it.

In and of itself, semolina is really not that bad as a stable food, unless you subscribe to the ‘low carb’ philosophy (in which case, you would probably never choose this diet to begin with!). It’s low fat, it’s a natural food, and like other cereals, it comes fortified with vitamins and minerals. If eating carbohydrates is your preference – and many of us do pile on the weight by eating excessive amounts of pasta or bread – then the semolina will satisfy you. You are less likely to crave other carbohydrate-rich foods. Also, consider the fact that the semolina plan is actually quite similar to the way in which many traditional cultures ate. In the traditional Asian cuisine, for example, rice was a staple, eaten at most meals. In some European cultures, porridge (oats) would have had the same function. Though these diets might not seem balanced to us today, they kept people alive – and within a healthy weight range – for millennia!

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How To Develop An Efficient Exercise Program: 4 Important Tips

What is the best exercise program? The answer varies from one person to another because an exercise program is usually developed around an individual’s goals, free time, diet, biology and age, among other factors. The best person who can decide about what the best fitness routine for you is actually YOU. What should you consider when devising a physical activity regimen for yourself?

First of all, decide about what you are currently doing. Is the exercise program you’re adhering to at the moment effective? Does it work for you? If it does, then good! Keep on doing it.

However, if you feel that something doesn’t fit or is lacking in your exercise routine, perhaps you need to do some tweaking and instill some improvements. Develop an exercise program depending on the following factors:

How much free time have you got for exercising? It’s awesome if you have an hour every day to devote to exercising. But if you have a wife and kids and a job, maybe you can allocate merely 30 minutes every other day for working out. Determine the efficiency of your workouts as well. If you can do in 30 minutes at home what you could have been doing for 2 hours at the gym, why not save your time for other important matters in your life? What about the location? Figure out if you want to work out at home or in a gym.

Keep your exercises simple. Stick to a full body exercise routine every 2 or 3 times a week. Your exercise should impact your quads, your butt and hamstrings, your push and pull muscles and your core. You can perform 4 or 5 exercises to complete your full body workout. This way, you can guarantee the efficiency of your exercise program. Add some variety to your fitness routine. Otherwise, if you do the same thing over and over again, your muscles will grow bored. Mondays you can do bench presses; Wednesdays you can go with shoulder presses and on Fridays you can do dips. Carry out different exercises from time to time so that you’ll excite your muscles. Not do you only keep your muscles from getting bored, but yourself, too.

Building muscles actually does not happen when you’re working out in the gym- your muscles grow when you’re at rest. After working out, rest for 48- 72 hours to give time for your muscles to recover. Thus, you can scheme a Monday-Wednesday-Friday workout routine for muscle building.

Keep track of your workouts in a journal. Everyday, as you exercise, you should be getting faster, stronger and more fit. Try lifting more weights, like 3 times heavier than what you were usually lifting. As you get faster, you can finish your routine for a few minutes earlier than you used to. Note your progress in a journal so you can compare your accomplishments from your previous workouts.

Remember to warm up for 5 to 10 minutes before working out, add variety to your exercises and track your progress in a journal. These are some of the basics that you need to do for an efficient exercise program.

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Hair Loss Treatments and Remedies

Those who are on dieting because of being overweight, or anyone who avoids or severely limit their protein intake also may experience hair loss. It is common for those who are ‘vegans’ to suffer some hair loss due to the fact that those people consume no protein/meat/animal products at all. Also, the less strict vegetarian will likely have thinning hair due to their eating habits.

Hair loss is also commonly seen among those who suffer from malnutrition due to anorexia and bulimia.

The good news is that just by simply eating a protein rich diet, having protein powder shakes or supplements, you can stop hair loss due to poor eating habits and lack of protein. Also other supplements like zinc are good for your hair. Keeping a balanced diet will also be effective in making sure that your hair stays thicker and healthier

Giving your hair the care it deserves may enable you to avoid hair loss altogether and it will help your hair to stay healthy and looking good.

Don’t wash your hair more than once a day, but you should washing it at least once a week. This will allow the dirt and oils to come out of the hair with the proper washings. It will also allow nutrients to move through the hair in order to allow for protection, as well as growth. If you have a sensitive scalp, you should consider using a softer type of shampoo or one that has specific medication to help your hair.

Make sure that you are being careful in styling your hair. Blow-drying and hot curling irons are known to damage the cuticles that protect the hair. You should be using the ‘low’ heat level in order to prevent damage.

You should also learn to style your hair when it is damp or dry. This will not put as much stress on your hair and will prevent hair loss. When your hair is wet, it will be easier for it to stretch and break.

A natural way of treating thin hair is by using olive oil. Massage it into your scalp before you go to bed. Wash it out the next morning to make your hair look shiny and healthy. You can use this treatment once a week and still see benefits from it.

People that suffer from hair loss find that one good remedy can be found in hair styling and cosmetic techniques. Hair coloring, waves, and haircuts alone can make a big difference in the way you look and feel, making hair loss much less apparent.

There are also FDA approved tropical treatments that may be able to help. But often, the simple things actually work.

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Fitness Industry Trends

Men and women are into several fad diets nowadays. Other than signing up for fitness club membership, they get into the deal of taking fat burners, weight loss patches and dietary supplements to accelerate results. Nobody gets content with a simple yet effective approach of healthy eating and daily exercising. Knowing that weight loss is not an overnight venture, people can’t seem to realize that fitness goals are only achieved with extra diligence, focus and dedication to undertake cardiovascular routines plus strength training and good nutrition. Fitness industry trends such as kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates, stability ball, circuit training, functional exercise for baby boomers, and one-on-one exercise session are embraced by varying groups of health buffs which have one thing in common: to breathe and live healthy years.

The health industry pursues to join forces with spa clinics. Considering that there are more adult people than teenagers trying to stay fit, the fitness industry trends are leaning towards the expansion of outreach programs and exercise incentives. The more events-for-a-cause done, the longer the fitness club members linger to pursue their workout programs. Offering outreach events that do not demand for membership is a privilege to actually promote health programs to more people. This kind of approach has been proven by some facilities to be effective in magnetizing their members and increasing the number of sign-ups on a consistent mode.

Zooming in to fitness industry trends, it is noticed that health is not only catering to the twentyish crowd but also the mature age. Body sculpting now makes sense as everyone’s aspiration to undertake healthy practices. Some employment agencies and corporate entities have integrated exercise into their incentive programs because of their desire to establish a healthier workforce. With the increasing problem on obesity, the fitness segment is more responsive to the health needs of youngsters by adding up teen-specific programs. Parents are becoming more concerned, which is why they open their minds to sending their kids to weight loss camps, fitness clubs and schools that center on fitness programs. Personal exercise clubs are also growing with popularity to cater to those who want a more specialized approach in workout.

While functional fitness is considered one of the expanding areas of expertise that help people restore back their normal functioning, equipment trainings using stability ball and dumbbells are also being embraced by health buffs who opt to exercise at home. Some individuals have also resorted to getting their own treadmill or elliptical machine so that they don’t need to go to the gym for a good cardiovascular training. Yoga also continues to be among the topmost fitness industry trends embraced by those who seek for healthy body and peaceful mind while more people will still find weightlifting effective in developing stability, strength and resistance.

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History of Skincare Part 11: The High Middle Ages, 1000-1399

Feudal Skin Care: Subtly Refined

The High Middle Ages was a period marked by the development of a feudal system throughout most parts of Europe. Countries were ruled by kings and queens and their land was split into smaller segments run by feudal lords. The peasants who worked the land were known as serfs, and it was considered their job to serve the lord whose land they occupied. Although modesty continued to be encouraged by religious doctrine, skin care became increasingly refined throughout this period. In fact, the Great Crusades done in the name of Christianity introduced Europeans to an array of medicinal herbs and spices that had not been seen since the days of Roman occupation. Women went to greater lengths to obtain the perfect complexion and science was combined with superstition in the development of new lotions and skin care treatments.

While fashions underwent subtle changes throughout the Middle Ages, clothing remained remarkably similar. Clothing for both men and women became more fitted and revealing, but it was still important, especially for women, that the whole body remain concealed. This kept the focus on the face and meant that new methods of skin care were constantly being developed and improved upon. Women continued to pluck their hair lines and eyebrows to emphasize the forehead, and fair skin was still an indicator of wealth and beauty. Some women even went so far as to bleed their faces in order to keep their complexion as pale as possible.

The Crusaders Return

The first Crusade started in the year 1095 and was sanctioned by the Pope. Knights from all across Europe traveled to the Middle East with the intent of recapturing Jerusalem in the name of Christianity. While the crusaders did not accomplish their goal, they succeeded in opening a trade route between Western Europe and the Middle East. Europeans suddenly had access to many spices, minerals and other materials that were not previously available. Many of these materials were medicinal and could be used to make skin care products, lotions and oils. In fact, the medieval Europeans discovered many of the same substances that the Romans had when they expanded into Turkey. The astringent alum was once again introduced as a treatment for blemishes and abrasions. Frankincense and myrrh were rediscovered for their moisturizing and skin healing properties. Anise and walnut bark were also incorporated in many new treatments. (You can read more about Middle Eastern spices and herbs here: )

Science and Superstition

Throughout the High Middle Ages, many skin care treatments combined medicinal herbs with superstitious practices. Apothecaries continued to be the main dispensers of ingredients and facial applications, although many women also continued to make their own lotions and potions at home. A number of recipes for facial applications from this period have survived. Many of these involve making a poultice, or tea bag-like packet of spices and herbs, and soaking the poultice in wine, vinegar or milk before smearing it on the skin. While most of these applications relied on natural ingredients, many of them were expected to produce almost magical results. One application, for example, was intended to completely do away with freckles. Another claims to erase deformities of the face. Some treatments even incorporated gem stones, such as amethyst, that were believed to have magical properties. (You can read more about herbal and homemade facial applications here: )

One of the biggest cosmetic advancements during this period was the development of a pale pink make up made from vegetable dyes. The extraction was painstaking work, as only a few drops of dye could be squeezed from each plant. This made the make up both incredibly desirable and incredibly expensive. Most women could not afford it, and continued to wear their faces bare. It became fashionable, however, for noble women to add a touch of pink color to their otherwise pale cheeks.

While it is easy to dismiss the Middle Ages as a time of uneducation and superstition, many common skin care practices from this time remain in use today. Ginger and aloe, ingredients which were commonly used in medieval facial applications, are equally common in contemporary skin treatments. While amethyst is no longer rubbed on blemishes, many branches of alternative medicine use minerals and metals in their treatments. In the end, many cosmetic practices that began in the Middle Ages would be used throughout the Renaissance and for centuries to come.

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How Will Yoga Poses Eliminate Extreme Back Pain?

I have been experiencing some severe back pain the past several months. It has prevented me from holding my daughter and going out on a run. I have been trying everything I can think of to find some relief. Some people told me to rest my back, while my doctor prescribed pain medication and therapy.

I tried all of these things, but nothing was helping. A friend suggested I try yoga, as she found it to help some of her back pain. I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything – I was already in pain. The first couple times several of the poses hurt, but then I learned which yoga poses would help relieve my pain.

How will the right yoga poses relieve back pain?

– Regular exercise strengthens and stretches the back muscles.

– Yoga is one of the better exercises for taking care of back pain.

– Learn which positions will help back pain, as some will aggravate it.

– Don’t push a pose if you’re experiencing pain.

– Hold the poses for five to ten seconds.

– Make sure you have a comfortable yoga mat.

Those who don’t understand the healing behind yoga would say rest is a better option for a painful back. However, this just makes it weaker and pain won’t be eliminated. It has been found that regular exercise will help relieve back pain because it strengthens the back muscles and stretches the tissues in this area.

In actuality, yoga is one of the better workouts for someone struggling with back pain. It doesn’t have to be high intensity and you can hold positions for as little as possible. This will help the muscles gradually become stronger.

It’s also important to remember that regular yoga will help relieve tension and stress. However, you need to know which yoga poses will relieve pain, as there are several positions that will aggravate the problem. It is suggested to hold the poses for five to ten seconds, but don’t push it if it becomes too painful.

The positions that will help with back pain is the shoulder-stand and the bridge pose. You will also want to try the fish pose. Whatever pose you’re doing, make sure you are using a good yoga mat.

Talk to your instructor if you need other yoga poses. Another place to discover positions is by searching online. Learning how to eliminate pain will help you live life more fully.

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The 5 Mistakes Most People Make On The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is one of the fastest growing new diets. With so many people in a hurry to get started and experience the fast weight loss and low hunger program it’s possible that just a few will make mistakes in their haste to lose weight. In this article I will be looking at the five most common Dukan diet mistakes.

1. Not eating enough and feeling hungry

People used to starvation and calorie counting diets have a hard time getting used to the idea that they can eat as much as they want on the Dukan diet. There is a misconception that in order to be losing weight you must feel hungry all the time. Accordingly, some people new to the Dukan diet will subconsciously cut back on their portion sizes to prevent themselves feeling satisfied and so feel like they are on a diet (and losing weight). You do not need to be feeling hungry all the time to be losing weight! The Dukan diet is a low hunger diet, you should not be feeling hungry while you are following this weight loss program. If you do feel hungry then eat something (as long as it is on the list of allowed foods!)

2. Not having enough variety in your diet

When you first start on the Dukan diet you may have to refer several times to the Dukan diet book. It is natural to want to double-check what foods are allowed and what is not allowed. It may take a week or two to have the list memorized so that putting Dukan diet friendly meals together becomes second nature. For some people, once they find a meal they enjoy eating they then stick to this meal, thinking it easier to just stay with what they know is safe and easy. The downside to this plan is that meal-times quickly become repetitive and boring. The once enjoyable and eagerly anticipated meal solution becomes a dreaded chore. So, to avoid becoming sick of the mere sight of turkey kebabs in a tikka and mint sauce (for example) make sure to take time to experiment and widen your Dukan diet menu.

3. Constantly stepping on the scales

The weight loss on the Dukan diet, especially during the Attack Phase can be very fast. Dieters will get a motivating buzz stepping on the scales to see the pounds have been falling off. However, weight does fluctuate throughout the day. The scales may show an exciting loss of a couple of pounds in the morning but show you to have actually gained a pound in the afternoon! One day might see weight loss and another show weight gain. This is unnecessarily upsetting.

You must also factor in to this that most household scales are not very accurate machines. Move the scales slightly to the left or right and you’ll probably find a different result when you step on them.

Weighing should be done no more frequently than once as week. Once a month would be better in my opinion. Weight loss should always be thought off in terms of week-by-week at the very least, preferably month-by-month. Which brings me on to the next mistake.

4. Making too much out of occasional slips

It is very easy to slip on your diet and eat something that you shouldn’t have. Someone may offer you a cookie and without thinking you’re eating it before you realize what you’re doing. You find yourself in a situation in which refusing food or drink would be inappropriate and rude. On the Dukan diet there are also little accidental slips such has having full fat milk in your coffee by accident or eating a fattier cut of meat that you though you were having. I remember when I was first on the Dukan I accidentally picked up a packet of roast pork slices rather than roast turkey. For a couple of minutes I was devastated until I managed to put things into proportion!

One little slip while you’re on the Dukan diet is nothing. Imagine you have a couple of glasses of wine one day. Naughty, naughty, wine is not allowed while on the Dukan. But making too much of this slip would be madness! Let’s say that the extra calories for the wine was 280 kcal. That is 280 kcal that you shouldn’t have had for sure. But instead of thinking of this as 280 kcal extra for that day consider it as extra for the week. This means that this slip resulted in you consuming an extra 40 kcal a day for the next month.

So instead of spending time worrying about drinking those glasses of wine and feeling miserable, think instead of burning of those extra 40 kcal each day for a month. This won’t be too difficult! Drinking a liter of ice-water will burn of about that much (you don’t have to drink it all at once!) due to the fact your body will burn calories simply bringing up the temperature of the water.

5. Thinking that the Dukan Diet works by magic

It’s not hard to see why so many people appear to the think the Dukan diet works by magic. The lack of hunger and quick weight loss seems so different to all other diets that the food combinations must seem like its working by magic. Some people talk about the diet as if their stomachs are cauldrons and the foods they eat are ingredients of a magic weight loss potion. They think if they get one thing wrong, eat too much or this or too little or that, eat the wrong food or drink the wrong drink, then the spell will be broken and all the weight loss will cease!

Of course this isn’t the case. There is nothing magical about the way that the Dukan diet works. All that happens is what happens with all diets that work. The dieters simply burn off more calories than they consume and the weight loss occurs when their bodies use the stored fat for energy. The great thing about the Dukan diet, why so many people are singing its praises, is that the whole process is so much easier and quicker than is experienced with other diets. The high protein and low carbohydrate menus on the Dukan mean that people naturally consume fewer calories simply because they feel satisfied quicker and don’t feel hungry or crave food for longer. If you do slip or eat the wrong food, then on that day you will just have eaten more calories, nothing will be ruined or undone, as long as you go straight back to the program the weight loss will continue as before.

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Bo Staff Training For a Complete Upper Body Workout

Anyone working towards the goal of seeing and feeling satisfying gains or weight loss knows that this process can become somewhat repetitious and expensive. Performing countless reps or tracking the distance you’ve completed hour after hour at the local gym can make success seem light years away from having the strength, stamina, and body type you long to achieve when beginning a training regiment. What is it that’s missing when so many training schedules fall victim to the, “It’s OK I can skip the gym today” or “I’ll start again on Monday” statements that we are so familiar with. Is it possible that the variety of machines and training routines available can sometimes get in the way of making simple decisions like how to go about getting the results you need to look and feel your best?

There is a traditional form of exercise that has been filling the void to these modern exercise conundrums we face when it comes to our physical appearance and mental well being. And martial artists have been capitalizing on these benefits for thousands of years. Practitioners of the martial arts have multiple requirements for self-defense techniques as a physical discipline, and combine it with the building of self-confidence and honor for both student and teacher. And this is considered basic training. Not only is this form of art a great blend of both cardio and anaerobic (weight training) workouts, it can help someone achieve a very defined physique by cutting and toning their body, in addition, this form of exercise teaches a self-defense system as the core foundation that contributes to the students dedication to progress and will to succeed. Weight benches, exercise bikes, and even loud personal trainers have yet to incorporate the three above mentioned martial arts attributes such as

1. Having a body of optimal strength and appearance

2. Feeling healthy inside and out and

3. Having the skills to protect all that you’ve worked for.

One particular self defense technique studied throughout the martial arts community and found in nearly every dojo as a mandatory skill taught to students around the world is the bo staff. Instead of stepping up to countless solid state machines or pumping reps with a free-weight bars jammed with dumbbells on both ends, how about taking and using just the bar itself? Probably the first combat weapon ever to be used following the fist, the bo staff would have been created quite easily with branches pulled from trees or fallen sticks found on the forest floor. If you have ever wanted a way to tone and shape your chest, back, and arms… the bo staff is a great tool for utilizing these muscle groups for a complete upper body exercise routine and there is no need to go to your local martial arts studio and register right away either.

There are many resources available such as YouTube, eHow, or even the EzineArticles directory where you can find many different instructors teaching the basics for free and it’s as simple as grabbing that broom stick in the corner of the laundry room or visiting your nearest building supply center to pick up a wooden dowel for less than ten dollars. Practicing and training with a bo staff can bring a complete workout that sharpens your upper body. Movements such as spinning and striking with the bo can be both physically demanding, but also a lot fun. If you can remember flinging a branch around when you were younger, or finding that perfect walking stick when camping or hiking… there is almost a nostalgic feeling when training with a 6 foot wooden bo staff, making it feel less like a chore as exercise can sometimes be.

When training with a bo staff you are learning a more than a thousand year old traditional form of weaponry. It can look and feel quite impressive when performing its most basic level techniques and it can be very useful as a form of self-defense protection for your self and others.

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Most Popular Stress Relief Management Audio Books

Are you one of those people who have enough sleep hours but don’t feel like rested at all? Sleep is in some ways different from rest in the first place. Rest is the total relaxation of your mind and body whereas sleep is limited only to its very definition as a natural state of bodily rest. Your body might have rested but, your mind possibly has not. Unconsciously, your mind could have been still worrying about your overdue bills, your problems at the office, or your faithful husband who hasn’t come home yet since yesterday.

As what Confucius has said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Literally, every one of us led a complex life. Even babies have complicated lives too. And too many complications primarily lead to stress. Everyday, a lot of people get to experience stress very frequently and it has severely affected their used to be normal ways of life as well as their physical and mental health. This is the main reason why more and more people are seeking all the possible ways and assistance to help them lessen stress. Stress relief is not as simple and as easy as it may seem. To become fully and successfully relieved from stress, you need professional assistance or suggestions from people who have dedicated their lives understanding the very meaning of stress and the importance of a stress free life.

But then, instead of literally going outside and having a serious conversation from a real life professional, your computer can provide you enough assistance to help you live that stress free life. I’m not talking about a computer with built in reaching arms that can give you that massage therapy you’ve been wanting to have. With just a few clicks and taps on your keyboard, you get to access a number of audio books that can properly guide you towards a stress free life. These books are not like any other ordinary books as they are the so called talking books and all you got to do is listen and relax.

A lot of stress management audio books are offered on the internet; you can easily download them in no time. One of the many popular audio books that are out now in the Internet is the “8 Principles of Spiritual Living” by Anthony Strano. In this audio book, Anthony Strano shares all his secrets and principles towards our lives’ inner stability and joy. These very principles that he’s very much willing to share with everyone are mere products of all the experiences and experimentations that Strano has made over his 20 years of practicing life’s spirituality. Popular categories included in the book are stress management, personal growth, and health and fitness. The audio book’s regular price is $7.92 but it can be downloaded today with only $5.75.

“A Guide to Eliminating Stress and Anxiety” by Andy Guides is another audio book that has also been clearing the racks these days. This audio book talks about the serious case of stress and anxiety and the effective ways of dealing with them. Andy Guides himself has experienced the same stress and anxiety that everyone has had. What he did to effectively deal with these things can be heard in his audio book at only $10.99. One category included in his audio book is alternative therapies against stress and anxiety.

Another audio book to look out for still comes from Andy Guides titled “A Guide to Guided Relaxation”. The whole 2 hours and 59 minute length of the book is packed with all the necessary tools for a guided relaxation, its benefits, the effects of stress, guide to a proper yoga, restful sleeping, imagery relaxation, and a whole lot more. At $10.99, you get to instantly download this self-help audio book and reap the benefits of effectively managing your stress.

Break ups are also a potential source of stress for anyone. In some foreign countries, this has been leading cause for suicide. This is the main reason why Dr. James E. Walton made his book, “After Breaking Up: Healing the Heart and Finding Happiness”. This one hour and 15 minutes audio book deals with the positive growth from negative experiences, effective ways towards full recovery, moving on with life, the differences between men and women upon break ups, the importance of sharing the problem with other people, the helpful benefits of hypnosis for such problem, and a lot more. At $7.99, you get to quickly download this short spanned yet extremely helpful audio book.

In the previous years, hypnosis has been regarded as an effective medical practice for pain relief and some surgical procedures. Andy Guide’s “A Guide to Hypnosis” audio book reveals to us that such practice can go further and can be used for a lot of healthier purposes. With Andy Guide’s audio book, you get to effectively choose a competent hypnosis instructor, the benefits of hypnosis, how hypnosis can help deal with diabetes, and a lot more. This 3 hours and 10 minutes audio book is easily downloadable at the price of $10.99.

Other than the ones mentioned above, the internet showcases a lot more audio books that have become popular not just because of its author, but also with all the benefits it can deliver to anyone who cares to listen.

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Exercises and Workouts – Quick Tips to Help You to Get More From Your Stationary Exercise Machine

If you are someone who’s been upping your cardio game, one piece of equipment you may find yourself using on a regular basis is a stationary exercise machine. Stationary exercise machines are an excellent way to work your lower body while giving yourself a great cardiovascular boost – plus they are a sure-fire way to torch calories in a hurry. Saying this, though, you do need to know how to use one of these machines optimally to see the best results.

Let’s look at a few quick tips you should be aware of and keep in mind as you go about your workout sessions…

1. Never Lean On The Hand Rails. First, it should be common sense but never lean on the handrails. Most stationary exercise machines do have handlebars you can hold onto to give your upper body a workout while you do the session. Note though you do not have to use these bars. Instead, you can just place your hand on the rail and hold on for balance, but never hold yourself up by them.

There should be no body weight placed on these handlebars as you will then be reducing the intensity of the session.

2. Vary Your Step Depth Based On Your Goals. It is also a good idea to change your step depth based on your goals. Modifying the depth of your step is often done by changing the incline if your machine will allow you to.

Go on a small incline if you want to get more quad activation while if it’s your glutes you want to challenge, a higher incline will be your best bet.

You should immediately feel the difference going from a low incline to a higher incline, so choose whichever is best suited to the area you want to work.

3. Watch Your Foot Placement. Finally, in addition to varying your step depth, also watch your foot placement. Many stationary exercise machines have foot plates that are quite long in nature, so if you place your foot near the very front of the plate, you will create a slightly different effect compared to putting your feet in the back section of the foot pads.

Taking care of your feet placement also means the difference between using the machine very comfortably, and feeling awkward as you go about your workout session. Play around with your foot position and find whatever works best for you.

So, there you have the key points to help you to get the most from your cardio sessions. Be smart in how you do these sessions and you will see great results from the time you invested in your exercise program.

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